Riverside Leader

20 Nov 1895--Something good for our little city is in sight, somethng that wil be far in advance of what most other towns of our size can boast of. Messrs. J.A. Saville and Henry Walker have formed a partnership and will open up an addition to be known as the Walker-Savile addition. Lots will be laid out on the south side of the road running east and west past these two gentlemen's homes in the east part of town. On the north side of the road, in the slough, they ae going to scrape out and make a beautiful little lake an acre in area. Around this wil be planted shade trees and a nice driveway made. They will put pleasure boats on the lake and have everything metropolitan like. They expect to begin on the lake Monda. The location is a fine one, and with the proper push will be a success. Here's to the new addition, lake and park.