Crawfordsville Imprint

16 March 1894
Havre Happenings

Rev. J. I. Nickolson has resigned his work at Meridan in Cherokee Co. and is at present visiting at home...Will Mitchell, and I.M. Lewis, of Ainsworth were in Keota Saturday figuring on buying a butcher shop..Lee McCleary lost a young horse from the effects of being cut on a barbed wire fence...R. C. Ferguson went to Eureka Tuesday evening to attend the wedding of J.W. Lewis to Miss Lois Hopping.

Your correspondent is personally acquainted with this happy couple and sincerely hopes "that their journey through life may be as happy and free as the dancing waves on the bright blue sea"... Rev. Hunt peached for the Campbellies a the Hill Sunday....One of our young men says he has read of water being turned into wine, but until recently did not know of wine being turned into salty water. ...A Mr. Stewart from Washington has rented the farm vacated by Mr. Richie.