The Brighton Reporter

Thursday, January 1, 1880
L.C. Fleak, Editor
Published every Friday
Terms: Fifty cents per year in advance

Our salutatory

As it is customary for an editor, when commencing the publication of a paper, to mark out the course, in his first number, that he intends to pursue; I do so in a few words. The Brighton Reporter is small it is true, but "large streams from little fountains flow," so it will be with the Reporter, if it meets with the patronage I intend to make it merit--It will be a live local paper, devoted to the best interest of Brighton and the surrounding country, and will, at all times, try to give the news in an unbiased manner. Politically it will be Republcan, but as it is small, it will not enter extensively into politics and its readers may  rest assured that it will always be foound trying to do the square thing with all; at all times sustaining right, and condemning error, giving truth as it occurs and misrepresenting nothing.

Hoping to receive a liberal patronage from a generous public in my new and youthful field of operations and that I may be enabled to make the Reporter an idol in every family, I bow to them as none but as an editor can, when asking for, and receiving favors from an intelligent and liberal community. With these remarks, I retire to my sanctum, looking hopefully to the future.  L.C. Fleak