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OLD AGE PENSION TAX LIST 1935 Otter Township

Assessor’s List of Those Subject to Old Age Pension Tax for the Year 1935,
Otter Township, Warren County, Iowa, Filed March 16, 1935 by A. H. Traub, Warren County Auditor

To the Treasurer of said County: This book contains a complete list, arranged alphabetically, of residents of Otter Township in the said county, who are over 21 years of age, and subject to a tax of $2.00, payable in 1935 for the benefit of the Old Age Pension Fund, as required by Section 34, Chapter 19, Acts of the Forty-fifth General Assembly in extraordinary session.

Aldrich, Warner Bebee Ackworth, IA May 29, 1892 W M IA Izaac Aldrich Lucy Ellis  
Allsup, Earl Richard Indianola, IA Apr 3, 1904 W M IA Bert Allsup Cretia Dollison  
Allsup, Flossie Mae Indianola, IA 1904 W F IA John Curtis Williams  
Allsup, Leroy Indianola, IA Sep 3, 1890 W M IA [blank] [blank]  
Allsup, Luzena Indianola, IA [blank] W F [blank] [blank] [blank]  
Amos, Charles Monroe Indianola, IA Apr 28, 1907 W M IA G. G. Amos Mary Chumbley  
Amos, Gladys Indianola, IA Oct 26, 1889 W F CO John Howell Alice Love  
Amos, Howard Aaron Indianola, IA Oct 1, 1903 W M IA G. G. Amos Mary Chumbley  
Amos, Mildred Indianola, IA Sep 25, 1904 W F IA John Thompson Ora Hess  
Amos, Mildred Marie Indianola, IA Dec 1910 W F IA Garfield Nine Lucas  
Amos, Sherman W. Indianola, IA Dec 7, 1871 W M IA James Amos Stephens  
Anderson, Ina L. Indianola, IA Mar 10, 1892 W F IA James Able Graham  
Anderson, Ray W. Indianola, IA Feb 22, 1882 W M IA William Anderson Ollie Hall  
Bales, Dora O. Indianola, IA June 14, 1885 W F IA Charles Hollingsworth Morgan  
Bales, Gale Indianola, IA Dec 11, 1904 W M IA Perry Bales Hollingsworth  
Bales, James Perry Indianola, IA Feb 17, 1885 W M IA Stillwell Bales Kendall  
Bales, Lela F. Indianola, IA Oct 26, 1907 W F IA Jess Clary Benge  
Ball, Harold Berton Ackworth, IA June 15, 1889 W M IA James Ball Clara Reeves  
Ball, Minerva Sara Ackworth, IA Nov 22, 1890 W F IA Albert Byers Stella Borrall  
Bare, Bert Indianola, IA Jan 3, 1881 W M IA Robert Bare Davidson  
Bare, Louetta Indianola, IA Apr 4, 1882 W F IA Tate Ross Irwin  
Barton, Wilma Indianola, IA 1899 W F IA Samuel Harned Benight  
Benge, John Indianola, IA Apr 5, 1886 W M IA Elick Benge Kirkman  
Benge, Smith Indianola, IA Apr 2, 1911 W M IA John Benge Hines  
Bloom, Agnes Jane Milo, IA June 8, 1872 W F IA Havila Hockett Betty Hayworth  
Bloom, Earl R. Milo, IA Dec 2, 1891 W M IA Oliver Bloom Agnes Hocket  
Bloom, Oliver R. Milo, IA Feb 3, 1866 W M IA Reuben Bloom Anna Runnells  
Bloom, Vera M. Milo, IA Dec 15,1906 W F IA John Ferguson Jessie Tidball  
Bodkin, Alice Mae Indianola, IA May 7, 1892 W F IA William Thompson Irwin  
Bodkin, Ray Indianola, IA June 4, 1888 W M IA Frank Bodkin Loins  
Borrall, Anna Evelyn Ackworth, IA Feb 11, 1884 W F IA Charles Garrett Ettie Elizabeth Muckle  
Borrall, Charles William Ackworth, IA Oct 15, 1909 W M IA John Borrall Anna Garrett  
Borrall, John Franklin Ackworth, IA Dec 24, 1876 W M IA John S. Borrall Mellisa Bennett  
Borrall, John S. Ackworth, IA Nov 29, 1907 W M IA John Borrall Anna Garrett  
Borrall, Robert Westley Ackworth, IA Jan 18, 1912 W M IA [blank] [blank]  
Bown, Alice Indianola, IA Jan 10, 1910 W F IA Izaac Edertion Auston  
Bown, Bert B. Indianola, IA Oct 5, 1908 W M IA George Bown Lucy Chumbley  
Bown, Ellis James Indianola, IA Jan 27, 1887 W M IA William Bown Nancy Lee  
Bown, George H. Indianola, IA Oct 7, 1868 W M IA William Bown Lee  
Bown, Grace Florence Indianola, IA Dec 26, 1889 W F IA Joseph Mitchell Rachel Kendall  
Bown, Joe S. Indianola, IA June 8, 1904 W M IA George Bown Lucy Chumbley  
Bown, John A. Indianola, IA Aug 26, 1900 W M IA George Bown Lucy Chumbley  
Bown, Mack Elvin Indianola, IA Dec 17, 1911 W M IA Ellis Bown Grace Mitchell  
Bown, Marvin Mitchell Indianola, IA Oct 30, 1912 W M IA Ellis Bown Grace Mitchell  
Bown, Myrtle C. Indianola, IA June 14, 1902 W F IA Jake Ferguson Lue Hubell  
Bown, William M. Indianola, IA Dec 19, 1901 W M IA George Bown Lucy Chumbley  
Brooks, Julia Indianola, IA Apr 1911 W F IA Pearl Felton Bertha Curry  
Brooks, Leonard Harvey Indianola, IA Jan 26, 1911 W M IA Leonard Brooks Emiline Smith  
Butler, Corinne Alice Indianola, IA Aug 10, 1896 W F IA C. W. Cox Starbuck  
Butler, Thomas A. Indianola, IA Sep 19, 1894 W M IA William P. Butler Amos  
Byers, Archie Wiley Ackworth, IA Mar 18, 1902 W M IA Albert Byers Bonrall  
Byers, Charles William Indianola, IA Dec 6, 1892 W M IA Jefferson Byers Sarah Baysinger  
Byers, Estella Erminda Ackworth, IA Dec 20, 1865 W F IA John S. Borrall Mellisa Bennett  
Byers, Ester Elnora Ackworth, IA Oct 24, 1911 W F IA Clark Treman  
Byers, Jack S. Indianola, IA Nov 8, 1869 W M IA Elijah Byers Martin  
Byers, Jefferson E. Indianola, IA Feb 28, 1865 W M IA Eliza Byers Sarah Goosich  
Byers, Loula Indianola, IA Sep 1910 W F IA John Benge Senith Hines  
Byers, Marion Martin Indianola, IA Nov 15, 1900 W M IA Albert Byers Estella Boronall  
Byers, Sarah Frances Indianola, IA Sep 8, 1865 W F IA Elias Baysinger Martin  
Byers, William H. Indianola, IA Sep 6, 1867 W M IA Elijah Byers Martin  
Cashman, Orville O. Milo, IA July 21, 1909 W M OK George Cashman Ann Sodbath  
Cassiday, Fay Myrtle Milo, IA Jan 20, 1893 W F IA R. K. Fawsett Joseph Sutton  
Cassiday, Roy A. Milo, IA Jan 1, 1889 W M IA Samuel Casady Sarah Hagan  
Caviness, Frien Indianola, IA Dec 15, 1885 W M IA Harvey Caviness Douty  
Caviness, Zola Indianola, IA Dec 8, 1888 W F IA Harry Lawyer Hall  
Chumbley, Alvor W. Indianola, IA Aug 18, 1895 W M IA Joe Chumbley E. Pearse  
Chumbley, Bell Indianola, IA Dec 2, 1895 W F IA Bill Slindor Young  
Chumbley, Edith Indianola, IA May 31, 1881 W F IA William Bown Nancy Lee  
Chumbley, Ethel Vivian Indianola, IA May 28, 1900 W F MO Wilbur McLine Jones  
Chumbley, James William Indianola, IA Dec 2, 1881 W M IA Joseph Chumbley Ellen Pearse  
Chumbley, Jody P. Indianola, IA Sep 19, 1887 W M IA [blank] [blank]  
Chumbley, Katie Indianola, IA Oct 16, 1889 W F IA [blank] [blank]  
Chumbley, Noah Dale Indianola, IA Mar 10, 1897 W M IA Winton Chumbley Scrumrine  
Chumbley, Sarah E. Indianola, IA Apr 28, 1856 W F IA Scrumrine Mosher  
Chumbley, Wint Indianola, IA Aug 16, 1853 W M VA [blank] [blank]  
Clark, Charley Thomas Ackworth, IA June 4, 1863 W M IN Filden Clark Trehman  
Clark, Clarence A. Ackworth, IA June 28, 1903 W M IA Charley Clark Fletcher  
Clark, Greta Gladys Ackworth, IA June 28, 1905 W F IA Wade Clary Byers  
Clark, Laurence Izaac Ackworth, IA Oct 1, 1896 W M IA Charles Clark Ella Fletcher  
Clark, Nellie Opal Ackworth, IA Aug 10, 1899 W F IA Caleb Bolyard Mary Finley  
Clary, Dolly Estella Ackworth, IA Aug 3, 1893 W F IA Charles Clark Ella Fletcher  
Clary, Harmon John Ackworth, IA Apr 14, 1858 W M WI John Clary Malinda Troubgh  
Clary, John William Ackworth, IA Feb 11, 1890 W M IA Harmon Clary Mary Labranche  
Clary, Mary Alice Ackworth, IA Sep 16, 1908 W F IA Brosia Hiny [blank]  
Clary, Mary Elizabeth Ackworth, IA Nov 29, 1871 W F MO Nelson Labranche Harriett Desair  
Clary, Nora E. Ackworth, IA Nov 18, 1886 W F IA Jeff Baysinger  
Clary, Orville M. Ackworth, IA Mar 29, 1898 W M IA Harmon Clary Mary Labranche  
Clary, Wade A. Ackworth, IA Nov 5, 1879 W M IA Henry Fridley  
Conner, Robert Indianola, IA Oct 8, 1903 W M IA Emmett Conner Ada Hayworth  
Conner, Ruth Eloner Indianola, IA Sep 15, 1912 W F IA Vanderpool Crisco  
Covey, Victor B. Indianola, IA Dec 14, 1903 W M VA R. L. Covey Bishop  
Covey, Violet V. Indianola, IA Feb 14, 1907 W F IA James Wellons Bigging  
Cox, Birdie Milo, IA Nov 2, 1872 W F IA Milligan Proctor  
Cox, Earnest D. Milo, IA Apr 16, 1912 W M IA Rufus Cox Milligan  
Cox, Marie Vesta Ackworth, IA Apr 12, 1904 W F Ackworth, IA Jim Crabb Turnipseed  
Cox, Perry Watson Ackworth, IA Aug 10, 1902 W M Ackworth, IA Rufus Cox Milligan  
Cox, Rufus Milo, IA July 15, 1866 W M IA James Cox Huess  
Cozad, Charles Perry Indianola, IA Apr 9, 1874 W M IA Thomas Cozad Sallie Brown  
Crabb, Bessie A. Ackworth, IA Jan 9, 1896 W F IA Harmon LaBranche  
Crabb, Demoss D. Ackworth, IA Aug 18, 1901 W M IA Daniel Crabb Greenfield  
Culberton, Dollie Mae Milo, IA Mar 20, 1886 W F IA Joseph Wilbur Mite Hornady  
Culberton, Myron Forest Milo, IA May 13, 1882 W M IA Datyn Culbertson Anna Wise  
Currior, Georgia L. Indianola, IA Apr 4, 1897 W F IA Tom Pope Ann Starbuck  
Currior, Harold P. Indianola, IA Apr 15, 1893 W M IA Charles Currior Maud Kimmonth  
Curtis, John H. Indianola, IA Nov 15, 1874 W M IA Joseph Curtis Moffitt  
Derough, Carl W. Indianola, IA Aug 2, 1901 W M IA John Derough Minnie Wells  
Derough, Clara L. Indianola, IA Sep 8, 1904 W F N.D. Richard Gebhardt [blank]  
Derough, George C. Indianola, IA Aug 29, 1901 W F IA John Flight Mary Burgett  
Derough, William T. Indianola, IA Jan 12, 1895 W M IA James Derough Ellen Bonn  
Dickerson, Albert T. Indianola, IA Sep 22, 1879 W M VA Harvey Dickerson Simons  
Dickerson, Drew Indianola, IA 1903 W M IA Albert Dickerson Maggie Achers  
Dickerson, Frances Indianola, IA 1905 W F IA Clarence Botkin Black  
Dickerson, Maggie Indianola, IA 1881 W F VA A. F. Ackers Booth  
Doty, Halford Hershel Indianola, IA May 23, 1909 W M IN Hershel Doty Ada Stoop  
Douglas, Catherine Alice Indianola, IA Dec 25, 1897 W F IA Bill Taylor Mable Hayworth  
Douglas, George B. Indianola, IA Mar 7, 1878 W M MO Albert Douglas Eliza Armstrong  
Douglas, Julia Ann Indianola, IA July 25, 1888 W F MO Tom Burton Clara Robertson  
Douglas, Roy Harold Indianola, IA July 17, 1898 W M IA W. F. Douglas Barr  
Ferguson, Gerold Ackworth, IA Mar 15, 1907 W M IA John Ferguson Jessie Tidball  
Ferguson, Jessie Ackworth, IA 1880 W M IA Diff Tidball Ann Penington  
Ferguson, John Ackworth, IA Dec 17, 1864 W M IA John Ferguson Ellen Hines  
Fetters, Litha Ann Indianola, IA Feb 10, 1859 W F IA Henry Craford Ruth Beason  
Gardner, Joseph A. Ackworth, IA May 24, 1876 W M IA Marguess Gardner Clarecy Cox  
Gardner, Lucy M. Ackworth, IA Feb 8, 1875 W F IA Andrew Coffman Sarah Barker  
Goodale, Ethel J. Indianola, IA Sep 10, 1897 W F IA T. M. Silcott Stanford  
Goodale, Pearl H. Indianola, IA Apr 10, 1896 W M IA Doran Goodale Ida V. Reed  
Goodwin, Charles A. Indianola, IA May 20, 1906 W M IL A. F. Goodwin Hancock  
Goodwin, Mary M. Indianola, IA Dec 31, 1905 W F IA Conroy Wagner  
Guy, Avis Milo, IA June 24, 1870 W F IA James Davey Brown  
Guy, Sherman Milo, IA Aug 5, 1866 W M IA John B. Guy Emmons  
Hall, Byron James Milo, IA Mar 7, 1874 W M PA James Hall Hannah Linzey  
Hall, George Meven Indianola, IA May 11, 1882 W M IA Forester Hall Amelia Ackors  
Hall, Maggie J. Milo, IA 1883 W F IA J. A. Glenn Chenoweth  
Hall, Mary Lula Indianola, IA Nov 22, 1875 W F IA Thomas Cozad Sallie Brown  
Harned, Bessie M. Indianola, IA Dec 21, 1873 W F IA Benight Smith  
Harned, Samuel F. Indianola, IA Apr 9, 1873 W M IA Samuel Harned Bingaman  
Haworth, Dave Indianola, IA Mar 13, 1858 W M IA Joseph Haworth Benge  
Haworth, John E. Milo, IA Oct 22, 1870 W M IA Joseph Haworth Benge  
Hayworth, Allie Bell Indianola, IA July 17, 1885 W F IA Monroe Graham Hayner  
Hayworth, Hatby Alfus Indianola, IA Aug 1, 1883 W M IA Perry Haworth Marrila Harvey  
Hess, Euna Indianola, IA 1891 W F IA Sam Shupe Sargent  
Hess, Glenn Indianola, IA Nov 3, 1909 W M IA William Hess Young  
Higins, Eva Mae Indianola, IA Sep 4, 1904 W F IA John Madison Jessie Butler  
Higins, Verne Indianola, IA Nov 29, 1903 W M IA Charles Higins Grace Bishop  
Hockett, Dillen H. Milo, IA Nov 8, 1854 W M IA Havolee Hockett Betty Hayworth  
Hollingsworth, Esta Mae Indianola, IA June 21, 1906 W F IA John Bourall Ana Garet  
Hollingsworth, Frank Enzla Indianola, IA June 20, 1896 W M IA Levi Hollingworth Ina Conner  
Jackson, Addie L. Indianola, IA Feb 1, 1884 W F IA Dave Haworth Smith  
Jackson, William Jacob Indianola, IA Nov 3, 1870 W M Sweden Carl Jackson Frefurg  
Johnson, Ada Florence Indianola, IA Apr 27, 1883 W F IN Joseph Stoops Margaret Houstatler  
Johnson, Jim E. Indianola, IA May 19, 1870 W M IN Michel Johnson Mary Johnson  
Kendall, Archie A. Indianola, IA Nov 29, 1909 W M IA Thomas Kendall Benge  
Kendall, Jessie Indianola, IA Oct 10, 1896 W M IA Thomas Kendall Benge  
Kendall, Lois E. Indianola, IA Dec 7, 1910 W F IA George Reynolds Starbuck  
Kendall, Nancy K. Indianola, IA Apr 18, 1870 W F IA Aleck Benge Kirkman  
Kennedy, Emma J. Indianola, IA Nov 18, 1869 W F IL Thomas Lucas Leona Smith  
Kennedy, John E. Indianola, IA Oct 7, 1865 W M OH James Kennedy Dyla Dennis  
Knouse, Daisy Elenor Indianola, IA Aug 29, 1894 W F IA Wallace Hines Estes  
Knouse, Simon E. Indianola, IA Nov 14, 1892 W M IA Frank Knouse Warner  
Labertew, Mary Martha Indianola, IA July 14, 1913 W F IA Fred Wright Freel  
Labertew, Paul Irwin Indianola, IA Apr 18, 1911 W M IA Elmar Labertew Cora McLeroy  
Lack, Dortha Indianola, IA Jan 23, 1894 W F IA Melt. Cramer Baymen  
Lack, John D. Indianola, IA Oct 28, 1899 W M NE Stevens D. Lack M. C. Ulla  
Lamb, Hazel L. Indianola, IA Nov 23, 1910 W F IA Nicols Thornburg  
Lamb, Lloyd W. Indianola, IA Feb 5, 1901 W M IA Ely Lamb Fisher  
Law, Andrew H. Indianola, IA Feb 25, 1892 W M IA Irvin Law Goodale  
Law, Lula M. Indianola, IA Jan 16, 1894 W F IA John Demory Vernon  
Lawyer, Zella R. Indianola, IA Mar 1, 1898 W F IA Elias Mills Mary Breece  
Lettington, Ollie Belle Ackworth, IA Mar 1887 W F IA Albert Byers Estella Bourall  
Lettington, William Thomas Ackworth, IA Jan 26, 1886 W M England Edward Lettington Elizabeth Woodward Earl Barker
Long, Henry Indianola, IA June 1, 1883 W M IA Henry Long Benge  
Long, Ida J. Indianola, IA Feb 3, 1881 W F IA Christopher Fridley Clary  
Long, Thomas L. Indianola, IA July 27, 1911 W M IA Henry Long Fridley  
Long, Verle Lamont Indianola, IA Jan 8, 1907 W M IA Henry Long Fridley  
Metcaff, Elgie Elizabeth Milo, IA Jan 2, 1875 W F IA L. W. White Botkin Lyon  
Metcaff, Thomas Jefferson Milo, IA Mar 3, 1878 W M IA William Metcaff Beckwith  
Minor, Bonnie Mae Indianola, IA May 7, 1900 W F IA Tilman Adamson Rosetta Coles  
Minor, Pearl J. Indianola, IA Sep 18, 1899 W M IA Elson Minor Zelpha Pearsen  
Mock, James O. Indianola, IA Apr 11, 1889 W F PA David H. Mock Mary Keith  
Mock, Katie Lynn Indianola, IA 1885 W F IA William New [blank]  
Moon, Floyd H. Indianola, IA June 27, 1901 W F IA Wolbert Bales  
Moon, Velma L. Indianola, IA June 4, 1906 W F IA Handie Morgan Fridley  
Moon, Wilbur Indianola, IA Dec 6, 1857 W M W.V. Jacob Myron Dunn  
Morgan, Handy O. Indianola, IA Apr 30, 1880 W M IA John Morgan Mickles  
Morgan, Oat L. Indianola, IA Mar 9, 1872 W M IA David Morgan Marell Chandler  
Morris, Effie Emma Indianola, IA Nov 5, 1889 W F IA Mike Fetters Talitha Crawford  
Morris, Flora Indianola, IA Oct 2, 1866 W F IA John Wachtor Catherine Duitt  
Morris, George Robert Indianola, IA Feb 15, 1863 W M IA Robert Morris Pheby Gee  
Morris, Lester Edward Indianola, IA May 11, 1891 W M IA George Morris Flora Weachter  
Mosher, Grace Indianola, IA Sep 15, 1892 W F IA Pete A. Baysinger Byers  
Mosher, Olin J. Indianola, IA Feb 19, 1894 W M IA Joe Mosher Schimelfenig  
Motherhead, Clinton Ray Ackworth, IA Dec 26, 1875 W M IN William Motherhead Millemon  
Motherhead, Maude L. Ackworth, IA Sep 3, 1882 W F IA David Sloan Duncan  
New, Nellie E. Indianola, IA Jan 17, 1891 W F IA John Simmerman Stewart  
New, William R. Indianola, IA Sep 4, 1880 W M IA William New Ramey  
Norman, George D. Indianola, IA Aug 5, 1896 W M IA Henry Norman Alford  
Nutting, Elizabeth M. Milo, IA Sep 6, 1875 W F IA William Dennis [blank]  
Nutting, Herbert D. Milo, IA Oct 26, 1909 W M IA Herbert Nutting Dennis  
Nutting, Herbert W. Milo, IA Aug 24, 1874 W M IA William P. Nutting McLennan  
Nutting, John G. Milo, IA Nov 11, 1887 W M IA William Nutting Catherine McLenan  
Nutting, Marjorie E. Milo, IA Oct 2, 1890 W F IA Charles Stangler Batchelder  
Oldaker, Edna Fae Indianola, IA June 3, 1912 W F IA Olin Mosher Grace Baysinger  
Oxenreider, James Ross Indianola, IA Mar 25, 1877 W M IA Andrew Oxenreider Davis  
Oxenreider, Olive Mary Indianola, IA Mar 5, 1885 W F IA Philip Hunerdosse Mason  
Paul, Lavria Lena Ackworth, IA May 20, 1898 W F IA Albert Byer Estella Borral  
Pearson, Opha Mila Ackworth, IA Mar 30, 1880 W F IA William Angeline Hayworth  
Potts, James Edward Indianola, IA May 7, 1881 W M IA John Potts Cordelia Worth  
Quarton, George Verne Indianola, IA 1882 W M MO Quarton Tarr  
Quarton, Mary Martha Indianola, IA Apr 12, 1886 W F IA John Quarton Works  
Reed, Alice Indianola, IA June 21, 1892 W F IA John F. Downing Schee  
Reed, Harvey Eugene Indianola, IA Nov 20, 1888 W M IA Harvey M. Reed Harriott Trotter  
Rhoads, Clyde Wayne Indianola, IA Jan 5, 1907 W M MO Fred Rhoads Emma Newlam  
Rhoads, Emma Frances Indianola, IA Aug 10, 1887 W F MO Newlam Rachel North  
Rhoads, Fred Indianola, IA Apr 1885 W M MO Tom Rhoads Caltha Moler  
Rhoads, George Leonard Indianola, IA Aug 10, 1911 W M MO Fred Rhoads Emma Newlam  
Rhoads, Gladys Adel Indianola, IA Feb 19, 1910 W F IA Bert Oneil Lottie Westcott  
Rhoads, Josephine Mary Indianola, IA Mar 20, 1911 W F IA Fred Forster Maude Cawhorn  
Rhoads, Robert Lee Indianola, IA Mar 22, 1905 W M MO Fred Rhoads Emma Newlam  
Rhoads, Wilbur Edward Indianola, IA May 10, 1909 W M MO Fred Rhoads Emma Newlam  
Runyan, Phineas E. Milo, IA Aug 11, 1877 W M IA Sampson Runyon Bodkin  
Runyon, Elsie June Milo, IA June 6, 1883 W F IA Kendall Faset Sutton  
Sandy, Thomas Taylor Milo, IA Aug 27, 1868 W M IA William Sandy Alvyra Lampbert  
Scott, Frank A. Milo, IA May 20, 1891 W M IA Charles Scott Notestine  
Scott, Ruth M. Milo, IA Feb 17, 1901 W F IA Charles Marshall  
Shannon, Edna Mae Ackworth, IA Mar 14, 1887 W F IA Edwin Connant Cora Vance  
Shannon, Williard Isaac Ackworth, IA Dec 31, 1891 W M IA Robert Shannon LeGrand  
Sloan, Cora Alice Ackworth, IA [blank] W F [blank] [blank] [blank]  
Smith, Foster Clayton Milo, IA Nov 13, 1883 W M IA Please Smtih Emilene Henery  
Smith, Myrtle M. Milo, IA May 23, 1884 W F IA William Nutting Cathrine McKenzie  
Southerland, Carl E. Indianola, IA July 17, 1885 W M IA W. M. Southerland Praitly  
Southerland, Imogene Indianola, IA Aug 20, 1884 W F IA Frank Fey Gullion  
Stamper, Donald D. Indianola, IA Mar 4, 1908 W M IA John Stamper Daley  
Stamper, John Indianola, IA Apr 27, 1870 W M MO Miles Stamper [blank]  
Stamper, Ruby I. Indianola, IA Apr 14, 1907 W F OK James McClellen Dora Cunnham  
Stanton, Harvey Lee Indianola, IA Feb 13, 1869 W M IL David Stanton Martha Lingle  
Thompson, Evelyn Indianola, IA 1912 W F IA Nelson [blank]  
Thompson, Frank Indianola, IA Nov 24, 1887 W M IN Thomas Thompson Sarah Fields  
Thompson, Orvil Indianola, IA 1910 W M IA Frank Thompson Sylvia Clough  
Thompson, Sylvia Indianola, IA 1890 W F IA Roy Clough Lovie Clark  
Thorn, Alta Eliza Indianola, IA Apr 24, 1897 W F OH Charles Arnold Maude Doll  
Thorn, Harry Walter Indianola, IA Feb 23, 1891 W M IA Stephen Thorn Nettie Lake  
Tidball, Viola Areeta Ackworth, IA Nov 8, 1891 W F IA Milton Cramer Ada Bayman  
Trotter, Frank C. Milo, IA Oct 4, 1904 W M IA Edd Trotter Jennie Snell  
Trotter, Lester Edson Indianola, IA Nov 28, 1907 W M IA Edd Trotter Jennie Snell  
Trotter, Louie Indianola, IA Sep 15, 1907 W F IA James Chumbley Edith Bown  
Trotter, Mary Jane Milo, IA May 20, 1907 W F IA Loren Moorhouse Theresa Moorhouse  
Turnbull, Clarence Harvey Milo, IA Aug 9, 1891 W M IA Robert Turnbull Alta Jones  
Turnbull, Margaret Milo, IA Sep 21, 1909 W F IA Samuel Hartman Mary Cooper  
Turner, Arlo Ackworth, IA 1896 W M IA William Turner [blank]  
Turner, Rachel Ackworth, IA 1900 W F IA Marshall Baker Lovie Lipe  
VanSyoc, Addie C. Milo, IA Dec 25, 1881 W F IA John F. Wellons Jane Myrick  
VanSyoc, Harley Ansom Milo, IA May 4, 1877 W M IA Aaron VanSyoc Edna Sparks  
Wandling, Amy Esta Indianola, IA June 3, 1878 W F IA David Morgan Martha Chandler  
Wandling, Richmond LaVerne Indianola, IA June 24, 1909 W M IA Ipp Wandling Amy Morgan  
Weeks, Bessie Ackworth, IA Jan 1891 W F IA Ernest Westerly [blank]  
Weeks, Bryan Jennings Indianola, IA Feb 5, 1897 W M IA Thomas Weeks Eliza Kink  
Weeks, George W. Ackworth, IA Apr 24, 1886 W M IA Sam Weeks Witt  
Weeks, Vena Indianola, IA Jan 10, 1900 W F IA John Sams [blank]  
Wells, Fred Albert Ackworth, IA Mar 20, 1878 W M MO Thomas Wells Susan Starr  
Wells, Ivie Maude Ackworth, IA Jan 2, 1881 W F IA William Griffin Eliza Badgley  
Wikle, Duane William Milo, IA May 13, 1908 W M IA William Wilke Shupe  
Wikle, George William Milo, IA Nov 21, 1882 W M IA John Wikle Shelady  
Wikle, Nora Estella Milo, IA Jan 7, 1884 W F IA John Shupe Eva Mozman  
Wilbur, Charles Milo, IA Oct 17, 1893 W M IA Joseph Wilbur Hornaday  
Wilbur, Clarence Milo, IA May 10, 1894 W M IA Joseph Wilbur Hornaday  
Wilbur, Ethel Milo, IA Jan 1892 W F IA Rufus Cox Miligan  
Wilbur, Freda Milo, IA Nov 1895 W F iA Charles Milligan Pennington  
Wilson, Edwin Milton Indianola, IA Feb 12, 1867 W M IL [blank] [blank]  
Wilson, Mary Indianola, IA Feb 15, 1892 W M IA [blank] [blank]  
Wood, Albert Indianola, IA Feb 18, 1877 W M KS John S. Wood Margaret McCrea  
Wood, Clara E. Indianola, IA Aug 30, 1873 W F IN John W. Silcott Martha Brown  
Wood, Emma Milo, IA Sep 1, 1890 W F IA W. H. Chumbley Crumine  
Wood, Tyler John Milo, IA Aug 28, 1884 W M IA John Wood Margaret McCrea  
Young, Charles Roscoe Indianola, IA Jan 18, 1886 W M IA Milford Young Woods  
Young, Cheston Leo Indianola, IA Oct 14, 1897 W M IA W. C. Young Davidson  
Young, Grace E. Indianola, IA May 22, 1898 W F IA Thomas McCalf Botkins  
Young, Mina B. Indianola, IA Apr 23,1885 W F IA Samuel B. McFarland Shupe