1909 Union County Iowa Funeral Home Records

Name Birthdate Death Date & Age Residence Father & Birthplace Mother & Her birthplaceCause of Death Burial other InfoAdd'l Info
Edward H Brooks 9/2/1847 New York 9/14/1909 62-0-12 Creston Martin Brooks New York Hannah Appleby New York Carcenoma of Stomach Hill of Zion
Mrs. Jeanette Gay 8/2/1824 New York 9/16/1909 85-14-1 Creston John Tripp Massachusetts Susan Scison Rhode Island Paralysis caused by fall Spaulding w/of Erusus
Mary Elisabeth Ferrel 4/22/1855 Mommoth, IL 9/21/1909 54-4-29 Rushoille, IL & Creston Chas McMillen Kentucky Clara Bagby Illinois Thrown from buggy-injury to brain Rushville, IL w/of J.F.
Alice R Bosse 9/20/1909 48 years Omaha, NE Graceland German Evangelical Church single
Elizabeth Ann Godfrey 1/5/1839 Vermillion, IL 9/25/1909 70-8-20 Creston John Hillery Ohio Mary Martin Ohio Chronic Diarrhea Graceland Mrs L.
Homer E Ashmore 11/16/1894 Ohio 9/27/1909 17-10-11 Villisca, IA Asa Ashmore Ohio Fannie Allen Ohio Ran over by cars Graceland worked RR
F W Schrader 5/10/1845 Germany 9/26/1909 64-4-16 Highland Tnsp Fred Schrader Germany Unknown Germany cancer of stomach Graceland Valley Chapel Church
Samantha Ellen Bristow 4/1/1853 Indiana 9/27/1909 56-5-26 Creston John Madison South Carolina Jane Roberts Indiana cancer of Gall Bladder Adams Co Baptist Ch Informer: Riley Bristow
Mrs. B. K. (Alice) Berry2/3/1853 Ohio 10/8/1909 56-7-5 Creston James Lytle Pennsylvania Catherine Fletcher Pennsylvania Exopithalmin Goiter Graceland
Dean Athearn Miller 10/5/1909 Iowa 10/8/1909 3 days Davenport, IA Herman F Miller Iowa Lula Athearn Congestion of Lungs Graceland
David M Sadler 9/18/1834 Ohio 10/10/1909 75-1-22 Lincoln Tnsp Wm Sadler Pennsylvania Unknown Unknown Chronic Brights Disease Jerusalem Informer: Sarah Sadler md; farmer
Baby Eklund (female) 10/10/2009 Iowa 10/10/2009 stillborn Grant Tnsp B. A. Eklund Sweden Amanda C Anderson Sweden stillborn Graceland
N.A. Clarke 7-3-1833 New York 10/11/1909 76-3-8 Omaha, NE Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Heart Failure Graceland Informer: Jay Pinkerton
Halbeo Byrne Cherry 3-12-1882 Creston 1-12-1883 0-10-1 Creston Mr. Cherry Unknown Ella M ??? Unknown Croup Disintered and shipped to KC
Baby Unknown 10/26/1909 Creston 10/26/1909 Premature CrestonUnknown Unknown STillborn Found by Robt Harohaws in Blacksmith Shop Graceland
Lula Campbell 11/4/1909 Creston 11/4/1909 1 day Creston Walter Campbell Iowa Nellie Enoch Missouri Malnutrition Bethel
Mary Partridge Blanchard 8-17-1831 Vermont 11/6/1909 78-2-19 Creston Simon Partridge N Hampshire ???Wood New Hampshire stomach trouble Graceland widowed
Alice Edith Showers 11-4-1899 Iowa 11/10/1909 12-0-6 Orient John Shower Iowa Unreadable Iowa Pericudis Hill of Zion
Albert Roe 12-21-1885 Iowa 11/17/1909 23-10-26 Highland Tnsp H H Roe Illinois Florence Ida Dunn Illinois Typhoid Fever Graceland died in Des Moines single
Joesph Patera 1/18/1900 Iowa 11/18/1909 58 years Creston Antone Patera Bohemia Mary Vlcik Bohemia Paralysis & Liver trouble Calvary Immaculate Conception farmer
Edith Anderson 7/8/1909 Iowa 12/12/2009 5m 4 d Creston John Anderson Iowa Lillian Grinnell Iowa Indigestion Graceland
Mrs (SW) Alice Helfinstiner 5-16-1851 Illinois12/12/1909 58-9-5 Creston Levi Soneltzer Pennsylvania Caroline Detioler Pennsylvania Heart Trouble Cromwell, IA died at Lawton, OK
Mrs (Mike) Cora E Lee 1/18/1900 Iowa 12/21/1909 37 years Creston Arthur Clarkson Indiana Barbary E Haynes Indiana Plurisy Diffusion Graceland Died in Canon City, CA