Jakey, the alligator

Jakey, the little alligator which was sent to M.G. Hoge last December by his brother, Haze, from New Orleans, died at an early hour this morning.

Deceased has not been in the best of health for some time. He has not eaten a bite of anything since he came to Clarinda.

Jackey was a popular lad. He had no enemies, and always lived a consistent life.

His morals were above reproach, although he was known at times to throw a little mud.

To show his popularity among the residents of this city, it might be stated that five hundred people have visited him with the last few days. Of course, the statement may not be true, but yet, as we said, it might be stated.

Jakey died from hemorrhage of the stomach, brought on by excessive fasting.

He had no immediate relatives in this vicinity. One sister that is known to be living, Miss Allie Gator, was unable to be present.

Mr. Hoge informs us that he has cremated the remains of Jakey, in the latest approved fashion, and will carry his ashes in his memory.

Clarinda Herald, Clarinda, Iowa

March 30, 1900