Dogs are very appreciative and sensible animals, at times they show almost human intelligence. They are amenable to kindness and if well fed and permitted to sleep in the easiest chair in the house, will never run away.

Some two months ago a dirty, half-starved dog came whining to the door of Mr. L.W. Drennen's home and in the best of dog language asked for a light refreshment. Mrs. Drennen kindly asked the dog in and fed it before she did Mr Drennen.

Then the dog was bathed and perfumed and put to bed in the most comfortable chair in the house. It is needless to say that the poor dog immediately adopted the family and has been there ever since.

Last week both Mr. and Mrs. Drennen were away from town for three or four days. Mr. Drennen secretly hoped the dog, Peggy, would vanish but Mrs. Drennen in the kindness of her heart, at the last minute put a three days supply of porterhouse steak on the back porch for poor Peggy.

When they returned they found the neglected dog just finishing the last of the steak. Of course, Mr Drennen had to wash, powder, perfume, and comb Peggy at once. The easy chair was nicely dusted and a couple of new cushions procured. Now Peggy is receiving callers and getting three squares per day.

Mr. Drennen has a little spare time on his hands at present and is compiling a jolly little symposium entitled, "How to Make Dogs Happy."

Shenandoah World, May 21, 1920