Snake Stories
from Lorelei Rusco -

Forty-two rattlesnakes were killed on the Emery Kinser farm while they were threshing there a week ago, Also twenty-nine rattlesnakes were killed on the Hampton Wintermute farm last week while threshing there.

Lenox Time Table, Lenox, Iowa Thursday August 19, 1937


snakes a snake story; abt killing a bunch of snakes nr BJct and Dawson. NKT 27 May 1920

snakes den of 300 rattlesnakes klled in Union county. NKT 10 Jan 1924

snakes den of rattlesnakes found BGrove. BTR 26 Aug 1926

snakes Prairie rattle snakes found nr Platteville. BTR 02 Aug 1923

snakes Prof Guthrie of Iowa State College at Ames doing a study on all the snakes in Iowa. NKT 07 Sep 1922

snakes rattlesnake article; guy killed 12 snakes. NKT 23 Sep 1920




Leon Journal-Reporter—John Wilson, living down near Blythedale, killed a snake on day last week in the pasture on his farm that measured seven feet and eight inches in length. Mr. Wilson was cutting weeds with a sharp hoe when he saw the reptile. He backed away and the snake advanced toward him. With head reared a foot above the ground. A slash with the hoe almost severed the snake's head. It was black with white spots. A snake of the same kind and about five feet long was killed by him in the same pasture the next day.

Lenox Time Table, Lenox, Iowa Thursday September 23, 1937


Snakes Alive!

E. E. Grismore, of Corydon, claims he didn't drink anything stronger than water. But he saw snakes, hundreds of them, in the trees, claims the Corydon-Times Republican. This unusual sight was witnessed, near Lineville near

a limestone ledge. According to Mr. Grisrnore, this ledge is a hibernating1 .place for the reptiles and they are so thick that they climb the trees and rest on the branches. Anyway, it's his story –not ours.

Lenox Time Table, Lenox, Iowa Thursday August 10, 1939