Fritz the Dog
from Lorelei Rusco:


Both are Front Page Articles From the Lenox Time Table



Fritz, the little dog belonging to W. J. Phelan, came to an untimely end last Monday when he got in the way of a passing automobile. Fritz, made his home at the depot and was on the platform to meet every passenger train. He was noted for his intelligence and sociability and leaves hundreds of friends to mourn his demise.

Lenox Time Table, Lenox, Iowa Thursday September 12, 1912



Resolutions expressing sympathy and condolence was received, by local Agent W. J. Phelan in “Night Letter” telegram, relative to “Fritz” the pet dog who had made his home at the depot since Mr. Phelan has been in the office.  Several letters expressing sorrow over the loss of little "Fritz" has been received which proves the affection that many had for the unfortunate little dog. In last week's issue we made note of the tragic death of "Fritzie." The telegram

received yesterday morning contained the following signatures:

S. Patton, "Shorty" Granger, Ben Manroe, Harry Clayton, Dan Cotter

James Durbin, Fred Becherer, P. H. Barrett and Frank Lovejoy.

Lenox Time Table, Lenox, Iowa Thursday September 19, 1912