Daniel Hoover
submitted by: Tracy St Claire aaf@ais.net
Attaching the front and back of a photo in my possession, found on eBay.  I cropped the front to reduce the size, eliminating the photographer mark which is Bell.

Reverse says:
"Grandfather Hoover & second wife -- who was a
cousin of Grandmother Hoover.

Daniel Hoover, Father of Edward B. owned a bank in
Bedford, Iowa.  He brokered cattle into Chicago. The
rigorous winters were hard on Sarah, his wife.  She and her
sister-in-law Amelia Mix came to Calif with my father
and two younger sisters.  The sea was so rough they
disembarked from the Orazaba (a side-wheeler) on rope
ladders to a small tender [?] .  Because of Mrs. Hoover's
weakness, my father had to place her feet on the rounds and
hold her on the ladder.

After her death, my grandfather married her cousin and he
never returned to Santa Barbara."