New Market, Iowa High School football team 1925
back left top is Herman O'Dell...who are the others?

From Gerald Hutchinson, age 93, via his daughter [Dec 2013]

Photo of the New Market Football Team 1925--Information
The coach in the middle of the back row was R. R. Watson, who later was a superintendent of New Market High School. He coached baseball and basketball in addition to football, as well as teaching courses in the school. The ‘D’ on his sweater in the photo stood for Drury College which was where he attended college.
The football player in the back row, just to the right of Coach Watson, was Ernest J. Combs, son of George Combs and his wife Sarah Eliza Lathrop. Ernest was the uncle of Gerald D. Hutchinson, who is the source of this information. Gerald was born in 1920 and attended New Market School for First and Second Grades and also for High School, graduating in 1938