the mail must go through...
F.E. Walker of Long Beach, Calif., recalls the days when mail
arrived on the stage coaches. There were no sidewalks in Bedford
then, and the driver of the coach would throw a sack containing
all the mail on the ground.
The postmaster would look over the contents
of the sack and remove all mail addressed to Bedford.
By the time the stage left most of the population of the
town had gathered about the post office.
The postmaster would gather the mail in his arms and
carry it into the building.
Then, looking over the letters, he would call off the names as he
found them. The person to whom the letter was addressed would
raise his or her hand in the air and cry, "here," much as
if the postmaster was calling the roll.
Yep, those were the good old days
we hear so much about.
The Times-Republican, Oct 8, 1925