are these people part of the Squires family?
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Hi Kathy, This is a response to your query about the family photo, possibly belonging to some of the Squires families. The image came from a 35mm photo taken of a larger picture hanging on the wall in the Farnam, NE home of Mary Carmichael (Martin) Thrasher (1884-1980), daughter of Henry and Ida Squires Carmichael. The photo was taken in the early 1970's by the mother of my wife, Pat, Henry & Ida's descendant. Since Mary's mom was a Squires, we thought maybe the photo was of the Squires. It is not of the Carmichaels. I had cleaned up the (very poor quality) original and sent a copy to Ron Ems several years ago. If you ever get an identification, we would sure like to know. Thanks, Joe & Pat

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Hi Kathy,
Thanks so much for the information. The original picture from Mary Thrasher's house probably went with one of her descendants, most likely through her daughter (Martin marriage) Edith who married Arvel (Orville) M. Beery. Edith died in Colorado in 1960. They had lived at Curtis, Nebraska. They had two sons, Warren and West. A son, Frank, was born March 13, 1907. He married Vivian Bennett. They had two sons, Kent and Terry. They live at Maywood, Nebraska. Don't know if they are still there. There were no children from Mary's second marriage. We suspect the picture of Jasper includes his wife, Harriet and sons Ellsworth and Andrew, but who knows? Jasper apparently didn't go to Nebraska with the other family members to homestead in the 1880's, as we didn't find any land records. Here is our entry in our records for that family "expedition".
"Andrew J. Squier filed Homestead Entry Claim No. 5541 on September 4, 1884, for the NW 1/4 of S22, T7N, R25W, 160 acres, all in Logan Precinct, Frontier County, Nebraska, and located 10 miles south and 3 miles east of Farnam. A.J.'s son-in-law, Amos Cunning, the husband of Ada, had entered a homestead claim in the same area in July of 1884, as also had another son-in-law, Henry Carmichael, husband of Ida. Other Carmichael family members had settled nearby by 1886, and Eugene Squires, the son of A.J. homesteaded there in 1889. Another son, Lynn (Leon) and his family were living in Farnam by 1900, and farming nearby. Perhaps the children of A.J. persuaded him to relocate to Nebraska to take advantage of the homestead opportunities. However, he canceled his claim on April 14, 1886, and presumably moved back to Iowa. It is not known if his wife, Joanna was with him in Nebraska, and she subsequently died in Iowa in 1887. Amos Cunning took up A.J.'s canceled homestead claim on May 7, 1886."
Thanks for the info on A.J.'s burial. Apparently there is no stone, or the marker is lost. I'll contact Steve Squier to see what he has. Do you (or anyone) have (solid) proof of the parents of A.J. or Joanna?
Thanks again. Nice being in contact with another of Pat's "cousins"!
Joe & Pat