This photo is of my great granfather, Lucien Ormsby, the son of Luther &
Margaret Ferry (Brown) Ormsby.  He was born January 24, 1858 in Howard,
Steuben county, NY.  He moved with his parents to Bedford, IA about
1875-1880 where they lived next door to the Elmer Kidder family.  Here
he met his future bride, Edna Rachel Kidder.  He indeed married the girl
next door.  Early in his career, he was in the saddlery & harness making
business, first hiring out & then owning his own business.  He also
gained carpentry & contractor skills & was a noted carpenter.  He later
went into the dairy & farming businesses.  He was on the move & often left his young family with other relatives.  In addition to residing in
Bedford, Lucien also resided for brief periods in Mormantown, Blockton,
& Clayton township.  This photo was most likely taken on one of his
business trips about 1891.

From Sharon Jones