The photographer was Samuel P Forney. According to the 1880 census, he was a resident of Lenox, single & 26 years old. In 1900 he has moved to KS. Further research shows that he married and had his first child in 1882 in Missouri. So this dates this photo to about 1875-1881. My great-great grandmother, Margaret Ferry (Brown) Ormsby, is the first lady on the left back row with the round pin at her neck. Does anyone know who this group of ladies may be and who they are?

from: Sharon Jones -
Sandi Salen has sent a identification on the picture:
The picture was taken 11 October 1892 and was featured in the Special Edition Times-Republican 1893.  It is a group of elderly ladies from Bedford who got together for a social function hosted by Elizabeth McCracken. 
      They are:
Front row, left to right
1. Ruth G. Connett
2. Hester Moore   
3. Mary J. Lewis
4. Mrs. Bauchert
5. Martha Laird
6. Maria Dallison
Back row, left to right
1. M.F. Ormsby
2. Elizabeth Wilkins
3. Eliza A. Greenlee
4. Elizabeth McCracken (daughter of M.J. Lewis)
5. M.J. McCloud
6. Elizabeth Brown
7. Sarah Myers
8. Sallie Chamberlain
9. Harriet Goodsill
     The title of the article was Our Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers.  There is also a brief sketch of each person in the article. 
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