Blue Grove baseball team
before 1908; taken by Ackers Studio in Bedford, Iowa
back from left: Vernon Gold, maybe Charles Gold, Orville Gold can you help identify?? [see below]
from Joanne Saliby:
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New Information Feb 2007
On my first browse to the web site I noticed the submission of the Blue Grove baseball team photo by Joanne Davidson Saliby. She was inquiring as to identification of team members other than her grandfather and great uncles.

The player seated in the front row on the far left hand side with a cigarette/cigar in his right hand and a mitt on his left is Galen Artz Ving from Gravity. The photo was taken before 1908. Galen was born and raised in the Gravity area and was very athletic. He was a runner in race matches and also enjoyed boxing.

Galen was born in 1879. Parents were J.R. Ving and Alatha (Allie) Moore.
Allie Moore was the daughter of John Dye Moore and the grand daughter of J.G. and Alatha Baker Moore.
Galen married Jessie Hamilton from the Gravity area in 1905 and they started their family there before following J.R. and Allie to Montana in 1908.
Galen's sister Artiemisha (Artie) Ving Lorimer was a school teacher in Gravity before moving to Idaho.

If you are interested in this information, I hope it is of assistance.
I spent 4 days in Taylor County in 2004 and found my trip thoroughly delightful. The county historical society and museum had so much information to offer, I simply ran out of time! The people were so generous in their assistance, especially the folks of Gravity.
Looking forward to a revisit.

Ti Hodson
Billings, Montana