Nathan Cole and father Nathan,
step-mother, Abigail

The attached photo is of Nathan Cole, born 8 Sep 1794 in Hancock,MA.  His
father, also named Nathan, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.  Nathan's
first wife, Anna Margaret Goble, died in Indiana and he married her younger
sister, Abigail Goble, who was a widow at the time.  The woman in the photo
is the second wife, Abigail.  The young man in the photo is a grandson of
Nathan and his first wife, David A. Cole, born 16 Jan 1845.  I would guess
his age to be under 20 at the time the picture was taken.  The only photo I
want from Graceland is of Nathan's tombstone.  He is the only one, to my
knowledge, that is buried there.  My Cobb ancestors, John and Frances, are
buried in the Helms Cemetery but I understand most of the stones have been
removed from the graves and stored.  Thanks much for your interest.
Joan Shacklette