from Bill Hunter:
This is Margaret Virginia (nee Armstrong) who was first married to Giles Hunter (wed 17 January 1873), then to John Krout (wed 26 March 1895), and then to Jesse Hughes (wed 12 December 1905). I am not sure which of the husbands is in this photo but I don't think it is Giles Hunter. I know that John Krout was quite elderly when she married him. According to my info he was born 29 May 1820, making him 31 years older than Margaret Virginia (also known as Jenny or Ginny) who was born 25 October 1851 in Danville, IA. Jesse Hughes was born 15 September 1844 in Somers, Wisconsin (died 2 September 1917), so he was only 7 years older than Margaret Virginia. She died in New Market, 21 May 1927 She was, of course, the mother of Bell (Glasgow) and of the four brothers: George Doudand (Doud), Ralph Olin, John Roy and Blaine Corvin Hunter. All dates are according to the best information I have. I will have more pictures for you to look at as I have the time to scan and send them.