Chandler, Chamberlin & Wallace family
from Audrey Haverkamp:
At Benson Chandler's House - children oldest daughter of Will & Helen Chandler, Thelma Chamberlin dau of Alta & Less, son of Edwin Chandler [Lorelei Rusco has researched and decided that this boy is Gordon Wallace born 1917, son of Hazel and Kent Wallace. Edwin Chandler was not married in 1920].

Taken in 1919 or 1920. Top row: left to right - Mrs Alta Chamberlin wife of Less, Mrs Edwin Chandler, Ruth Chandler [Less' daughter] , Mrs Louie Lee Chandler [Less' wife], Mr Will Chandler, Mr Lesslie Chamberlin.

Lower row: Mrs Frank Chandler, Mrs Hazel Chandler Wallace, Mrs Helen Posten Chandler, Mrs Benson Chandler [mother of Frank & Less], Mr Benson Chandler, Frank Chandler, Lesslie Chandler, Edwin Chandler [son of Frank], Kent Wallace son-in-law of Less Chandler.