who: sons of Gideon Dougherty and Elizabeth Mahan - Robert, William Shelby, Peter, John Washington , Samuel and James Buchanan

From Ann Goudie: anngoudie@heartland.net. The Dougherty picture of the sons of Gideon Dougherty is one that was given to me by Jeannette Dougherty Nayadley who is the daughter of Horace B. Dougherty who is the son of William Shelby Doughtery.

She identified the men from left to right as Robert, William Shelby, Pete, John, Samuel and James.

They are standing in the order of their births, William Shelby being the oldest, and all the sons of Gideon and Elizabeth are present in the picture. The first of the sons to die was Samuel in 1881 so it was before that. He was 38 years old.

where: New Market, Iowa?
owner of photo: Carolyn Combs Rodaway: rcrodaway@email.msn.com