Bedford, Iowa picture by Maxwell - who are they??
Photo from G.W. Ross:
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From Jane Evans
The lady on the left is Carita Belknap (Hedrick) McCarroll, Wapello Co., IA, the last of the family of Gen. John Morrow Hedrick**  and Caroline Matilda (Haines) Hedrick.  Carita was the wife of Wm. Fleming McCarroll. Their daughter, Katherine (McCarroll) Evans, became the wife of John Lewis Evans, son of Jesse Joshua  and Clara Creek) Evans and grandson of Rev. John K. and Catharine (Bristow) Evans. 

The lady on the right, is I believe, the aunt of her daughter's husband, John L. Evans; sister of Jesse Evans, Mary Ada (Evans) Thompson***, daughter of Rev. John K. Evans and Catharine (Bristow) Evans. 

The boy is believed to be the son of Mrs. Thompson.


* Matthew Garrett Maxwell, a leading photographer and art gallery owner of Mount Ayr, IA, and the brother-in-law of Mrs. Thompson, was married to her sister, Delilah America "Phoebe" (Evans) Maxwell.

**Gen. Hedrick, a many-times wounded Union Civil War officer; a participant in the Lincoln Assassination Conspirators Trial proceedings; civic leader; Hedrick, IA, namesake; postmaster, and "Ottumwa Courier" editor.

***(Mrs. Thompson, if I recall correctly, is related to Iowagravestone's contributor, Julia Johnson.)