This is the graduating class of 1935, Bedford High School, not sure what
reunion it was front row (l-r) Nelson Smalley (Gravity), James Keith (Bedford), James V Hunter (King City, MO), Donald Glass (Bedford), Clerk Tranbarger (Creston) Francis Allen (Shenandoah)

middle row-Ruth Smalley Whitney (Shenandoah), Omega Larson Burwell (Gravity), Maxine Wheelen Worthington (Maloy), Beulah Spencer Reck (Bedford), Mary Beth Mohler-Murphy (Bedford), Doris Kingsley Morrison (Conway), Ruth Cirksena Hamblin (Hopkins), Lucile Trumbo (Bedford), Nina Wyekoff Gaule (Blockton), Jean Longfellow Melvin (Bedford), Crystal Hayworth McNutt (Diagonal), Helen Longfellow Utterback (Perry), Gretchen Josman Hansen (Des Moines), Miss Alma Jackson (teacher, Des Moines), Phyllis Salter Oxley (Bedford), Mrs Ruth Burner-Putnam (teacher, Bedford), Miss Alice Hale (teacher, Bedford), Miss Alice Nelson (teacher, Bedford), Mrs Vera Johnson Paschal (teacher, Bedford)

back row-Duane Thummel (Bedford), A Joe Whitaker (Bedford), Leland Hamilton (Webster Groves, MO), Rollie Livingston (Bedford), Marvin Salen (Bedford), Stuart Melvin (Bedford).
from Angie White-Connors
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