Washington Township, Taylor County, Iowa
Cemeteries and Towns

When the town of Gravity was started it was north of section 30 where the Ladoga Cemetery is marked. The cemetery at that time was, of course, the Gravity Cemetery.

Later when the railroad came through, Gravity moved to section 22, and the cemetery in section 30 was referred to as "Old Gravity."

After James Elliott laid out and started Ladoga, the cemetery in section 30 took that name.

The cemetery at Gravity now is the Washington Cemetery, section 22.

Country Schools
#1 Spread Eagle [Akers], section 1
#2 Cottage Grove, section 4
#3 Wesley [Kimpton], section 6
#4 Rose Hill, section 17
#5 Center, section 21
#5 Gravity, section 22
#6 Maple Grove, section 23
#7 Lee [Lee Moore], section 25
#8 Hickory Grove, section 33
#9 Ladoga, section 29