Ross Township, Taylor County, Iowa


In section 10, there is a small cemetery. It is sometimes called the Oxley Cemetery, the Berea Cemetery, or the Ross Township Cemetery. Practically everyone in it is related to William and Rosannah Lasswell Oxley. The Berea country church [section 16] is less than a mile from it.
In 1969 I talked to Nina Stone who remembered some tombstones against the fence in section 5. She thought they were children of Joshua Ferrell's and perhaps a Ross child. From the death records, Samuel Applegate was also possibly buried there.
Country Schools
#1 Union [Jones], section 11
#2 Frog Valley, section 9
#3 Eureka [Patch], section 8
#4 Helm, section 18
#5 Center [Ross], section 16
#6 Banner, section 14
#7 Eagle, section 26
#8 Liberty, section 27
#9 Hazel Dell [Ball], section 30