Platte Township, Taylor County, Iowa
The Lenox North Fairview, Lenox West Fairview, Lenox East Fairview, and St Patrick's Cemeteries are all on the south and west of the town of Lenox.

The person to contact about the Lenox Cemetery is Don Keast. His work number (Keast Accounting) is 641-333-4569.

Country Schools
#1 Eli Wilt, section 2
#2 Bill Reed, section 9
#3 Lenox, section 8
#4 Barrans, section 20
#5 Center [Platte], section 16
#6 Caplinger [cabin school], section 13
#7 John Reed, section 26
#8 Prairie Gem [Overmier], section 33
#9 Reed, section 29