Nodaway Township, Taylor County, Iowa
Country Schools
#1 Spaulding, section 2
#2 McMillan, section 10
#3 Pierce, section 8
#4 Frog Pond, section 18
#5 Center [Nodaway], section 21
#6 Weston, section 13
#7 Skinner, section 35
#8 Fairview, section 27
#9 Kendrick, section 30
Maple Grove, section 26
Cemetery Notes:  
The Guss Cemetery (section 23) was in an early day called the Brown Cemetery because that was the name of the people who gave the land for the cemetery. It has been called Guss since in the 1930's or 1940's.

The Maple Grove Methodist Church is at Guss and still active. Please look at the picture under "photos" of an early-day Guss. There were maple trees planted from the south side of Guss to the present day road of J20 north of the cemetery. The cemetery, however, was never a part of the Maple Grove Methodist Church.

I talked to John McCoy in 1969 and he told me about a fairly good sized cemetery he remembered in section 18. Families were supposedly notified that they should move graves from this cemetery and some were moved to North Grove in Page County. Numerous pieces of broken tombstones have been found at the site.

There were a couple of tombstones of children of Nathan and Sarah Wilcox near where Kevin Barr lives. They had been buried in their yard. Stone of Laura Wilcox has since been moved to North Grove Cemetery in Page County.


In section 32, many maps mark a cemetery. No one knows exactly where these burials were. Normalee Miller's father said that as a child he remembered going to a funeral with burial there. In the corner of sections 28, 29, 32 and 33, there was a "shanty- town" of miners about a hundred years ago. There are still foundation lines visible now, a well,  and planted evergreen trees in this area. The road that did go to that area from the south has long since been closed. This is about a mile from where I live and we ride horses back in there sometimes.


The Pierce family cemetery is in section 8. In 1970, I talked to Dan Pierce in Villisca, Iowa who told me what he knew of this family burial. Dan said that his father, Gibson Pierce, Gibson's first wife, Jane Mallery, their son Whipple Pierce (died Apr 1, 1891), one of their daughters (he thought Carrie who married John Kunce), several other of their children who died at birth, and perhaps others were buried there. His father definitely expressed the desire to be buried on his own farm and there he remains with his family. There were never any tombstones at these burials. There also were three burials in section 30 and when I find my notes on them, I'll add it here...Pat