Marshall Township, Taylor County, Iowa

There was a cemetery at the county farm in section 29. A sign has been placed with known names buried there. The stones are all gone.

Conway Cemetery is in section 26.

In section 13, is listed the town of Merle Junction (partly not visible here because it was written on over Grant twp). This town is sometimes on maps as Conway Crossing and nothing exist of it today.

Country Schools
#1 Fair Play [Jones], section 11
#2 Sharpsburg [Rhodes], section 3
#3 Boyer [Fairview], section 6
#4 Cloud [Weller], section 17
#5 Center, section 22
#6 Nugent, section 13
#6 Conway, section 26
#7 Carr, section 25
#8 Lowery, section 33
#9 Schwley, [Boyd-Co Farm], section 32