Jackson Township, Taylor County, Iowa
In section 28 is the burial of Jesse Davidson, died Oct 20, 1864 aged 50y 7d. When the ground has been worked, it is obvious that there are three graves here.

In section 17, is what has been called "Old Hoover" Cemetery which is very abandoned. There is a grave there of James Ashworth, died Jan 24, 1857 ae 59y 2m 12d and Sarah E. dau of H. & C. Kemery, died Sep 13, 1862 ae 9m 27d. There was some wrought-iron fencing around one of the graves.

In the very northeast corner of section 8 is the Forest Grove Cemetery. It is just south of the corner of county roads 290th Street and Orange Avenue.

In section 8, in the middle of a field are a couple of stones. One is Missouri wife of Hiram C. Ball, born Nov 5, 1840 and died Jun 9, 1860. The other is Medora B. dau of Wm and Julia A. McGuire, Mar 27, 1851 - Oct 3, 1855. I copied these in Nov 1968 and it was difficult to tell how many graves might have been there.
County Schools
#1 Science Ridge, section 11
#2 Forest Grove, section 5 / 8
#3 Pleasant Grove [Hoover], section 21
#4 Liberty [Straight], section 23