Dallas Township, Taylor County, Iowa
Dallas Center Cemetery is in section 22.

I have been told that there are some burials in the Pangburn school yard [section 20]. Two or more children had died who were attending the school; the funeral and burial's took place at the school.

There are two burials in a yard in section 28.

Country Schools
#1 Barton, section 2
#2 Glassgow, section 10
#3 Rawling [Lone Star], section 6
#4 Prairie Gem [Pangburn], section 20
#5 Center [Dallas], section 16
#6 Hazel Dell, section 23
#7 Frog Valley, section 26
#8 Fairview, section 28
#8 New Market Town school, section 32
#9 Memory, section 31

The school in section 20 was the Prairie Gem or Pangburn.The map in the 1881 Taylor County, Iowa History by Evans shows the town named Memory where New Market is today with the Memory Post Office still where Memory was in section 31.