History of the Price Family. Perry Price, His Parents, Etc. and what he says about his family.
Copy of a letter written by Perry Price in His 83rd year.
at Home Nov 27, 1899
To J.F. Price and Lide Burge
We will drop you a few lines in answer to your letter we received last Saturday. We are reasonably well, but not very stout, but able to do a reasonable amount of work. I will try to comply with your request in regard to your enterprise.
My father, John Price was born in Maryland; his father died before he was born. His mother (my grandmother) married Charles Bivens. They moved to Greenbrier County, West Virginia, when my father was a small boy. John Price (my father) and Susan Christ were married in 1816, in Greenbrier County. Susan Christ was a daughter of Henry Christ and Cathren Christ. They were born in Pennsylvania, moved to Rockenham Co, West Virginia, then to Greenbrier Co, WVa. I, Perry Price (the oldest) was born in Greenbrier Co, WVa April 5th 1817, was married to Malinda Eagle Oct 29, 1837, by Rev John McElhaney, an aged Presbyterian minister.
Malinda Eagle was a daughter of John and Barbery Eagle. Barbery Eagle's maiden name was Witezel. John Eagle served in the War of 1812. They came to greenbrier Co from Rockingham Co, Va. Malinda Eagle was born in Greenbrier Co WVa May 30th, 1818. To us were born eleven children; as follows, in Greenbrier Co, WVa.
John Franklin Price Aug 6, 1838 Greenbriar Co, WVa
Mary Jane Price May 9, 1840 Greenbriar Co, WVa
Susan Catherine Price Feb 15, 1842 Greenbriar Co, WVa
Amanda Margaret Price Oct 3, 1844 Greenbriar Co, WVa
Rebecca Ann Price Feb 28, 1846 Greenbriar Co, WVa
Wesley Hedges Price Jan 29, 1848 Greenbriar Co, WVa
Eliza Belle Eakin Price Sep 10, 1849 Greenbriar Co, WVa
Elizabeth Frances Price Aug 5, 1851 Greenbriar Co, WVa
Martha Olin Price Aug 1, 1853 Greenbriar Co, WVa
Lee Kreglo Price Aug 20, 1855 Greenbriar Co, WVa
William Henry Price Jul 28, 1858 Taylor County, Iowa
The brothers and sisters of Perry Price were as follows: Jas Price killed by a falling tree, Henry price, John Price, Lidia Price, Hanna. Half-brothers, Wm Price, Frederick Price, Patrick Price, Josiah Price, Charles Price, Matilda Price Haws. Patrick and Frederick died in the Confederate Army.
Brothers of Malinda Eagle: Abraham Eagle, John Eagle, Joseph Eagle, David Eagle, Reuben Eagle, Levi Eagle. Sisters: Susan Eagle Hedrick, Anna Eagle Propst.
(hand written at bottom of page) Perry Price died June 4, 1900 Bedford, Iowa. Mary E. Price died Oct 6, 1901 Rock Ford.
Mamie J. Price was married in Cherokee, Ks Feb 16, 1888 to Frank L. Breyfogle of Lenexa, Ks by Rev N.V. Moore of Cherokee, Ks.
Frank L. Breyfogle was born in Deleware, Ohio Feb 17, 1861. Their children were Lewis William Breyfogle born Jul 7, 1889, Beecher Keefer Breyfogle was born Oct 6, 1891 and a daughter.
Lewis W. Breyfogle was married to Miss Ellen Alher Jan 26, 1914.
Harry B. Price married Ethel Heater(?). Their children: Pauline died 1900, Dorothy born Aug 18, 1902, Bernace born Sep 15, 1911.
Jennie Price married Dec 11, 1906 to Dr A.D. Hays. Their children were: --?-- born Oct 23, 1910 and Elizabeth who died in 1918.
Mary J. Price was married near Bedford, Iowa to Samuel Harvey Garner Apr 2, 1862 by Rev Bennett Mitchell. S.H. Garner was born in Muskingum Co, Oh June 30, 1839. Their children were all born in Taylor County, Iowa as follows:
Perry Elvic Garner born Sep 12, 1863 died Jan 19, 1894 in Logan Co, Iowa
Sarah Catherine Garner born Mar 17, 1865 died Sep 13, 1895
Kizzie M. Garner born May 25, 1866
Myntie A. Garner born Jun 20, 1867 died Jul 29, 1891 in Kansas City, Mo
Lettie F. Garner born Dec 14, 1870
Clinton W. Garner born Aug 12, 1872 died Nov 14, 1873
Arnett K. Garner born Apr 25, 1875 died Jan 18, 1876
infant born and died Dec 18, 1877
O. Carl Garner born Dec 16, 1878
S. Blaine Garner born Dec 12, 1880
Perry Elvic Garner married in Logan Co, Iowa to Laura Williams Dec 29, 1890 by Rev Thornbrue. Laura Williams was born 1867 in Illinois. One child born to them was Herman Leigh Garner born Powhattan, Brown Co, Kans Jan 27 ----.
Kizzie M. Garner married to Geo A. Howard of Gravity, Ia Mar 15, 1888 in Bedford, Taylor Co, Iowa by Rev McDade. Geo A. Howard born in Monroe Co, Oh May 16, 1861. Children born in Taylor County, Iowa
Eula M. Howard born Jan 9, 1889
Fred A. Howard born Dec 27, 1890
Myron Dewey Howard born June 17, 1898 died May 25, 1899 Lenox, Ia
Bryon Sampson Howard born June 17, 1898
?Avery Gorden Howard born Oct 14 ----
?Dorothy Gennill Howard born Aug 28, 1907
(can't see these last two very well could be incorrect)
Mintie Ann Garner married to James E. Baird in Cherokee, Kas Nov 28, 1889. Mintie Baird died in Kansas City, Mo Jul 29, 1891. James E. Baird born Adams Co, Oh Jul 22, 1863.
Lettie Garner married George Strong Nov 8? ----. Russell Garner STrong born Dec 20, 1907.
O. Carl Garner married to Dorthy Wise June 1906 Kansas City, Mo. Their child was Howard Garner born Nov 3, 1911.
[ page 57] Luther Boyd Price married to Lulu Schrader Nov 1903. Their children were: Arthur Price born Aug 31, 1904, Frank Leroy Price born Sep 14, 1906, Ruth Price and John Price.
[page 58] Leonard B. Price (didn't copy details)
[page 59] Lottie E. Price married to Sam Harsburgen Dec 9, 1907. Their children were Ralph Harsburgen born Mar 1, 1909, Edith Nodeen Harsburgen born Oct 9, 1911, Hazel Edna Harsburgen.
[page 60] Matthew L. Price married Jan 29, 1908 Gertie Coe. Their children were Lois Irene Price born Dec 14, 1909, Carrol Leaming Price born Dec 6, 1910, Olive Emily Price Apr 29, ----.
[page 65] William H. Price married Alice Thompson Oct 9, 1879 near Bedford, Iowa. Alice was born Nov 7, 1860 McHenry Co, Ill. Their children were: Grace Maud Price Oct 10, 1881, Oren Henry Price Nov 1, 1886, Blair Thompson Price May 11, 1889, Raymond Douglas Price Apr 26, 1892. All born Taylor Co, Iowa. Mabel Alice Price born Mar 5, 1900. William H. Price died 1934. Alice Price died Jan 3, 1936.
(There is quite a bit more to this, but I will need to refer to the original before I transcribe the rest of my notes. Pat Combs O'Dell)
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