Family Group Sheet data from: Pat O'Dell -
Noah Nelson Odell
birthdate and birthplace
11 Aug 1826 Whetstone twp, Crawford Co, Oh
death date, place
27 Jul 1892 Brooks, Adams Co, Iowa
Brooks Cemetery, Jasper Twp, Adams Co, Iowa
1st marriage
26 May 1847 Crawford Co, Oh - Book 3 page 18: Lydia Ann Field
Eli Odell
Asenath Parcher
Lydia Ann Field
birthdate and place
02 May 1829 Crawford Co, Oh
deathdate and place
28 Oct 1907 Brooks, Adams Co, Iowa
Brooks Cemetery, Jasper Twp, Adams Co, Iowa
Selden Field
Lydia Ketchum
#1 Amanda Jane Odell born 07 Mar 1848 Crawford Co, Oh
died 07 Mar 1848 Crawford Co, Oh
buried Stewart Cemetery, Whetstone Twp., Crawford Co, Oh
#2 Gaylor Noah Odell born 12 Oct 1849 Whetstone twp, Crawford Co, Oh
married 24 Apr 1873 Adams Co, Iowa: Marietta Evans
died 30 Dec 1923 Brooks, Adams Co, Iowa -
buried Brooks Cemetery, Jasper Twp, Adams Co, Iowa
#3 Alice Asenath Odell born 15 Apr 1852 Whetstone Twp, Crawford Co, Oh
married 23 Apr 1871 Adams Co, Ia: Gordon Tracy
died 29 May 1921
#4 Hunter Field Odell born 15 Apr 1854 Whetstone Twp, Crawford Co, Oh
married 20 Dec 1881 Adams Co, Iowa: Ida S. Morris
died 15 Apr 1920
#5 Hulda[h] Ann Odell born 09 Jul 1856 Adams Co, Ia
died 29 Aug 1860 Adams Co, Ia
buried Brooks Cemetery, Jasper Twp, Adams Co, Iowa
#6 Homer Julious Odell born 27 Feb 1858 Adams Co, Ia
married 05 Jun 1879 Sarah E. Mack
died 07 Jul 1928 west of Corning, Adams Co, Ia
buried Prairie Rose Cemetery, Adams Co, Iowa
#7 Truman Bovie Odell born 25 Dec 1859 Adams Co, Iowa
married 10 Mar 1880 Ida
died 1930/1933?
buried [1930 census Shawnee Co, Topeka, Ks age 70??]
#8 Effie Lydia Odell born 02 Nov 1861 Adams Co, Iowa
died 06 Oct 1862 Adams Co, Iowa
buried Brooks Cemetery, Jasper Twp, Adams Co, Iowa
#9 Eli Eddy "Ed" Odell born 05 Dec 1863 Adams Co, Iowa
married 29 Sep 1887 Nellie B. Dillabaugh
died 10 Oct 1940 Corning, Adams Co, Ia
buried Walnut Grove Cemetery, Adams Co, Iowa
#10 Jacob Delancy Odell born 07 Apr 1866
married 16 Feb 1886 Adams Co, Iowa: Martha Morris
married 25 Dec 1907 Carrie B. Letts
died 04 Jun 1942
buried Walnut Grove Cemetery, Adams Co, Iowa
#11 Edith Submitt Odell born 01 Feb 1868 Adams Co, Iowa
died 22 Oct 1876/7 Adams Co, Iowa
buried Brooks Cemetery, Jasper Twp, Adams Co, Iowa
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Picture of Noah Nelson Odell
Picture of Noah Odell and wife Lydia Field
Picture of Noah's children
Picture of Noah's sons
Picture of Lydia Field Odell and photo of Noah when he died
Picture of Jacob Delancy O'Dell and son Jay Dwight O'Dell
Census Records
1850 Crawford Co, Whetstone twp, Ohio #122
Noah Odell, 23, male, born Oh
Lydia Odell, 22, female, born Oh
Galler Odell, 1, male, born Oh
Lucinda Ney, 14 female, born Oh
Levi Ney, 7, male, born Oh
Wm Ney, 44, male, married, born NY
Delancy Parcher, 18, male, born Oh
1860 Adams Co, Nodaway twp, Iowa #501
Noah N. Odell, 33, male, born Oh
Lydia Odell, 31, female, born Oh
Gaylor N. Odell, 10, male, born Oh
Allice Odell, 8, female, born Oh
Hunter F. Odell, 6, male, born Oh
Huldah Odell, 4, male[?], born Ia
Homer J. Odell, 2, male, born Ia
Truman Odell, 6/12, male, born Ia
Tripp Smith, 20, male, hand, born NY
Jesse Ellis, 20, male, hand, born Oh
1870 Adams Co, Nodaway twp, Iowa #31
Noah N. Odell, 43, male, born Oh
Lydia A. Odell, 42, female, born Oh
Gaylor Odell, 20, male, born Oh
Alice A. Odell, 18, female, born Oh
Hunter F. Odell, 16, male, born Oh
Homer J. Odell, 12, female, born Ia
Truman B. Odell, 10, male, born Ia
Eli E. Odell, 6, male, born Ia
Jacob D. Odell, 4, male, born Ia
Edith S. Odell, 2, female, born Ia
1880 Adams Co, Nodaway twp, Iowa #51
Noah Odell, 53, male, born Oh parents born Vt
Lydia Odell, 50, female, born Oh, father born NH, mother born Vt
H.F. Odell, 26, male, born Oh, parents born Oh
Truman Odell, 20, male, born Ia, parents born Oh, married
Eli Odell, 16, male, born Ia, parents born Oh
Jacob Odell, 14, born Ia, parents born Oh
Jan Odell, 20, dau in law, married, born Ill , father born NC, mother born Oh
Adams County Free Press, Corning, Iowa, Feb 18, 1886
On the 16th Rev J.A. Lovejoy said the service that united Jacob D. Odell and Miss Mattie A. Morse at the residence of the parents of the bride near Brooks.

Noah N. Odell
From the Biographical History of Montgomery and Adams Counties, Iowa. The Lewis Publishing Company. Chicago, 1892. pp. 407-408.

Noah N. Odell, who resides on section 2 in Nodaway township, is one of the pioneers of Adams county, and one of the oldest residents of his township, the time of his coming having been in November 1856. There were then but few families in the township. He was born in Crawford County, Ohio, in 1826, the son of Eli Odell, a native of Vermont, who removed when a boy of eleven years with his parents to New York, thence to Canada, and from there went with an uncle to Crawford county, Ohio in 1822, when he was a youth of nineteen years. There he married Miss Asenath Parcher. In 1854, Eli Odell removed with his family to Winterset, Madison county, Iowa, where they lived until death. They were the parents of two sons and five daughters who grew to mature years. The two sons and three daughters are now living.

Noah N. Odell, the subject of this notice, settled on section 16 in the fall of 1856, and there, in that year, erected a steam sawmill. This was the first steam sawmill in Adams county, which was an entirely new mill when Mr. Odell bought it at Mt Vernon, Ohio, and had it shipped to the place where it was erected. An effort was made about the same time to erect an old steam sawmill at Brooks, but it was not a success, so that Mr. Odell's mill may properly be said to be the first steam sawmill erected in Adams County. He removed his mill to Brooks in the spring of 1859, and in 1863 to Washington township, having sold it to Christopher Hardier. This mill has now disappeared, as the man to whom Mr Odell sold it disposed of various parts to different person, who removed the same from the county. Mr. Odell has carried on farming ever since his mill experience but in connection there with was also engaged in carpentering and building for many years. His father was a carpenter and he very naturally learned that trade. He has done much building in Adams county, having built the first frame barn of any importance; this was on what is known as the "Billy Wilson" farm in Quincy twp. The largest barn he built was on the Vernon place near Corning. In fact he has erected a large number of both dwellings and barns in Adams and Montgomery counties. He has resided on his present farm since 1866. He has a fine farm of 200 acres, and has also given land to his sons.

Mr Odell was married in 1847 to Miss Lydia A. Field, a native of Ohio, and daughter of Selden Field, a native of Connecticut. Her mother's maiden name was Lydia Ketchum, a native of Vermont, but reared in the state of New York. Mr and Mrs Odell have seven children, six sons and one daughter, and have lost four daughters by death. In his political affiliations Mr Odell has been a Republican ever since the organization of that party. His first presidential vote was cast for Martin Van Buren. He voted for General Fremont in 1856, and for General Harrison in 1888, and all Republican presidents between those two. He was reared in the Abolition school of politics, his father having belonged to that party, and in his early days, in Ohio helped many escaping slave on his way to freedom. He and his wife have long been faithful and consistent members of the Christian church.

We have thus endeavored to give a biographical sketch of Mr Odell, one of the best known pioneers of Adams county, who with his wife came here when the country was new and have done their part in contributing to the growth and development of the county. The lives of such as they are well worthy of preservation in the annals of the county with which they have been so long and closely identified. Cordial and genial in disposition and ever generous and hospitable they have the esteem and respect of all.

Adams County Free Press, Corning, Iowa, May 7, 1896
Mrs Lydia Odell was very much surprised last Sunday when she returned home from church to find her children and grandchildren to the number of over thirty had collected at her home during her absence, and loaded her table to its utmost capacity with eatables fit for a king. They also presented her with a fine eight day clock. It reminded her of her 67th birthday.
Adams County Free Press, Corning, Iowa Jun 18, 1896
Mr and Mrs Gordon Tracy, of Jasper Center, called at Mrs Odell's last Sunday on their way to visit Hunter Odell.
Adams County Free Press, Corning, Iowa, June 23, 1938
128 Attend Odell Family Reunion Near Here Sunday

Can we have a picnic in the midst of our tribulation and affliction or shall we hang out harps on the willow tree and go along nursing our frets and worries? We believe the world needs folks who can laugh in the face of distress and drown their cares in the sea of mirth. Accordingly in observance of Fathers Day the branches of the "Odell family tree" assembled in the beautifully shaded picnic park on the banks of the Nodaway River near the old pioneer homestead where memories of the years past and gone still linger to cheer and gladden the hearts of the older ones and we trust will inspire those who must carry on to make our country what our fathers meant it to be.

Believe it or Not. This one family tree has a spread from coast to coast. Only two of the first generation remain but every twig seems to have been prolific in fruit bearing in spite of drouth, grass hoppers or blizzard, they are still coming on. Well the day was fine and everything went off in perfect order. Many of the pioneers of this part of the state will be interested to hear of Noah N. Odell's family. Ed and Jake, the two youngest of the family now nearing the quarter centry mark are the only ones remaining. No person living could tell all that has happened during these years nor should we wish them to tell it all. Memory is a great asset in life but some times a good forgetter serves us well. It is the forward look that makes for progress.

The committee in charge of this affair seems to have been in perfect harmony or else they were all of the same mind. There was 128 present. All in the best of spirit for a picnic. The following enrollment represents the different families:

Children of G.N. Odell, deceased were:

Mr and Mrs Joe Anderson, Donald and Patricia of Clarinda, Iowa
Virgil Anderson, Gaylor and Jonith, Clarinda, Iowa
Mr and Mrs Russell Lines and Lowell, Clarinda, Iowa
Mr and Mrs Ronald Perry and Ruth Elaine, Clarinda, Ia
Nr and Mrs Della Odell and Mildred, brooks, Iowa
Mr and Mrs Clifford Odell nd Dale of Brooks, Iowa
Mr and Mrs Glen Henry, Vera, Marjory, Dorothy Elwyn of Villisca, Iowa
Mr and Mrs Jesse Odell and Eleanor, Dorothy, Joe and Mrs Kraft of Council Bluffs, Iowa
Mr and Mrs Arthur Odell, Harry, Roy, Paul of Brooks, Ia
Anita Odell of Seattle, Wash
Mr and Mrs Glade Haven, Opal, Edna, Bernard, Ruth, Martha, Robert Eugene of Brooks, Iowa
Mr and Mrs Lowell Odell and Lowell Jr of Villisca, Iowa
Mr and Mrs Franklin Kidwell and Billie of Osceola, Iowa
Mr and Mrs Harold Odell of Malvern, Iowa
Mr and Mrs Harry Odell, Donald, Bob, and Helen of Sioux City, Iowa
Frank Palmer of Quincy, Ia
Jennie Palmer of Avoca, Iowa
Mr and Mrs Roland Swartz, Ruby, Robert, Margaret, Byron, Max and Maxine of Corning, Iowa
Mr and Mrs Everett Pettengill, Francis, Clifford, Norman of Avoca, Iowa
Mr and Mrs Glen Palmer, Ruth Joan? of Corning, Iowa
Mr and Mrs Orville Smith, Betty, Lois Jean, Clara Lou, Carbon, Iowa
Earle Perry of Corning
Lois Perry, a student at Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa
Homer Peery, a student pastor from New York City, NY
Mr and Mrs Willard Perry, Donald, Russell and Sandra Grace of Corning.
The T.B. Odell (deceased) family
Mrs Lydia Tevis, Berryton, Kansas
Mrs Besse Howbert, Berryton, Kansas
The E.E. Odell family
Mr and Mrs Ed Odell of Corning, Iowa
Marrietta Odell of Hamburg, Ia
Mr and Mrs Roy Asman and Alice, Council Bluffs, Iowa
Otto Odell and Ruth of Ft Dodge, Iowa, Otto has been in the service of the Illinois Central R.R. and has just passed the grade to become an engineer
Mr and Mrs Otis Fife, Edward and Joan of Corning, Iowa
The J.D. Odell family of The Dalles, Oregon
Mr and Mrs J.D. Odell
Mrs Zetta Burris, Thos Jr and Gerald and Barbara of What Cheer, Iowa
Mr and Mrs C.T. Laren, Catheryn and Robert of Harvey, Iowa
Mrs Lanore Odell and Margaret Jane of Des Moines, Iowa
Mrs Ella Stokes of Corning
Marjorie Franklin of Fairfax, Mo
Mr and Mrs Seward Morris of Corning, Iowa
Mr and Mrs Raymond Moore of Corning, Iowa
Adams County Free Press, Corning, Iowa, Oct 30, 1907

Mrs Lydia Ann Odell died October 26, 1907, at the home of her son, H.J. Odell, in her 79th year. She was born in Crawford county, Ohio, May 2, 1820. Her parents were among the early pioneers of that state and possessed many commendable traits of character, among which were the strict observance of religious duties. Her father being a M.E. minister and her mother a most devoted Christian woman, they early implanted into the life of their children a deep love for sacrificing service that made her life remarkable in all its varied experiences. She was married to N.N. Odell in Ohio, May 27, 1847, and with him moved to this state in 1854, and to Adams county two years later, settling in a log hut, near Nodaway. All the hardships and privations of pioneer life were endured with a cheerful heart, in always a happy home from which the most generous hospitality was extended to all. Though the cares of providing for, clothing, training and educating a large family were such as would horrify us now, yet through it all she developed a wonderful heart experience with an almost perfect faith and trust in a Divine Lord to help in every trial of life. Eleven children were born to this home, four dying in early childhood. There are living six sons and one daughter. They are:

G.N. Odell
Mrs Alice Tracy of Salem, Oregon
H.F. Odell
H.J. Odell
T.B. Odell of Berryton, Kansas
E.E. Odell
J.D. Odell of Indianola, Ia
Three orphan girls were also raised in the home with full family privileges, besides every benevolent enterprise and Christian work receiving a hearty cooperation and substantial encouragement. For 40 years she had been a constant sufferer, at times unable to get around, yet cheerful and hopeful through it all, until death came as a relief and liberator. The funeral services were conducted by Rev Jay Kirkendall, Sunday, October 27th, and interment was made in Brooks cemetery.