Family Group Sheet data from: Marilyn Mathers Mutti -
James Mathers
birthdate and birthplace
Nov 1827 Belmont Co, Oh
death date, place
20 Jun 1904 Stillwater, Payne Co, Ok
1st marriage
19 Dec 1852 Buchanan Co, Mo: Eady Martin
2nd marriage
Margaret Catherine ....
William Mathers
Mary Goudy
Eda Martin
birthdate and place
1830 Clay Co, Mo
deathdate and place
1874 Bedford, Taylor Co, Ia
Christopher "Kit" Martin
Permelia Jobe
#1 Mary C. born 1853 Mo
died 1929
#2 William Christopher born 06 Nov 1859 Mo
died 1883
#4 Benjamin "Frank"lin born 19 Nov 1863 Taylor Co
married 06 Feb 1890 Pearl Ray
died 17/19 Jul 1910 near Bedford
buried Fairview/Bedford Cem
#5 Sarah born 1866 Taylor Co, Ia
#6 Permelia "Anna" born 06 Mar 1869 near Bedford, Taylor Co, Ia
married 27 Mar 1890 Abram Clark Kinnison
died 06 Feb 1922 Bedford, Taylor Co, Ia; smallpox BTR 2-7-1922;5-16-1922
buried Bedford Cem
#1 child born  



1860 Buchanan Co, Crawford Twp, Mo #789.789
James Mathers 32 m Oh
Eda Mathers 25 f Mo
[Mary] C. Mathers 6 f Mo
Christopher Mathers 1 m Mo
Elizabeth Martin 10 f Mo
1870 Taylor Co, Clayton Twp, Ia #23
James Mathers 39 m Oh
Eda Mathers 36 f Mo
Mary C. Mathers 16 f Mo
Christopher Mathers 11 m Mo
B.F. Mathers 7 m Ia
Sarah Mathers 4 f Ia
Permelia Mathers 2 f Ia
1880 Taylor Co, Clayton Twp, Ia #15
James Mathers 52 m Oh Pa blank
M.C. Mathers 30 f Mo NC Ky
B.F. Mathers 16 m Ia blank blank
Sarah Mathers 13 f Ia
Permelia Mathers 11 f Ia
Delphine Mathers 5 f Ia
Grace Mathers 3 f Ia
Nellie Mathers 1 f Ia
1880 Buchanan Co, Center Twp, Mo #35.35
Moses Pesher? 40 m Wurtemberg
Amalia Pesher? 26 f Hanover
Cristop. Mathers 21 m Mo Oh Mo farm laborer
Louie A. Pesher 6 son Mo
Charles A. Pesher 1 son Mo
1885 Taylor County, Clayton Twp, Ia #82
James Mathers 56 m Oh
Margaret Mathers 36 f Mo
Benjamine Mathers 21 m Taylor Co, Ia
Delphene Mathers 10 f Taylor Co, Ia
Silva Mathers 8 f Taylor Co, Ia
Nellie Mathers 5 f Taylor Co, Ia
Rosa Mathers 3 f Taylor Co, Ia
babe Mathers 0 f Taylor Co, Ia
Clarinda Miller, 16 f born Johnson Co, Ia
1895 Taylor Co, Clayton Twp, Ia #71
James Mathers 68 m Oh
Margret Mathers 46 f Mo
Grace Mathers 18 f Taylor Co, Ia
Nellie Mathers 16 f Taylor Co, Ia [married Clay Thomas, 22 Feb 1898 Bfd.]
Rosa Mathers 13 f Taylor Co, Ia [of Ponca City, Ok in Apr 1924]
Florence Mathers 10 f Taylor Co, Ia
1900 Taylor Co, Bedford, Iowa #369
James Mathers, Nov 1827, 72, Oh Pa Va, m/26
Catherine Mathers, Oct 1849, 50, Mo SC Ky, m/26, 5/5
Rose Mathers, Nov 1881 18 Ia Oh Mo
Florence Mathers, Nov 1884, 15, Ia Oh Mo
1910 Payne Co, Stillwater, Okla #247
Margaret C. Mathers, 61, widow, 36 yr married, 5/5 Mo SC Ky
Rose Mathers 27, dau Ia Oh Mo