Family Group Sheet data from: Pat O'Dell: (see below)
Joseph Leroy "Roy" Lucas
birthdate and birthplace
11 Feb 1882 Independence twp, Nodaway co, Mo
death date, place
31 Aug 1976 Bedford, Taylor co, Ia - Roy's obituary ,  Roy's Memorial Card
Fairview Cemetery, Bedford, Taylor co, IaX
1st marriage
24 Aug 1901 Blockton, Taylor co, Ia - wedding picture
Joseph Lucas
Flora Ellen Stingley
   Joseph Lucas family ,  later picture of Joseph Lucas family  Roy with his hogs ,    Roy holding the tail-reins ,  the new car 1926 , Family portrait (c1928?) ,   Roy and Pearl Lucas family portrait  , Grandpa Lucas and great granddaughter, Julie Gifford
Lena "Pearl" Stutesman
birthdate and place
18 Jul 1884 Nodaway co, Mo
deathdate and place
02 Apr 1962 Bedford, Taylor co, Ia - Pearl's obituary
Fairview cemetery, Bedford, Taylor co, Ia
John Adam Stutesman
Mary Jane Chamberlin
  Pearl with her chickens , 50th anniversary photo ,  50th anniversary write-up ,  60th anniversary   , The Lucas boys: reunion 1977 ,   The Lucas Kids - xmas 1988
#1 Flora Mary "Marie" born 13 Jun 1902 Nodaway co, Mo
married 02 Jul 1923 Bedford, Taylor co, Ia: Estel Roy Larison
died 13 Jan 1998 Bedford, Taylor co, Ia
buried date Fairview cemetery, Bedford, Ia
  Marie, small child , Marie, older child ,  Marie's graduation picture
#2 Doris Ocyle born 19 Apr 1907 Independence twp, Nodaway co, Mo
married 01 Jun 1935 Marshall twp, Taylor co, Ia: Herman O'Dell
died 01 Nov 2001 Bedford, Taylor co, Ia
buried date Graceland cem, Taylor co, Ia
  Doris' baby picture ,  Marie and Doris school picture ,  Doris' 8th grade graduation ,  Marie and Doris (c1913)  
#3 Vane Basil born 28 Mar 1909 Independence twp, Nodaway co, Mo
married 30 Mar 1934 St Joseph, Buchanan co, Mo: Margaret Damewood
died 22 Jul 2004 Clarinda, Page County, Iowa
buried date Fairview Cemetery, Bedford, Taylor Co, Ia
   Vane and his driving-goat, with Max and Kenneth ,  Vane, young man
#4 Max Leroy born 02 Apr 1911 Nodaway co, Mo
married 20 Oct 1934 Taylor co, Ia
died 09 Jul 1986 Bedford, Taylor co, Ia
buried date Fairview cem, Bedford, Taylor co, Ia
#5 Kenneth Emery born 04 Feb 1913 Taylor co, Ia
married 20 Mar 1937 place: Blythe Lorene Damewood
died 04 Apr 1971 Bedford, Taylor co, Ia
buried date Fairview cem, Taylor co, Ia
   Kenneth and Vadonna ,  Max, Vane, and Kenneth ,  Kenneth's graduation
#6 Vadonna Pearl born 23 Sep 1917 Nodaway co, Mo
married 08 May 1937 Taylor co, Ia: Ralph Oren Price
died 19 Mar 2003 Bedford, Taylor co, Ia
buried date Washington cem, Gravity, Taylor co, Ia
  Vadonna's baby picture 
#7 Ivan Wayne born 30 Nov 1919 Taylor co, Ia
married 14 Jun 1941 Omaha, Douglas co, Ne: Selma Huntington
died 07 Jun 1995 Creston, Union co, Ia
buried date North Fairview cem, Lenox, Taylor co, Ia
  Ivan, Ronald and Vadonna ,  Ivan and Kenneth waiting for the car to go ,  Ivan, Vadonna and Ronald with puppies
#8 Ronald Oren born 29 Jan 1923 Taylor co, Ia
married 09 Nov 1949 Bedford, Taylor co, Ia
died 22 May 1998 Bedford, Taylor co, Ia
buried date Fairview cem, Bedford, Taylor co, Ia

Ronald and his car , Ronald and Buddy ,  Ronald, Vadonna and Ivan with pets ,  Ronald Lucas and John Stutesman jr ,  Ronald ,  Ronald in military

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