Family Group Sheet data from: Pat Combs O'Dell
Robert Lewellen
birthdate and birthplace
abt 1823 Morgan Co, Ohio [or Guernsey Co]
death date, place
abt 1857 Ray Co, Mo?
1st marriage
26 Jan 1851 Ray Co, Mo: Mrs Maria Malinda Massingale Garner
Zadock Luellen
Sarah Sickles
Mrs Maria Malinda Massingale Garner
birthdate and place
abt 1825
deathdate and place
presumably in Missouri
Jeremiah Garner, Robert Luellen, Pleasant Garner
Blake Massengill
Mary Wilhoit Massengill
#1 James E. Luellen born 23 Apr 1853 Ray Co, Missouri
married  Mary Elizabeth Turner
died  18 Jan 1934 Cleo Springs, Okla
buried  Cleo Springs, Okla
#2 Robert C. Luellen born  abt 1856 Missouri
married  1875? Mo
died  23 Nov 1885
buried  Highland Cem, Holt Co., Mo
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 1860 Census Andrew Co, Nodaway Twp, Missouri

Pleasant Garner 30 m Mo
Malinda Garner 35 f Mo
Ranyon Garner 15 m Mo
Cyrus Garner 12 m Mo
John W. Garner 1 m Mo
James E. Luellen 7 m Mo
Robert C. Luellen 4 m Mo
Mary Morgan 14 f Mo
W.L. Davis 25 m Mo
1870 Andrew Co, Lincoln Twp, Mo
Cyrus C. Garner 21 m Mo
Lucetta Garner 21 Mo
Claudia 2 f Mo
Robert Lewellen 13 m Mo
1880 Andrew Co, Lincoln Twp, Mo #80.80
Robert Luellen 23 Mo
M. Jane Luellen 19 Mo
Mary Luellen 4 Mo
1880 DeKalb Co, Grant Twp, Mo
James Lewellen 25 Mo Tn Mo
Mary Lewellen 24 Mo Mo Ala
Robert Lewellen 5 m son Mo Mo Mo
Elnora Lewellen 6/12 Feb Mo Mo Mo
1900 Holt Co, Nodaway Twp, Mo
James Llewellyn, Apr 1850 50 Mo Mo Mo
Mary Llewellyn, Mch 1854 46 m/28 6/5 Mo Tn Ala
Rosa G. Davison, dau Sep 1881 2/1 Colo Mo Mo
Jessie Llewellyn, May 1884 16 Ks Mo Mo
Ota Llewellyn, Mch 1889 11 Mo Mo Mo
Leona V. Davison, granddaughter, Mch 1898 2 Mo Mo Mo
Thom Davison, son-in-law, Apr 1883 27 m/4 Mo Mo Mo
1910 Blaine Co, Cantoment, Oklahoma
John B. Smith 33, m1/1 Ks Oh Mo
Eldora M.J. Smith 30 m2/1 Ks Mo Mo
James E. Llewellyn, fatherinlaw, 57 m1/36 Mo US US
Mary Llewellyn, motherinlaw, 56 m1/36 Mo US US