Family Group Sheet data from: Pat Combs O'Dell -
Henry Gooden/Goodwin
birthdate and birthplace
death date, place
1st marriage
28 Mar 1841 Morgan Co, Oh: Lucinda Luellen
2nd marriage
date, place, name
3rd marriage
date, place, name
4th marriage
date, place, name
Lucinda Luellen/Lewellen
birthdate and place
deathdate and place
Zadock Luellen/Lewellen
Sarah Sickles
#1 Rebecca born Jan 1841 Morgan Co, Oh [1900 census birthdate]
married 17 May 1859 Page Co, Ia: John Rose
married 22 Mar 1880 Taylor Co, Ia: John Aid
died 12 Aug 1935 Wray, Yuma Co, Colo
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is this the above Henry Gooden??
1850 Ray Co, Mo, #160
James Reed 40, m Ala
Nancy Reed 35, f NC
Sarah Reed 11, f Mo
Margaret Reed 9, f Mo
John Reed 7, m Mo
Mary Reed 4, f Mo
Isabella Reed 2, f Mo
Henry Goodwin 28, m Va
1850 Census Ray County, Missouri, #1335
Zadoc Luellen, 65, m, Pa, farmer
Sarah Luellen, 56, f, Ohio
James Luellen, 20, m, Ohio
Zadoc Luellen, 16, m, Ohio
John Luellen, 19, m, Ohio
Sarah Luellen, 15, f, Ohio
Rebecca Goodwin, 8, f, Ohio
1856 Census Page County, Nebraska Twp, Ia #61.65
John Rose, 58, m, widower, 5 yr in Ia, Va, farmer
Elizabeth Rose, 16, f, 5 yr in Ia, Ill
Rebecca Goodin, 15 f, 3 yr in Ia, Oh
Lenard Logan, 35, m 5 yr in Ia, Ind
1860 Census Page County, Nebraska Twp, Ia #342
John Rose, 58, m, Va, farmer
Rebecka Rose, 18, f, Oh
Elizabeth Rose, 21, f, Ill
John L. Lewallen, 7 m Ia
Lenard Logan, 50, m Ind, farmer
1870 Census Page County, Nodaway Twp, Iowa
Magby/McBee Richard, 45, Tenn, farmer
Elizabeth Richard, 30 f Ill
Rebecca Rose, 28, f Oh
Isaac A. Rose, 9 m Ia
Lucinda Rose 7 f Ia
Nancy Jane Rose 6 f Ia
Joseph R. Shroff, 28, Md, photographer
1880 Census Taylor County, Dallas Twp, Ia #39.40
John Aid 65, married in year, Va Va NJ
Rebecca Aid 37, married in year, Oh Ky Oh
1900 Census Arapahoe County, Idalia Precinct, Colorado
Isaac Rose, Aug 1853 46, single, Ia Pa Oh
Rebecca Aid, Jan 1841, 59, widow, mother, Oh unk Oh
Minnie B. Aid, Jan 1883, 17, sister, Ia Oh Ky
1910 Census Arapahoe County, Idalia Precinct, Colorado #447
Isaac Rose, 50, married once / 6 yrs, Ia Tenn Oh
Nettie Rose, 37, married once / 6 yrs, Ks Ia Ia
Vesta M. Rose, 5, dau Colo
Mabel Rose, 3 dau Colo
Henry Rose, 1 4/12 Colo
Ada Rose, 68, mother, widowed, 8 children/5 living, Oh Oh Oh
1935 Sep
New Market Items - Mrs Rebecca Aid of Ray [Wray], Colo., passed away at her home September 12, at the age of 96 years. Five generations were living up until the time of her death. She is the step-mother of S.B. Aid of New Market and lived in New Market about 35 years ago.