William Ellis Ginn
submitted by: Nancy Franklin Scott - scott9087@bellsouth.net

This was an article written in July of 1910. My father was 4 and he and his parent attended.

In July, 1910 his children and grandchildren honored him on his 82nd birthday with a family reunion on the old homeplace. According to the front page newspaper report, the party was the idea of his grandchildren. The gathering was held on the large shady lawn with the tables set up under long rows of pine trees, grandpa Ginn was presented "a purse of money as a slight token of remembrance" the article concludes. "Mr Ginn is one of the old and respected residents of Taylor co, having resided hereabouts for 34 years. Although 82 years old, he enjoys reasonably good health and is usually busy staying among his children. The wish of all is that he will enjoy many more birthdays".

Family members attending include six children, 18 granchildren, and 12 great grandchildren: Mrs. N.R. riley and grandaughter Dorothy; William Riley, wife and daughter Doris. Mr and Mrs. L. M. Hadden and daughter Corinne of Clearfield, B.F. Ginn and wife and daughter Lora of Lenox; James Ginn and son Ralph; Clyde Franklin, Wife and son Donald of Lenox; Mrs. Maggie Ginn-Erickson of Creston; Mr. and Mrs. Fran A. Cassada and daughters Florence and Jessie; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lyddon and sons Ray and Forrest of conway; Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Ginn of conway; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dugan and daughter Ruth of Bedford; Mrs. Mamie Ginn of Boone, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Underwood and son Harold and daughter Margret; besides A.T. Ginn and wife and daughters, Grace, Ethus, and Blanche and son Horance. The near relatives who were not present were; sons, S.A. Ginn, wife and 7 children of Indianola, Iowa; John H. Ginn, wife and 8 children of Haddam Kan.; a grandson John Ginn, Jr. of Glidden Iowa. and a grand daughter, Mrs. William Clark of Picering, Mo; and grandson Howard Riley of Portland Ore; and a grandson W.E. Ginn Jr. of Canon city Colorado and Kate and Ray Ginn who were unable to be present.