Family Group Sheet data from: Pat O'Dell -
Phineas Johnson
birthdate and birthplace
death date, place
1st marriage
Nancy Shultz
William Johnson
Sarah Lee
Nancy Shultz
birthdate and place
1828 NY
deathdate and place
11 Aug 1899 Thayer, Oregon Co, Mo
2nd marriage Crawford Co, Pa: Lewis Chamberlin
3rd marriage Crawford Co, Pa: Cyrus Eighmy
4th marriage Taylor Co, Ia: 07 Mar 1880 Francis Luellen
Thayer, Oregon Co, Mo
#1 William Johnson Houck born 30 Mar 1849 near Erie, Pa
married 04 Feb 1875: Ida Greenlee
died 13 Jan 1929 West Plains, Howell Co, Mo
buried West Plains, Howell Co, Mo
    adopted by Edwin and Julia [Johnson] Houck
#2 Justin P. Johnson born 08 Aug 1851 Pa
died 16 Sep 1927 Liberty, Clay Co, Mo
buried IOOF Cemetery, Liberty, Clay Co, Mo
#1 Mary J. Chamberlin born 12 Mar 1855 near Old Lexington, Taylor Co, Ia
married 25 Oct 1874 Worth Co, Mo: John Adam Stutesman
died 25 Jun 1924 Independence Twp, Nodaway Co, Mo
buried Sheridan Cem, Worth Co, Mo
#2 John Chamberlin born  
#3 Wilbur Chamberlin born  
#1 Elmer Eighmy born  
died Jan 25, 1873 7m 8d
buried Graceland Cem, Taylor Co, Ia
# child Eighmy? born stillborn?
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William Johnson and William Houck [same person comment from Pat]
This is from a family story written by Ida Hopkins Greenlee, wife of William Johnson Houck, she being the daughter of Nancy Houck (Huyck), daughter of John Huyck and Sarah Stilwell.
William Houck's father was Phineas Johnson, his mother was Nancy Shults, they were married Mar 30, 1849 near North East, Erie Co., Pa. His brother Justin P. was born about two years later, their father died in their babyhood. In a short time their mother married Lewis Chamberlain. By him she had John, Mary, and Wilbur Chamberlain. John became an engineer, died in a boiler explosion in Kansas. Wilbur went west to the plains, became a cowboy, and is now supposed dead. Mary married John Stutesman in Oct 1874, and they are living near Parnell, Mo., she has ten children - Ralpf, Carrie, Lewis, John, Pearl, Iva, Flora, Sylvia, Eugene, Mabel, six of them at present time are married.
Lewis Chamberlain dying young his (William's) mother was again a widow, she married for her third husband Cyrus Eighmy with him she lived several years, by him she had but one child, I think born dead. When he too died her fourth husbands name was Frank Luellen. He was several years younger than she was though she was very young looking for her age, and he outlived her. She (Nancy) died Aug 11, 1899 in Thayer, Mo.

At your grandfather's death (Phineas Johnson) my uncle Edwin Houck who (after his first wife's death leaving one child "Little Sarah" who died when 8 years old) had married Julia Maria Johnson, your father's aunt. They having no living children adopted your father then 3 or 4 years old, and had his name changed from William Johnson to William Houck. We know nothing about the adoption papers but his mother told me herself that she came to town and in the courthouse in Bedford signed them before the judge. I expect the record of them could be found if necessary. Justin found a home with his grandfather Johnson. This would be William Johnson, born Nov 1, 1787 and Sarah Sizer Lee May 23, 1797 born. I think these two are buried in Pa.


The writer of this story lived 1857-1930 Ida Hopkins Greenlee Houck - Mrs William Houck. I don't know just when this was written but judging from the last death entry she made it may have been after Eliza Greenle's death in 1907.

For further info on the Johnson and Lee lineage consult Edna Edmundson Hess. I believe a sister married a Hess. - Esther Stephesn, compiler, Dec 11, 1973.

Obituary - Bedford Times-Republican, Bedford, Iowa, Jan 17, 1929
William Houck
William Houck, 79 years old, died at his home in West Plains, Mo., at 10 o'clock Sunday night, January 13, 1929. He was born near Erie, Pennsylvania, March 30, 1849. He moved to Bedford, Iowa, at the age of four, where he lived until 1904, at which time he moved to Browning, Mo. He resided near Browning until 1910, when he moved again, this time to West Plains, Mo., where he has since lived. Feb 4, 1875, he married Ida Greenlee of Bedford, Iowa. He is survived by his widow and by six children, who are Mrs Lillian Mothershed and Mrs Alice Coon of Loveland, Colo.; Mrs Ella Ramsey of Oklahoma City, Okla.; Edwin, Arthur and Myron Houck of West Plains, Mo., and 15 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. He had been a member of the Christian Church for fifty years.
1850 Census Erie Co, North East Twp, Pa., Oct 28; #335.350
Phineas Johnson, 30 m NY
Nancy Johnson, 22 f NY
William Johnson, 1 m Pa
1856 Census, Iowa State, Taylor County, Clayton twp;
Lewis Chamberlin, 37 m Pa; married, 1 yr in Iowa
Nancy C. Chamberlin, 29 f NY, married, 1 yr in Iowa
Justin A. Johnson, 4 m NY, 1 yr in Iowa
Mary J. Chamberlain, 1 f Iowa
1860 Census, Taylor County, Clayton Twp, Iowa
Lewis Chamberlin, 41 m Pa farmer
Nancy Chamberlin, 32 f NY
Mary J. Chamberlin, 5 f Iowa
John Chamberlin, 3 m Iowa
Wilbur Chamberlin, 1 m Iowa
1860 Census, Taylor County, Bedford, Iowa
E. Houck, 40 m NY
Julia M. Houck, 33 f NY
A.S. Houck, 30 m NY
William Johnson, 11 m Pa
1860 Census Erie Co, North East Twp, Pa; 9 Jun: #321.338
Wm Johnson 72 m Conn, farmer, $4100/500
Sarah L. Johnson 62 f Conn
Miriah A. Johnson 20 f NY
Sarah M. Johnson 18 f NY
Justin Johnson 8 m Pa
1870 Census Taylor County, Mason Twp, Iowa: #27.27
Cyrus Eighmy, 49 m farmer NY
N.C. Eighmy, 43 f NY
John D. Eighmy 17 m Ill
Wilson D. Eighmy 15 m Ill
Adda F. Eighmy 12 f Ill
Frank W. Eighmy 13 m Pa
Fred C. Eighmy 6 m Pa
1870 Census Taylor County, Marshall Twp, Iowa: #46
Edwin Houck, 49 m NY
Julia Houck, 44 f NY
William Johnson, 21 m Pa
Justin Johnson, 19 m NY
1870 Census Taylor County, Benton Twp, Iowa;
J.A. Goodsit, 37 m Canada, farmer, $17150/2930
Mary Goodsit, 29 f Vt
Sarah Goodsit 6 f Ill
Hexter Goodsit 4 f Ill
John Goodsit 2 m Ill
Robert Goodsit, 2/12 m Iowa
Harvey Parish 22 m Ind works on farm
Thomas Beaty 20 m Vt works on farm
Mary Chamberlain 15 f Iowa housekeeper
1870 Census Taylor County, Benton twp, Iowa
C.C. Hess, 32 m Germany merchant
Mary E. Hess, 21 f Pa housewife
Wilbur Chamberlin 11 m Iowa
1870 John Chamberlin was back in Penn with relatives but can't find it right now
1880 Neither Frank Luellen, Nancy his wife, nor his 4 kids have been found in 1880
1880 Phillips Co, Arcade Twp, Kas
John Hahnenkratt family
J.P. Johnson, 28 laborer Pa NY NY
1885 Taylor County, Dallas Twp, Iowa #20
Frank Lewellen 42 m Oh merchant
Nancy C. Lewellen 53 f Virginia
W.F. Lewellen 13 m Taylor Co, Iowa