Iowa State Gazeteer and Business Directory for 1884-5
Excerpts from Tama County

Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1884-5, Vol III,
by R.L. Polk & Co. and A.C. Danser
Excerpts from Tama County


In Tama County, 21 miles northwest of Toledo, the seat of justice. Postoffice discontinued.

BERLIN [later renamed LINCOLN]

A recently established postoffice in Tama county.


A settlement in Tama county, 10 miles northwest of Toledo, the count seat, and 2 northwest of Montour, the nearest railroad station and banking point. A steam flouring mill is in operation here. Population, 50. Mail, daily.

Gray Charles, flouring mill.
Griffith E W, live stock.
Lewis Amos, blacksmith.
Morgan Wm, shoemaker.
Welton D H, General Store.


An incorporated town on the Iowa river, and on the I. div. C.& N. W. Ry, in Salt Creek township, Tama county, 65 miles from Des Moines, 13 miles southeast of Toledo, the county seat, 7 west of Belle Plaine, the nearest banking point. Settled in 1864, it contains Methodist Episcopal and Catholic churches, and ships grain and live stock. Population, 425. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. Mail, daily. Fred Roach, postmaster.

Bomer Bros, carpenters and lumber mnfrs.
Cory H, grocer.
Covill H E, live stock.
Davis W E, railroad and express agent.
Dudley S, lumber mnfr.
Hayes C E, live stock.
Hershey G R, saloon.
Hershey Mrs M A, dressmaker.
Holopek J, shoemaker.
Howard W C, watch and clock repairer.
Kadulka J, saloon.
Karbel John, mason.
Kenner Bros, grain and farm impts.
Lautzenheiser G S, live stock.
McKeen O, live stock.
Mercer J H, dry goods.
Musel J B, saloon.
Novak F, furniture.
Novak J, grocer and saloon.
Ormiston J S, Physician and Druggist.
Prusha F & Co, flour mill.
Prusha J, saloon.
Rawson A Z, wagonmaker.
Roach Fred, Notary Public.
Roach F & Co, druggists.
Ryan J, live stock.
Shaler J W, lumber and justice.
Smith J B, carpenter.
Smith M & Son, General Store.
Spence A J, livery.
Spence S, hotel prop.
Stepanek J, general store.
Uepah J, grocer and saloon.
Uepah & Mussel, music hall.
Walker J G, grain.
Walraven & Southard, furs and produce.
Weaver Mrs Mary, dry goods.
Welsh C B, carpenter.


A discontinued postoffice in Tama county.


A discontinued postoffice in Tama county.


Tama county. Mail discontinued.


A Station on the M. Ex. C., M. & St. P. Ry, in Tama county. No postoffice. [Not to be confused with the village of Dunbar, in Marshall county.]


An enterprising incorporated town on the B., C. R. & N. Ry, in Tama county, 28 miles northeast of Toledo, the seat of justice, and 97 northeast of Des Moines. First settled in 1872, it now contains Methodist, Presbyterian, German Lutheran and Catholic churches, a graded public school, an opera house, a large skating rink, a private bank, 2 elevators and a weekly newspaper, the Dysart Reporter (Ind.). Shipments, live stock, grain and produce. Stages daily to Moorevile. Population 800. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. Mail, daily. John L. Spayde, postmaster.

Alexander George, Grain, Live Stock, Seeds and Mill Feed, at Dows, Galt and Clarion.
Allison & Howard (Henry H Allison, Marvin H Howard), grocers.
Anderson John, Contractor and Builder.
Arbuthnot Samuel W, grain and seeds.
Barnes Rev B C (Methodist Episcopal) .
Bates Charles F, organs, pianos and ins.
Bell Richard K, livery.
Bendixen Paul I, coal.
Bradbrook & Dahn (Walter Bradbrook, Julius Dahn), blacksmiths.
Browne F W, propr the Dysart Reporter.
Boysen Henry, Propr Commercial House.
Bruner & Co (Mary and Benjamin Bruner), flour mill, 6 miles south.
Citizens' Bank, Nehemiah R Pierce pres, Wendell P Pierce cash.
Commercial House, Henry Boysen Propr.
Dempsey Edward Z, general store.
Drake Ira D, Carpenter and Builder.
Duncan Charles T, harnessmaker.
Duncan Julia, dressmaker.
Dysart Reporter The, Fred W Browne Propr and Editor.
Edmunds Alonzo, marshal and blksmith.
Ellis C & Son (Cornelius and Wm C), lumber and coal.
Emmett James, hardware.
Feddersen Charles P, general store.
Furrow Joseph, meat market.
Gambrill Charles A, grocer.
Gleason John C, physician.
Greener Rev (German Methodist).
Hawks Mrs Eva T, milliner.
Hayes Rev (Presbyterian).
Hileman Mary, restaurant.
Hill & Taylor (Philip D Hill, Orlando L Taylor), Farm Impts, Wagons, Carriages, Wind Mills and Drain Tile.*
Hollabaugh & Urmy (Jacob E Hollabaugh, Jacob F Urmy), grocers.
Howard George C, Lumber and Coal.
Howard Henry W, wagonmaker.
Hurley & Gardner (Charles W Hurley, John Gardner), barbers.
Johnson W E, principal school.
Jones Bushnell W, live stock.
Jones Perry C, physician.
Kenaston Charles H, horseshoer.
Kesler Daniel, saloon.
Klar John, shoemaker.
Kranbuehl & Knee (Jacob Kranbuehl, David Knee), Furniture and Undertakers.
Kullmar John, merchant tailor.
Louthan Bruce S, physician.
McDonald George W, general store.
Manrid & Haney (Romanis Manrid, Oliver M Haney), drugs.
Martin Wm W, grocer.
Miller Upton S, watchmaker.
Mitchell & Co (Alexander Mitchell, Stephen Bradley), live stock.
Perry Theodore H, live stock.
Persons Henry W, city mayor.
Pierce N R, pres Citizens' Bank.
Pierce W P, cash Citizens' Bank.
Pierce & Wood (Wendell P Pierce, Wm H Wood), law, insurance and notions.
Pinkerton & Sherwin (James H Pinkerton, Frank Sherwin), drugs.
Reed Charles H, railroad and express agt, and telegraph operator.
Reynolds Wright B, farm impts.
Rice Norman C, Attorney-at-Law; Collections Promptly Attended to.*
Robbins Birt S, photographer.
Rowe A M, mngr Vinton creamery.
Schlichting Henry W, Butter, Eggs and Produce and Junk Dealer, Hides and Tallow.
Schloe John P, meat market.
Seefeld Wm, saloon.
Shannessy Michael, saloon.
Spencer & Frehse (George Spencer, Wm Frehse), hardware.
Stewart Flora L, harnessmaker.
Stewart James B, drayman.
Stewart Thomas H, constable.
Sult E F & Co (Eli F and Leah Sult), grocers, crockery and glass.
Vinton Creamery, Arthur M Rowe mngr.
Wood Frank C, attorney-at-law, real estate, loans, collections and insurance.
Wood George, boots and shoes.
Worrall & Eavy (Wm P Worrall, John Eavy), Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.*
Young, Adam, Flour, Feed and Seeds.


A village on the C., M. & St. P. Ry, in York township, Tama county, 70 miles northeast of Des Moines, 15 east of Toledo, the county seat, and 9 north of Belle Plaine, the nearest banking point. Settled in 1881, it contains a Methodist Episcopal church and ships live stock and grain. Population 300. Tel., W. U. Exp., AM. Mail, daily. N. L. Brown, postmaster.

Brown N L, Grocer, Hotel and Livery.
Glover J, druggist.
Gotthold W C, dry goods.
Guswold J, blacksmith.
Hagerman J, lumber.
Kese V & Son, dry goods.
Krable John S, hardware.
McCoy , telegraph agent.
Peterson, Chalonpek [Chaloupek] & Bohnmill, saloon.
Rogers A, lumber.
Smith F, lumber.
Thompson , railroad and express agt.
Ulch M, general store.
Vlaywood T, meat market.


Tama County. See HAVEN. [Not to be confused with the village of Eureka, in Adams county.]


A postoffice in Tama county, 30 miles northeast of Toledo, the county seat, and 5 northwest of Dysart, the nearest railroad station and banking point. Live stock is shipped. Stages daily to Mooreville and Dysart; fares, 25 and 50 cents respectively. Population, 75. Mail, daily. A. D. McElhinney, postmaster.

Curtice Wm, justice of peace.
Dunlavey P, live stock.
Irvine D, live stock.
McElhinney A D, Real Estate and Live Stock.
McElhinney C, live stock.
McElhinney W W & A D, Live Stock.
Monroe J G, live stock.
Taylor D, live stock.


A postoffice in the northwest corner of Tama county, 30 miles northwest of Toledo, the county seat, and 6 south of Grundy Centre, the nearest railroad station and banking point. Ships butter and eggs. Population, 60. Mail, tri-weekly.

Alfin Henry, hotel propr.
Berry G W, Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes.
Berry S W, grain.
Brush C S, railroad and tel agt.
Dodd Wm & E H, lumber, coal and farm impts.
Gehlsen Hans H, carpenter.
Hoey George H, blacksmith.
Nuhse I, saloon.
Nuhse, John, carpenter.
Plett H B, saloon.
Spencer C A, hotel propr.
Steane John, Wagonmaker and Carpenter.
Thiessen Clause, carpenter.


A discontinued postoffice in Tama county.


A village on Deer creek, and on the I. & M. line C. & N. W. Ry, in Carlton township, Tama county, 64 miles from Des Moines, and 8 northwest of Toledo, the county seat and nearest banking point. Settled in 1869, it contains Christian and Baptist churches, and ships grain and live stock. Population, 200. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. Mail, daily. L. H. Babcock, postmaster.

Babcock L H, Grocer and Job Printer.
Brinkerhoff A M, wagonmaker.
Butler & Black, live stock.
Felter H L, general store.
Frahm Claus P, blacksmith.
Guthrie E G, grocer.
Jones Bros & Co, general store.
McWilliams & Davis, harness.
Morrow J A, general store.
Mudgett Newton, hardware.
Powers Thomas, propr Powers house.
Reimers Peter, saloon.
Rider Bros, hardware.
Roberts A J, insurance.
Smith Adam, boots and shoes.
Smith L, meat market.
Snodgrass H, justice of peace.
Springer George, druggist.


A thriving town on the C. & N. W. Ry, at the junction of the W., I. & N. Ry, in Tama county, 16 miles northwest of Toledo, the seat of justice, and 70 northeast of Des Moines. First settled in 1880, it now contains 2 grain elevators, lumber yards, a bank, a flouring mill and 2 weekly newspapers, the Courier (Rep.) and the Tama Northern (Gbk.). Grain, live stock and produce are shipped. Stages tri-weekly to Fair Haven, Crystal and Traer. Exp., Am. Tel., W. U. Population 900. Mail, daily. Daniel Connell, postmaster.

Alderdise Thomas, stone mason.
Allard Orion J, freight, ticket and tel agt.
Armington Abraham C, grain, seeds and coal.
Arnold Richard, restaurant, American Express agent and notary public.
Bank of Gladbrook, Miles M Crookshank propr and cashier.
Benedict Edmund H, Attorney-at-Law and Collections, Notary Public, Real Estate.
Benn Braxton, physician.
Benn Robert, brickmaker.
Blodgett Volney E, groceries and shoes.
Boehmke Frederick, shoemaker.
Brewer Rev James (Congregationalist).
Broeker Henry, baker and grocer.
Buhmann Wm, propr Buhmann's Hotel.
Buhmann's Hotel, Wm Buhmann propr.
Churchill Matthew M, carp and builder.
Coate & Powers (Aldus M Coate, St John Powers), grain and farm impts.
Conant W S, physician.
Crookshank Miles N, propr Bank of Gladbrook.
Dean J W, principal schools.
Dodd & Melick (Newton Dodd, Samuel Melick), Grain Elevator, Seeds and Coal.
Draeger Rev C M (German Methodist).
Elmer O F & Co (Orin F Elmer, Hiram L Marston), general store.
Evenn John, saloon.
Fair John P, hardware, stoves and tinware.
Fedderson Bros (Paul L and Julius), general store.
French Charles, harnessmaker.
Gales Christian, shoemaker.
Gladbrook Courier, Walter F Winn Propr and Editor.
Glendt Paul, blacksmith and wagonmaker.
Gotshall David H, saloon.
Green George W, barber.
Gregg Bros & Smith (Daniel and Moses Gregg, James Smith), live stock.
Harrison Edwin, drayman.
Hearling Robert, wagonmaker.
Hood S & Son (Samuel and Edwin), carpenters and builders.
Hudson Henry C, drugs and books.
Kammerer Peter, drayman and constable.
Kammerer Thomas, saloon.
Lawrence E Y, physician.
McCormack Bros (Peter and Robert), lumber, coal and implements.
McGee Charles F, marshal and constable.
McGee & Emmerling (Charles F McGee, Charles Emmerling), livery, sale and feed stable.
Mann T E, propr Tama Northern.
Myers & Westcott (Jesse Myers, Deloss Westcott), flour mill, 1 mile w.
Nutt John S, carriagemkr and repairs.
Peters & Schmidt (Henry Peters, Henry L Schmidt), general store.
Peterson Bros (Bernard and Wm), hardware, stoves and tinware.
Pray John, drayman and feed stable.
Putnam James M, drugs, books and wall paper.
Ray David, railroad and tel agt.
Robinson & Lepper (Cap R Robinson, Frank Lepper), blacksmiths.
Rogers & Young (Julia Rogers, Sadie Young), milliners and dressmakers.
Rohner John, saloon.
Schuldt & Gottsch (Jacob Schuldt, August Gottsch), Meat Market.
Schultz Henry, saloon.
Sherrod David A, boot and shoemaker.
Shultz Bros (Peter H and August C), general store.
Smith Charles A, Furniture and Undertaker.
Spaulding George, grocer, boots and shoes.
Stark Matilda S, General Store.
Stauffer House, Isaac Stauffer propr.
Stauffer Isaac, propr Stauffer House.
Tama Northern, Thomas E Mann Propr and Editor.
Wadley Melven P, watchmaker.
Walter Augustus F, physician.
Waters Jay S, Confectioner, News Dealer and Restaurant.
Wiebenson Edward, drugs, books and stationery.
Wieland Leopold, blacksmith.
Wilbur George L, Attorney-at-Law, Notary, Real Estate, Collections and Insurance.
Winn W F, Propr Gladbrook Courier.
Yeoman Robert, mayor and justice.


A village on the Iowa river, and on the C., M. & St. P. Ry, in Otter Creek township, Tama county, 50 miles from Des Moines, 5 southeast of Toledo, the county seat, and 4 east of Tama City the nearest banking point. Settled in 1882. Ships live stock and grain. Population, 25. Tel., W. U. Exp., U. S. Mail, daily. T. H. Dupree, postmaster.

Arms E F, railroad and express agent.


Also known as EUREKA. A small place in Richland township, Tama county, 12 miles southeast of Toledo, the county seat, 4 south of Long Point, on the C. & N. W. Ry, the nearest railroad station, and 9 southeast of Tama City, the nearest banking point. It has a Methodist Episcopal church. Stage tri-weekly to Tama City with mail. Population, 50. A. R. Gage jr, postmaster.

Cargen J B, physician.
Crenshaw B F, flour mill.
Flint C A, justice of peace.
Gage A R, General Store.
Hart A, blacksmith.
Leavens A, blacksmith.


A village on the Iowa river, which furnishes power, in Richland township, Tama county, 80 miles northeast of Des Moines, 12 from Toledo, the county seat, 2 south of Long Point, on the C. B. & O. line C. & N. W. Ry, the nearest railroad station, and 8 southeast of Tama City, the nearest banking point. Settled in 1855. Ships grain, etc. Population, 100. Mail, daily. E. Dexter, postmaster.

Cranshaw B F, flour mill.
Dexter E, Wagonmaker.
Dexter Mrs M, grocer.
Flint Charles, justice of peace.
Free H R, constable.
Rockenfield, John, carpenter.
Smith P F, carpenter.


A Village on Salt creek, in Salt Creek township, Tama county, 109 miles from Des Moines, 16 east of Toledo, the county seat, 5 northwest of Belle Plaine, on the C. & N. W. Ry, the nearest railroad station and banking point. Settled in 1837 [??], it contains 2 Methodist churches and district schools. Grain and live stock are shipped. Population, 200. Mail, tri-weekly by stage from Belle Plaine. Florence Weymer, postmaster.

Edwards H B, constable.
Goodenough Rev J J (Methodist).
Harper A, Carpenter.
Kyle Logan, blacksmith.
Litler Rev J J (Methodist).
Marsh L, flour mill and general store.


A discontinued postoffice in Tama county.


A town near the Iowa river, and on the C. B. & O. line C. & N. W. Ry, in Indian Village township, Tama county, 80 miles northeast of Des Moines and 8 west of Toledo, the county seat. It contains Congreational and Methodist churches, public schools, a bank, and ships lime, grain and live stock. A newspaper, the Reporter, is published. Stages daily to Butlerville, 1 mile north. Population, 550. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. Mail, daily. C. A. Stevens, postmaster.

Burgess Mrs H C, milliner.
Burgess H & W C, carpenters.
Butler P, justice of peace.
Butler & Black, commission.
Calkins Wm, Furniture.
Croskey C, saloon.
Croskey Wm, barber.
Downs W A, machinist and coal.
Fellows Bros, farm impts.
Finch E N, livery.
Franks Wm, insurance.
Gage A B, hotel propr.
Hammond Wm, shoemaker.
Helm Edward, justice of peace.
Kellog W R, harnessmaker.
Matthews & Young, bankers.
Millard I C, general store.
Millard W A, wagonmaker.
Montgomery R B, blacksmith.
Poyneer E M, grocer.
Raff Peter, hardware.
Roberts C H, lawyer.
Ruggles E, general store.
Smith T B & Bro, lumber.
Stevens C J, Lawyer and Insurance.
Stevens Dr J H, druggist.
Tenney & Avery, meat market.
Waggoner J, grocer.
Wallace H G, commission.
Ward G T, carpenter.
Way D R, general store.
Webb W A, restaurant.
Wilcox E E, railroad and express agt.
Williams H D, carpenter.


A village on Wolf creek, which furnishes water power, in Genneseo [Geneseo], township, Tama county, 85 miles northeast of Des Moines, 32 northeast of Toledo, the county seat, and 5 north of Dysart, the nearest railroad station and banking point. It contains Methodist Episcopal and Baptist churches, public schools, a flour mill, etc., and ships grain and live stock. Stages daily to Dysart with mail; fare, 50 cents. Population, 50. J. R. Williams, postmaster.

Brimer B & M E, Flour Mill.
Knott C W, physician.
McIntyre Daniel, blacksmith.
Stewart N E, harnessmaker.
Williams C A & CO, general store.


A village on Raven creek, and on the C., M. & St. P. Ry, in Indian Village township, Tama county, 80 miles [north]east of Des Moines, 10 miles southwest of Toledo, the county seat, and 2 south of Montour, the nearest banking point. Settled in 1883. Ships grain and live stock. Population, 50. Tel., W. U. Mail, daily. Mrs Kate Putnam, postmaster.

Fife John, grain and live stock.
Putnam L R, Coal and Salt Dealer.


Tama county. Mail discontinued.


Situated on the Iowa river, at the junction of the D. & L. C. line with the main line of the C. & N. W. Ry, and the R. & S. W. div. of the C., M. & St. P. Ry, in Tama county, 2 miles south of Toledo, the seat of justice, 93 northeast of Des Moines, 132 miles west of Clinton, 149 northwest of Burlington and 270 west of Chicago. The water power supplied by the Iowa river at this place is excellent, there having been a fall of 25 feet, and the entire force of water can be used, making a desirable site for manufactories. Among the many interests are churches, comprising nearly every sect, a graded high school, 2 banks and 2 live weekly newspapers, the Free Press and the Herald. The shipments comprise principally grain and live stock, with some agricultural implements. The city was incorporated in 1869. Semi-weekly stages to Haven and Helena. Exp., Am. and U. S. Tel., W. U. Population, 2,100. Mail, daily.

Alworth M J, station agent.
Austin Robert E, sewing machines.
Bank of Tama, L Carmichael Pres, E L Carmichael Cashier.
Beckley Ezra S, blacksmith.
Bennett S D, vet surgeon.
Berry & Peek (Braxton C Berry, Saml E Peek), bakers.
Birdsell & Ahlbrecht (C M Birdsell, W H Ahlbrecht), bakers.
Brannen Lee H, propr Northwestern hotel.
Brannen Mrs M J, milliner.
Breckenridge W W, telegraph operator.
Breneman John M, saloon.
Brice James & Son, (James and Wm), general store.
Brice Thomas, general store.
Brice W E, express agent.
Bristol Fred A, jeweler.
Brocken & Goodell (J L Brocken, G V Goodell), grain.
Brown Miss L F, milliner.
Caffall & Drago (Charles G Caffall, Wm F Drago), real estate.
Carmichael H F, Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Stoves and Tinware.*
Carmichael L, live stock and real estate.
Carson, Fay & Co, (J S Carson, John Fay), lumber.
Chapman Bros, (J E and S D), grocers.
Christie Mrs S, dressmaker.
City Hotel, in Business Center, Located Between C & N W Ry and C, M & St P Ry; $1.50 per day.
Clinker Thomas, propr of Tama house.
Coffin Reuben M, druggist.
Conwell J A, tel operator C & N W Ry.
Corns Wm, physician.
Crenshaw Benjamin F, baker and grocer.
Cummings Wm H, saloon.
Davis & Brooks, lawyers.
Day Alfred, restaurant.
Day Cassius B, furniture.
Deitze Mrs Hattie, milliner.
Diehl Francis M, broom mnfr.
Drain H T, justice and lawyer.
Dwight John H, dentist.
Dye S D, marshal.
Eastin Joseph H, tailor.
Eberhart Harry C, Photographer.*
Ebersole & Willett (Ezra C Ebersole, James W Willett), lawyers.
Elwood Thomas, feed stable.
Emrick David, gunsmith.
Everhart Andrew, grocer and baker.
Fair Grounds, H Soleman manager.
Fife John, grain elevator.
First National Bank, (Capital, $50,000; Surplus, $10,000), J L Brocken Pres, A P Starr Cash.
Flathers James T, meat.
Frost & Vanderlip (C E Frost, Henry Vanderlip), druggists.
Gadbury Wm H, grocer.
Gatjens Jacob, meats.
Gore Mrs J B, dentist.
Guernsey A W, mayor.
Hardon Wm, live stock.
Harris C C, painter.
Hegardt John F, meat market.
Hilton Bros & Co, Charles A Hilton Local Manager (Boston, Mass), Creamery, Butter.
Hison Phelander, broom mnfr.
Hogan Miss Gertie, music teacher.
Hollen W T, constable.
Homan Charles, flour mills.
Howard A L, butter tub factory.
Howe John W, W P Barstow Mngr, Founder and Machinist.*
Hutchison Bros (George A and Denis G), hardware.
Inschs Wesley A, shoemaker.
Iowa Union Telephone Co, J B Dick local manager.
Jackson Albert & M, poultry breeders.
Jackson Andrew, cattle breeder.
Kenyon C R, blacksmith.
King Chas, painter.
Liddle & Redder (Robert J Liddle, August Redder), blacksmiths.
MeAllister [McAllister] J J, cashier C & N W Ry.
McAnulty & Son (Hugh and Lewis), paints and oils.
McClung Chas L, justice and collections.
McKenzie Wm L, live stock.
McSherry H, lawyer and ins agt.
Magee Mrs Annie, hair goods.
Magowen Wm, horse breeder.
Matherton Anton, brewer.
Mathews John C, shoemaker.
Meagher Rev M (Catholic).
Miller Henry K, livery.
Mills & Guernsey (Oscar H Mills, Alex W Guernsey), Lawyers, Insurance, Real Estate and Notaries.
Morrison Frank, saloon.
Mulligan Mrs Wm, music teacher.
Murdough John B, propr Tremont house.
Murray Walter C, insurance.
Myers C Harry, physician.
Northwestern Hotel, L H Brannen propr.
Parkin Mrs, music teacher.
Peterson Peter, barber.
Potter H T, barber.
Price Elias H, carriage mnfr.
Puth Bros, (John and Anton), clothing.
Ramsdell, Hopkins & Son, (F B Ramsdell, T A and C T Hopkins), flouring mills.
Randolph George, horse breeder.
Rhoads Levi L, carpenter.
Richard Rev D T (Baptist).
Richards Wm, shoemaker.
Russell A W, Propr of City Hotel.
Samson G W, principal school.
Schmul Frank, music teacher.
Schroder John, saloon.
Schroeder Henry, saloon.
Sessions & Dobson (George W Sessions, Wm Dobson), clothing.
Shannon John A, harnessmaker.
Skinner & Reed (J A Skinner, Frank E Reed), Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver and Plated Ware.*
Smith John R, dry goods.
Smith Phebe J, news depot.
Smith Mrs W A, music teacher.
Smith W H, railroad agent.
Smits Rev E (Presbyterian).
Soleman Henry, farm impts.
Soleman H & Bro (Henry and John F), livery.
Soleman H & Co (Henry Soleman, George W Brush), drugs and books.
Solomon Zachariah, clothing.
Starr A P, Cash First Nat Bank.
Sterling Wm F, boots and shoes.
Tama City Butter Tub Factory, A L Howard propr.
Tama City Free Press, W R Lesser propr.
Tama Furniture Co (cap $50,000), Emler G Penrose pres, Benjamin Thompson vice-pres, E L Carmichael sec and treas, R C Cleveland mangr.
Tama Herald, C J Wonser propr.
Tama House, Thomas Clinker propr.
Tama Opera House, Henry Soleman propr.
Tama Paper Co (cap $20,000), J Ramsdell pres, H E Ramsdell sec.
Terry Charles D, lumber and coal.
Tatman Wm J, hairdresser.
Tewksbury R E & Son (Richard E and George A), Butter, Eggs and Poultry.
Thompson Benjamin, physician.
Tiffany Wm H H, lawyer and notary.
Tims & Penrose (Josiah B Tims, E G Penrose), grocers.
Tremont House, J P Murdough propr.
Willrodt Frederick L, saloon.
Wilson M C, wagonmaker.
Wobeter Miss A B, dressmaker.
Wonser C J, propr Tama Herald.


The judicial seat of Tama county, is located on, and is the headquarters and principal place of business of the D. & L. C. line C. & N. W. Ry. It is 2 miles north of Tama City, the junction of the branch with the main line, 134 west of Clinton, 272 west of Chicago, Ill., 95 northeast of Des Moines, 53 west of Cedar Rapids, and 151 northeast of Burlington. It has 2 banks, a magnificent public school building, recently erected at a cost of about $20,00, 8 churches, 2 hotels, and 2 weekly newspapers, the Chronicle and the Times, among the principal buildings are the $25,000 court house, and the Western College, (United Brethren). Shipments, live stock, grain and produce. It is incorporated has a population of 1,200. Exp., Am. Tel., W. U. Mail, daily.

Applegate David D & Son (D D and C R), lawyers.
Arb David, furniture.
Arnold E B, station agent.
Bailey George L, lawyer.
Baldy Henry T, physician.
Bartlett Alfred J, restaurant.
Bates Mrs A M, dressmaker.
Bear D S, sorghum mill, 3 miles n w.
Bohacke John, flour mill.
Boyle Michael J, livery.
Bradshaw C B, lawyer.
Brinkerhoff W H, principal school.
Bruner D F, nursery, 3 miles n w.
Bruner & Reedy, flour mill.
Camery James M & Son (James M and Denton), hardware.
Cannon E J, city marshal.
Cannon & Arb (J T Cannon, H T Arb), job printers.
Cary L H, physician.
Clarke Bros (Reuben S and John Q), general store.
Coates Mrs Eli B, milliner.
Conant Cornelius W, hardware and stoves.
Cooper C, American exp agt.
Cunningham & Wilson, abstracts.
Davis Miles W, livery.
Dragoun Frank, saloon.
Ebersole & Willett, lawyers.
Ebersole , reporter Supreme Court, Tama.
Farmer's Hotel, Edward Reichmann, propr.
Fay Mrs C M, tailoress.
Fee Wm A, general store.
Ferris Wm, blacksmith.
Fisher Nathan, justice of peace.
Fraser R H & Son (Richard H and Ira B), jewelers' supplies.
Gallion Elijah, constable.
Gaston H F, county treasurer.
Graham Wm H, flour and feed.
Green John, barber.
Grimes Mrs C P, dressmaker.
Harrison W H Jr, Books, Stationery.
Harrison W H, poultry breeder.
Harrison & Giger (Russell J Harrison, Isaac F Giger), boots and shoes.
Hart Albert A, jeweler.
Hate Henry, blacksmith.
Hedge James B, propr of Toledo Chronicle and job printing.
Hendricks J P, county supt.
Hinsdale Frank L, physician.
Hinsdale M H & Son (Myron H and F L), druggists.
Halstead W H, county surveyor.
Ingersoll & Fisher (G W Ingersoll, H L Fisher), blacksmiths.
Ingham Erwin J, grocer.
Iowa Mutual Benefit Ass'n, N H Wilder Pres; W H Harrison jr Sec; E R Smith Gen'l Agt.
Johnson Wm F, elevator.
Johnston W S & Co (Winfield S and Wesley), general store.
Jones & Tode (Claus Jones, Claus Tode), meats.
Joralaman J C, physician.
Junker Fred, shoemaker.
Keeler Rev (Methodist).
Kinne L G, editor Tama Co Democrat.
Kinne, Stiger & Huston, proprs Tama Co Democrat and job printing.
Klunder & Dolezal, saloon.
Knapp B L, grain and stock.
Kremenak James W, boots and shoes.
Lamb Jacob W & Bro (Jacob W and Wm L), lawyers.
Leland S C, county clerk and mayor.
Long Rev (United Brethren).
McClaskey J R, justice of peace.
Mason House, J D Mason propr.
Mason John D, propr of Mason house.
Mathern Andrew, saloon.
Merritt & Sears (James A Merritt, Wm G Sears), lawyers.
Miller C W, dentist.
Miller John E, grocer.
Moore Jonathan S, photographer.
Mutual Endowment Association (The), E C Ebersole pres, J L Drury sec, W F Johnson treas.
Nash Mrs T E, milliner.
Newcomber George, carpenter.
Olney C E, county auditor.
Olney Mrs Sarah, dressmaker.
Overholser Bros (Sullivan H and John W), grocers.
Owen Bros (John A and Joseph H), general store.
Pustroska Henry, meat market.
Quintard Charles C, grocer and crockery.
Reamer Daniel, lawyer.
Rebok & Son (Henry W and Philip K), hardware, etc.
Reichmann Edward, propr Farmers' hotel.
Reusch Max, shoemaker.
Reynolds & Ford (A M Reynolds, R Ford), milliners.
Roberts J B, painter.
Ross James H, sheriff.
Ross J H, constable.
Schmidt Rev (Presbyterian).
Shaw Miss Lizzie, dressmaker.
Sime Louis, clothing.
Smith Eugene R, Physician.
Smith Frank E, real estate.
Smith Ida L, books and news depot.
Souster Wm W, physician.
Springer Dr Joshua N, druggist.
Stickney Edward E, propr of Toledo house.
Stiger H J & Co (Horace J Stiger, L G Kinne, G R Struble), real estate.
Stiger Stephen, druggist.
Stivers & Louthan (W H Stivers, W B Louthan), Attorneys and Counselors at Law (Established in 1856).
Stone Fred A, restaurant.
Stone & Ross (Albert Stone, Wm A Ross), grocers.
Stoner Miss Mary, fancy goods.
Stoner & Bielby (David Stoner, Edward W Bielby), carpenters.
Struble & Kinne (G R Struble, L G Kinne), lawyers.
Surface & Haworth, horse breeder.
Tama Co Democrat, Kinne, Stiger & Huston proprs and publrs.
Thompson Samuel, physician.
Thompson & Smith (H S Thompson, Wm Smith), lumber.
Toledo City Bank, N H Wilder pres, L B Blinn, vice-pres, P G Wieting cash.
Toledo Chronicle, J B Hedge propr.
Toledo House, E E Stickney propr.
Toledo Library.
Toledo Savings Bank (capital, $50,000; surplus, $13,500), L Clark pres, Hiram Baldwin cash.
Toledo and Northwestern Band, T E Warren leader.
Wagner Henry, harnessmaker.
Walters Wm C, grocer.
Warren P E, county recorder.
Wells Luke, feed stable.
Western College, W M Beardshear pres.
Wheaden A J, cattle breeder.
Wild John, brickmaker, 1 mile west.
Winn John M, abstracts.
Worthington H H, cattle breeder.


An enterprising town on the P. div. B., C. R. and N. Ry, in Perry township, Tama county, 20 miles northeast of Toledo, the seat of justice, and 88 miles northeast of Des Moines. First settled in 1873, it contains Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian churches, a graded school, 5 grain elevators, brick and tile factories, a creamery, a sorghum factory, a public hall, an efficient and well equipped fire department, 3 banks and 2 weekly newspapers, the Star and the Clipper, both republican in politics. Ships live stock, grain and produce. Stages tri-weekly to Gladbrook. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. Population 1,500. Mail, daily. E. T. Langley, postmaster.

Alderman L R, dentist.
Armour George, drayman.
Ashton Charles W, physician.
Atchison & Livingston (James Atchison, Dunn Livingston), brick and tile mnfrs.
Atkins Mrs Lizzie, confectioner.
Baker & Kinney (Dwight Baker, Lorengo W Kinney), lumber, sash and blinds.
Becker Mrs Amelia, restaurant.
Best Balthasar, Propr Best's Hotel.*
Best's Hotel, Balthasar Best Propr.*
Best & Canfield (Thomas H Best, Galen Canfield), grocers.
Bingham Rev Joel S (Congregational).
Boettcher & Hart (Herman Boettcher, John W Hart), furniture.
Bonney Oliver D, drugs and books.
Bowen Wm H, Land, Loans, Insurance, Collections and Notary Public. Collections a specialty.*
Brainerd Orson T, Attorney-at-Law and Justice of Peace.
Brooks House, Wilford S Green Propr.*
Brooks, Moore & Co, James H Brooks pres, Ralph Moore cash, Wm H Cross asst cash, bankers.
Brown Wm P, barber.
Buhmann Christian H, cigar mnfr.
Burnam Joseph C, drayman.
Camery C P & Son (Christian P and Robert A), Contractors, Builders and House Movers.*
Campbell Richard, live stock.
Canfield Nathan H, Boots and Shoes and Repairs.
Carrick Jennie, harnessmaker.
Chapman Nicholas P, Wagonmaker and General Repair Shop.
Cheney Mrs Sarah E, dressmaker.
Clow Charles A, grain.
Collins Christopher C, general store.
Cook Martin, lightning rods.
Cross Wm H, asst cash Brooks, Moore & Co, bankers.
Dennis Jabez B, hardware and farm impts.
Dey Ermand Wm J, dentist.
Everts John T, constable.
Flenniken John C, watchmaker.
Fothergill Thomas, live stock.
Gallogly Thomas, grocer.
Gillespie & Schroeder (Wm B Gillespie, Peter Schroeder), grocers, crockery, etc.
Glaze & Chamberlain (Alexander Glaze, Alvaro Chamberlain), carpenters.
Goodenough Francis A, hardware and farm impts.
Greelis & Rice (Thomas H Greelis, Orlandor J Rice), Brick, Tile, Stone, Wood and Coal.
Green W S, Propr Brooks House.*
Gregg & Campbell (Wm H Gregg, John G Campbell), live stock, .
Grossell & Hadsell (Michael D Grossell, Frank A Hadsell), grocers.
Guynn, Thomas & Co (Joseph S Guynn, Howard H Thomas, Abraham Thomas), general store.
Hitchner Jonas, feed mill.
Horsfall David M, boots and shoes.
Hyde Samuel, wagonmarkr and blksmith.
Hyde Wm, horseshoer.
Jaque & Taylor (Gamalial Jaque, Elmer E Taylor), Proprs Star Clipper.
Johnson Warran H, Grain Dealer and Live Stock.
Jones Edward E, prof music.
Kendall Wm T, tel and exp agt.
Kidd George W, barber.
Kline Wm, Horseshoeing a Specialty and Blacksmith.
Klingaman Wm, city marshall.
Knowlton Charles F, blacksmith.
Kroeger Alexander, propr Kroeger house.
Kroeger House, Alexander Kroeger propr.
Lacey Isaac L, railroad agent.
Ladd John A, physician.
Ladd Levi, produce.
Langley Edwin T, Attorney-at-Law, Notary Public, Real Estate and Collection Agent.
Lawson George, creamery.
Livingston Rev David (Presbyterian).
Lovejoy Ezekiel E, Carpenter and Builder and General Repairs.
Lucare Mrs Mary S, dressmaker.
McBride Frank A, notary public.
McCalpine , wagonmaker and repairs.
McClary G W, banker.
McComack Bros (Peter and Robert), lmbr.
McGlary George, mayor.
Nauerth John H, drugs.
Moore R H, cash Brooks, Moore & Co, bankers.
Moore Zachariah T, stock horses.
Morison James, general store.
Morison & Whitley (John P Morison, Frank E Whitley), physicians.
Murdough Benjamin W, grain.
Munns John, baker.
Newcomb Arthur G, harnessmaker.
O'Hearn Maggie, dressmaker.
Owens Henry A, live stock, 4 miles n.
Parsons Roscoe M, physician.
Petersen, Mrs Antona, Milliner and Dressmaker.
Petersen Louis, carpenter.
Pierce Henry C, grain and general store.
Porterfield Bros (Samuel, David and John), dry goods and boots and shoes.
Prichard James, saloon.
Pritchard James, veterinary surgeon.
Rosenberg Isaac, dry goods.
Sackett Wm W, meat market.
Sanborn Orville T, livery.
Scharfenberg Arthur E, barber.
Seaver Carl, banker.
Seaver & McClary (Carl Seaver, George W McClary), bankers.
Segner Jesse H, livery.
Shively Samuel, merchant tailor.
Shoemaker Rev George B (Methodist).
Simon Moses, clothing.
Skinner Isaac, hides, tallow, etc.
Smith Sheridan P, dry goods.
Spafford Leonard M, meat market.
Star Clipper, Jaque & Taylor Proprs and Editors.
Steffen & Luedemann (John Steffen, Henry Luedemann), Clothing and Merchant Tailors.
Underhill Samuel, carpenter.
Vorba John J, saloon.
Wade House, James C Wade propr.
Wade James C, propr Wade house.
Wade Wm, general store.
Wetzel Christian F, grocer.
Wilson Allan R, live stock.
Wilson West, grain dealer.
Withers Wm J, watchmaker.
Wood Charles, general store.
Woolley Erastus M, druggist.
Woolley Henry M, photographer.
Wulf Claus, Harnessmaker.
Wulf John, saloon.
Young J B, prin schools.


A town on Wolf creek and on the C., M. & St. P. Ry, in Tama county, 76 miles northeast of Des Moines, 12 miles east of Toledo, the county seat, and 10 east of Tama City, the nearest banking points. Settled in 1882. Ships grain and live stock. Population 200. Tel. W. U. Exp., U. S. Mail, daily. Joseph Simon, postmaster.

Benesh Frank, hardware and farm impts.
Black Joseph, general store.
Hale Isaac, grain.
Ineck Joseph, grain and coal.
Kotas & Dolezal, general store.
Kotovski John, saloon.
Kubils Joseph, meat market.
Kucesa Albert, justice and harnessmaker.
Mochale J, saloon.
Musle F J, lumber.
Simon F & Son, General Store.
Ulch Albert, general store.
Wolf Joseph, saloon and constable.


A village on Salt creek, a water power stream, in York township, Tama county, 82 miles [north]east of Des Moines, 15 east of Toledo, the county seat, 3 north of Elberon, on the line C., M. & St. P. Ry, the nearest railroad station, from whence it receives a tri-weekly mail by stage, and 10 north of Belle Plaine, the nearest banking point. Settled in 1853. Population, 85. F. Kokesh, postmaster.

Kokesh, Frank, General Store and Flour Mill.
Konick Joseph, shoemaker.
Mason E, hotel.
Vanaukin, Joseph, blacksmith.


Tama county. See IRVING.


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