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Story County Township and Section Map

Story County

The map below shows the name of each of the 16 townships in Story County. Each township forms a square six miles on each side. Each township is further subdivided into 36 one-mile square sections. Towns names are shown in color in the background, along with faint outlines of the towns.

Story County

Land records use the legal descriptions of the township, which are identified by their township number, range number, and position north or south from a baseline and position east or west of a principal meridian. All of the Story County townships are West of the 5th Principal Meridian and north of the baseline. As an example, the legal description of Milford Township is "Township 84 North, Range 23 West of 5th P.M." Within Story County, the township and range number alone uniquely identify the township, so Milford Township is Township 84 Range 23. Properties are further described by the section number, each section containing 640 acres. Sections are subdivided into quarter-sections which may be further subdivided into tracts of 40 or 80 acres.

In addition to being used for survey and land record purposes, townships are political units within the county.

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