Managing a Web Site

Speaker: Bill Rathbun

  1. What is your philosophy about your web site? What is its purpose? What are your priorities for putting material on the site?

    1. Its purpose is to serve researchers - basic information first

    2. Start backwards and move forward

    3. Names with related dates - Births/deaths/marriages/censuses.

    4. Obituaries & other documents.

    5. Lifestyles, pictures & histories

  1. How to design your website? Did someone help you? Who? How did you lay it out? Or did it just grow? What is most important, "pretty" or functional?

  2. Do you write your own HTML or use an editor? Which editor?

  3. Where do you secure your resources to put on the site? Do you have a LDS family History Center availably to you? Ancestry.Com? Local library?

  4. Establishing relationships with your sources? Libraries, Courthouse, LDS Family History Centers, Etc.

  5. Do you use volunteers or do it all yourself? How did you get the volunteers?

  6. How do you store your resources? Electronically or hard copy or both?

  7. What goals do you have for your site over the next year? Where do you want to go with it?