Web Page Design Tutorial
by Barbara Hug,
Jasper Co., Iowa CC

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Table of contents

Web Page Design by Barbara Hug, Jasper Co., Iowa CC

Design Can determine . . .

My Resources

1. Know Your Audience

Genealogy Audience

Readability for Older Adults

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Click-ability for Older Adults

Click-ability: Scrolling

More on Scrolling

Iowa Counties Home Screen Lengths

Click-ability: Use standard link colors

2. Know Your Purpose

Comments by Iowa CCs

More Comments

3. Design Site and Its Pages

Shallow Site Design

Too Many Links on Home Page

Deeper Site Design

Page Design

Implications for Design

Basic Design Principles


Low Contrast

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Design Principles

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Good Home Page Design

Good Web Page Design

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Sample IAGenWeb Web Page

Download Speeds

Resized Sample IAGenWeb Web Page

Avoid Web Cliches


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Additional Information

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