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Iowa Genealogy Boards

A set of message boards developed by IAGenWeb for posting queries, biographies, obituaries, and other genealogical documents for all of our 99 county websites. These boards include a search mechanism that may be used within a county or at a state-wide level.

Visit our County Websites to Find Contacts

All of our counties have a lookup volunteer section offering specific help. The county coordinator might also direct you to an individual or organization to communicate with. Please look for the Research Help section of the county website to start with.

General Purpose Mailing Lists for Iowa

Here are state-wide Rootsweb mailing lists for exchanging Iowa genealogy information. Ask your questions and share your information with one of several of these lists by subscribing to them.

County Mailing Lists on Rootsweb

Many Iowa counties have mailing lists hosted at Rootsweb. Use this link to view your county of interest and sign up to communicate.

Iowa Genealogy Resorces on the Internet

You may find other ways to communicate with people interested in Iowa genealogy by using the above search link.