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Additional Guidance

To accelerate research, the public may attend National Archives workshops and courses on census schedules and related records. For monthly information on this program in Washington, DC, researchers should request the Calendar of Events by writing to the Public Affairs Staff (N-PA), National Archives, Washington, DC 20408. Researchers may contact each regional archives about its own genealogy education program. Information on these regional programs appears in the Genealogy Notes section of Prologue: Quarterly of the National Archives. To receive a subscription form for this quarterly or for literature about National Archives records in addition to censuses, researchers should write to:

        Publications Distribution (NECD)
        National Archives, Rm. G9
        Seventh and Pennsylvania Ave., NW
        Washington, DC 20408
        (telephone, 202-501-5235; fax, 202-501-6175)
Free literature includes two sales brochures, "Aids for Genealogical Research" and "National Archives 1994-95 Publications." These brochures are especially helpful for purchasing microfilm catalogs, including "1900 Federal Population Census," "The 1910 Federal Population Census," and "The 1920 Federal Population Census."

Other free literature includes "Using Records in the National Archives for Genealogical Research," General Information Leaflet (GIL) No. 5, which includes guidance on how to formally cite microfilmed census records; "Military Service Records in the National Archives," GIL No. 7; "Information about the National Archives for Prospective Researchers," GIL No. 30; "The Regional Archives System of the National Archives," GIL No. 22; "Fast Facts About the 1920 Census," GIL No. 43, which explains the most current publicly released decennial census; and "Select List of Publications of the National Archives and Records Administration," GIL No. 3, which includes many additional free works, such as preliminary inventories and reference information papers, as well as guides and microfilm catalogs available for purchase.