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Unidentified Photos
Plender connection?

I live in Holland. My wife's family is called Plender.
In a family photo-album we own, there are some photographs from 1909.
They were send as a postcard from Iowa to Holland. The format is not the original. They are cut. Therefore not all of the text is visible.

I am very curious: Who are children are on the photographs. Are they called Plender or are
they related?

Kind Regards,
Henk Beens

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B21_2 jongetjes_uit_USA_07oct1909.jpg (74149 bytes)

B21: Two little children (boys ?) on a postcard from the USA. The postcard
is dated: 7 oct 1909/ 24 oct 1909 with a USA stamp.
The postcard was send to: 'Aan de Wed. H. Plender ? Roskam, Kamperveen,
Afzenderdeel: Tante en neef. .. eens een kijkje .. men, en willen .. dat
wij samen ... gezond zijn.
(Translation: Sender: Aunt and nephew ... come and see .. we want to ... we
together ... be healthy.)

B22_2kinderen_ansicht_uit_Iowa_21dec1909.jpg (77730 bytes)

B22: A boy and a elder girl on a postcard. The postcard is dated: 21 dec
1909. The poscard was send to: Aan de Wed He.... Roskam Ho.... bij Kam....
Afzenderdeel: Omdat ik niet komen k.... vandaa... ik wou het anders o zoo
gr.... zend ik in plaats mijn doch... ma.... en wensch u allen met
elk... Veel zegen in het nieuwe .... ller groeten Bart v Dijk G v ....
Iowa Noord Amerika.
(Translation: Sender: Because I can't come ... today ... I would very much like to ... my daughter comes instead of me ... I wish you ... much
blessings in the new ... greetings from Bart v Dijk ... Iowa Noth America)

B23_2_kinderen_ansicht_uit15dec1909.jpg (84307 bytes)

B23: Two children, a girl and a boy (?). The postcard was dated: 15-dec-09.
The postcard was send to: Aan de Wed H. ... Kamperveen ... bij Kampen Nederland Europa.
Op afzenderdeel staat geschreven: Groete uit Hull ... allemaal nog goed gezond ... Aaltje en Geesje van ....
(Translation: Sender: Greetings from Hull ... all in good health ... Aaltje
and Geesje van ...


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