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Vermeer family

In 1910 my great-great-grandfather Evert Vermeer (born January 6, 1854 in Harderwijk to Rende Vermeer & Henderientje van den Broek), emigrated to Hull, Iowa.

In 1875 he was united in marriage to Alida Hendrika van der Horst and from this marriage four children were born: Rende (my greatgrandfather), Hendrika, Wouter and Jan. Alida died shortly after giving birth to Jan in 1880. She was aged only 27. Son Jan died 9 months later.

In 1882 Evert second married Geertje Rikkers and from this marriage eight children were born:
Jan "John" (1883), Peter Albertus (1884-1884), Hendrientje (1886-1894), Pietje "Nellie" (1890), Klasina Elisabetha "Clara" (1894), Hendrientje "Hattie" (1897), Cornelis "Case" (1899), Jan II (1901-1901), Hendrik "Henry" (1902).

Geertje Rikkers was the daughter of Jan Rikkers and Pietje van den Hul. One of her brothers was Hendrik "Henry" Rikkers who came Sioux Co, Iowa in 1892. Appearently he wrote enthousiastic letters to his relatives in Harderwijk and Doornspijk and in 1900 Henry paid for his nephew Jan Vermeer's (born 1883, then aged 17) passage to Iowa.

In 1901 Evert and Geertje imagined they would never see their oldest son Jan again and named their newborn son after him. But things would turn out different.

On July 30, 1910 in Rotterdam the family got on board the steamship Rijndam to start a new life in Iowa. The three living children from Evert's first marriage were already married themselves, had a life of their own and stayed in the Netherlands.

I would like to share some pictures that were taken in the 1910's after the family settled in Hull.

Rendert Vermeer, great-great-grandson of Evert Vermeer.
The Netherlands

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Vermeer_Rikkers_Hull_Home.JPG (67644 bytes)

Vermeer/Rikkers Hull home
First home of the Evert Vermeer family after they emigrated in 1910. Pictured are Hattie Vermeer holding her nephew Barney Vermeer (son of John Vermeer and Jeltje Otten) and Geertje Vermeer nee Rikkers. In the background sits Henry Vermeer and leaning against the post is Cornelius Vermeer. Picture taken in 1910. The house is located at the Railroad Street in the southwest of Hull. It still stands today, but it has been turned around a quarter.

Vermeer_Rikkers_family.JPG (43404 bytes)

Vermeer/Rikkers family
Evert Vermeer (1854-1927) family of Hull.
From left to right: Cornelis, Evert Vermeer, Hendrientje (Hattie, Mrs.William Vis), Hendrik (Henry), Geertje [nee Rikkers] Vermeer (1855-1916), and Clasina Elisabetha (Clara, Mrs.Cornelius Hulstein) Vermeer.
Picture taken around 1912.
Not pictured: son Jan (John) and daughter Pietje (Nellie, Mrs.William Lokhorst).
Also not pictured Evert's children from his first marriage to Alida Hendrika van der Horst: Rende, Hendrika and Wouter, who stayed in the Netherlands. Rende is my great-grandfather.

Rikkers_Juffer_family.JPG (59522 bytes)

Rikkers/Juffer family
Hendrik 'Henry' Rikkers (1857-1942) family of Rock Valley. His wife was Geertje Juffer (1860-1920) and their children were: Pietje (1887), Willem (1889), Gerritje (1891), Jannetje (1893, Mrs. Derk Jan Oostenink), Hendrikje (1896, Mrs. Gerrit Oostenink), Jan (1897), Hendrik (1899) and a daughter born about 1901.

Then I have two pictures of the Evert Vermeer and probably the Henry Rikkers families harvesting together. Both pictures were taken about 1910-1912 in Hull (or Rock Valley?).
I have no clue of who are pictured. In the second picture the older man dressed in a white jacket on the right could be my great-great-grandfather, but I'm not sure.
I only know these pictures were sent to the Netherlands by Evert to his daughter Hendrika.
Maybe visitors of the Sioux County website will recognize their relatives.

Vermeer_Rikkers_Hull_Farming2.JPG (86696 bytes)

Vermeer/Rikkers Hull, Iowa

Vermeer_Rikkers_Hull_Farming1.JPG (87554 bytes)

Vermeer/Rikkers Hull, Iowa


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