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Benart Kastein (1836-1917) and his wife Fredrika Ten Brink (1841-1897), along with their six week old daughter, Grada, came to America in 1869. They settled firstt at Alto, WI. Benart's parents with the rest of the family came to America in 1868 and ware also living at Alto, WI.

Benart Kastein was born at Dinxperloo, Netherlands on Oct. 7, 1836 to Roelof Kastein (1811-1894) and Elizabeth Ter Beest (1809-1876). Benart's wife Fredrika Ten Brink was born Dec. 6, 1841 to Frederick Wilhelm Ten Brink (1797-1855) and Berendina Jansen (1813-1886). Benart and Fredrika were married May 11, 1868 near Varsseveld, Netherlands.

The Benart Kastein family with six daughters moved from Alto, WI, to Sioux Center in 1882 by train. Their livestock was in a separate car. Their oldest daughter, Grada, rode with the cattle car to care for the cattle. At one point on the trip that car was separated from the rest of the train and that proved a very frightening experience for the thirteen year old girl.

Benart Kastein Family in 1891. Front row L-R: Ella, (Mrs. John Kleyn), Fredrika (Ten Brink)
Kastein, Ralph, Benart and Marie (Mrs. Niesink In't Veld). Back row L-R: Dina (Mrs Steve
Campagne), Hendrika (Mrs. Cornelius Schelling) and Elizabeth (Mrs. Martin Nymeyer). The
oldest daughter Grada is not pictured.

Benart and Fredrika Kastein farmed one mile west and one mile north of Sioux Center, this farm is now occupied by the Alvin Bleyenberg family. In the "Het Nieuwsblad", Sioux Center's early Dutch weekly there was an 1890's item telling of the enjoyable time at a church picnic held in the grove of trees at the B. Kastein farm northwest of town.

Benart had three sisters with their families who had also come to live in the Sioux Center area. These were Wilhelmina (Mrs. Jan "John" Vande Berg), Hendrika (Mrs. Gerrit Jan Lammers) and Johanna (Mrs. Henry Boeyink). There are separate stories on these families. Benart's parents and one sister remained living at Alto, WI. That sister was Thedora (Mrs. John Hagen 1849-1924). The Hagens and three children are buried at Alto, WI.

Hermanus Ten Brink (1839-1914) only sibling of Fredrika died in the Netherlands. Three of his daughters families came to Sioux Center area after 1900. These were Johanna (Mrs. F. Schiebout), Hendrika (Mrs. B. Krommendyk), and Marie (Mrs. A. Ten Harmsel).

Hannah (Lammers) Beckman wrote in a 1940 letter how she as a child visited her Aunt Fredrika Kastein's farm in the Fox Lake area near Alto, Wi. She related that, "My aunt was a hard working woman. I remember she baked the swellest apple pie I ever ate!" After a hard farm life and raising seven children, Fredrika Kastein died on Jan. 9, 1897 at the age of 55 years.

Benart lived in Montana for Some years after his wife died, he passed away Sept. 15, 1917. They are buried in the Sioux Center Cemetery. The seven children of Benart and Fredrika Kastein were as follows:

Grada Wilhelmina Kastein (1869-1935) married Remko Kooi (1864-1924) on Sept. 25, 1888. Their story is given separately. They lived and farmed near Lebanon, IA. Their ten children were: Gertie (Mrs. Peter Haverhals), Benart, Peter, Frederick, Bertha (Mrs. Gerrit Vander Lugt), John Kooi, Dreaka(Mrs. Case Haverhals), George, Ellis and Jennie (Mrs. Adrian Haverhals).

Dina Kastein (1871-1942) married Steve Campagne (1867-1959) on October 6,1902. He was a carpenter and they lived in Sioux Center. They had two children; Fred and Hendrika (Mrs. William Van Vliet).

Elizabeth Kastein (1873-1952) married Martin Nymeyer (1868-1952) on May 15, 1895. They lived in Hull, IA, and had a hardware store for many years. Their four children were; Ben, Frederick, Anna (Mrs. Joe Van Drunen) and Grace (Mrs. Leonard R. Haan).

Hendrika Kastein (1876-1930) married Cornelius Schelling (1873-1947) on Jan. 23, 1896. They lived on a farm six miles west of Sioux Center. Their eleven children ware: Emma (Mrs. Adrianus Van Bochove), Rockus, Fredrika (Mrs. Ed Vander Brink), William, Lane, B. Dinardus, John, Elizabeth (Mrs. John Van Grootheese), Ralph, Julianna (Mrs. Peter Van Beek), Ella Marie (Mrs. Gerrit Overeem) and Paul.

Marie Kastein (1879-1939) married Peter Niessink on Aug. 15, 1893. He died in 1899 and Marie married Teunis Int Veld (1817-1917) in 1901. They farmed near Whitby Island, WA. The Niessink children were; Fredrika (Mrs. John Van Leeuwen), Jennie (Mrs. Antonie Vladkovich) and Gertie Niessink. The Int Veld children were; Egbert, Marie (Mrs. John Kleinz, Grada (Mrs. Wm. Beyer), Mina (Mrs. John Koetje), Dena (Mrs. Chester Finn), Agnes, Ben, Bertha (Mrs. Lloyd Burgerson) and Elizabeth (Mrs. Richard Watson).

Aaltje "Ella" Kastein (1882-1950) married John Kleyn (1878-1950) on Dec.19, 1903. They ware farmers west of Sioux Center. Their nine children were: Dick, Fredrika (Mrs. Jake Gerritson), Cornelius, Benjamin, Camelia (Mrs. John C. Hofland), Lena (Mrs. Herman Kriud), Dena (Mrs. John H. Weikamp), Jennie (Mrs. Jasper Veldhuizen), and Elizabeth (Mrs. Teunis Fluit).

Ralph Kastein (1886-1973) married Hattie Hulstein (1887-1964) on Feb. 21, 1905. They lived at Doon, IA, where he was a produce farmer and a night watchman. Their seven children ware; Elmer, Reka (Mrs. Martin Johnson), Carolie (Mrs. Jim Kopas), Gerrit, Ben, Pearl (Mrs. Paul Morton), and Margaret (Mrs. Lane Gerritsen).

by Jennie Haverhals

Source: Sioux Center Iowa 1991 Centennial Book--Family Contributor, Mary Haverhals


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