Bits of the Odd, "Corny," Unusual, Funny, or Tall Tales

Various Short Items

Submitted by Wilma J. Vande Berg of the Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society


Alton Democrat of Dec 18, 1886
Hubert Kramer had quite a time getting a jack rabbit the other day. He shot all his amuniton away at it, then ran his horse several miles and finally killed it with a stone.
Then he got off his horse to get it, the horse ran away. He chased the horse for an hour or so and after catching the steed, returned for the rabbit and found that a stray dog had just finished a meal of it, while the bones and hair remained for Hubert.

Alton Democrat of Apr 30, 1887
A heifer calf, five weeks old, is walking around on six legs in Clay County. Kill it! If that calf is permitted to grow to a milkable age no man will be found willing to take the job of milking it. A six legged cow would naturally be able to "kick the suspender buttons of'en a man quicker nor a wink'.

Alton Democrat March 8, 1886
The Democrat in behalf of a long suffering public, beseeches the board of health and town council to compel the owners of the stock yards, pig pens, or whatever they are, located north of the city jail, to disinfact that horrible hole. At present the air is heavily freighted with aroma arising from the mighty reservoir of stinks, and it is somebody's business to see that the nuisance is instantly abated.

May 15, 1886 Alton Democrat
Porter Fosburg, the old Reading township hypocrit, writes a long white washing letter to the Ireton Clipper, last week, in which he tries to make the people believe that he was not defaulter of the township funds. To make himself now appear truly good, he should give 'that hired girl' the $40, he got from those Pattersonville (Hull) republicans and have her attach some canvas wings to his shoulder blades.