Sioux County Cemetery Inscriptions

As Transcribed from 1979 to 1982

Permission to post granted by The Northwest Iowa Genealogical Society & The Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society




Key to Cemetery Numbers

Map of Sioux County

The 33 Cemeteries of Sioux County

List of Hull Veterans

List of Ireton Veterans


Map of Sioux County Cemeteries (see circle w/number of cemetery)


The following typed manuscript is an alphabetical cemetery by cemetery index of all the inscriptions located in the cemeteries of Sioux County . Every effort has been made to locate and canvass each cemetery, including small family or abandoned cemeteries. In addition to consulting county atlases dated 1908 and 1925 for old cemetery locations to the Sioux County Auditor's office provided us with the assessor's list of 20 cemeteries and the recorder's list of 15 cemeteries, several of which were not on the assessor's list. Grave Records of Sioux County Vol. I 1938-1941 as copied by Iowa WPA-GR31 (Works Project Administration Project) mentions 36 cemeteries.

We have ascertained that Mount Joyo of Section 14, Eagle Township and Center Chapel of NW1/4 Section 20, Center Township have disappeared. Ireton's St. Lutheran and Pleasant Hill are combined in one cemetery. Grace Hill Cemetery of Hawarden combines Calvary , Calliope and others. No cemetery could be located for Chatsworth, perhaps they were buried across the river.

In all probability there should have been a township cemetery for each township. However, as soon as churches were organized they established their own burial grounds thereby causing the township cemeteries to fall into disuse. But some became the cemeteries for nearby communities such as: Grant (Matlock), Nassau ( Alton ), Sheridan (Boyden) and Sherman (Maurice.) When churches were organized first there was no need for a township cemetery. Sometimes the church cemetery became the township cemetery such as Capel Township Cemetery which originated as the Middleburg Free Grace Reformed Church Cemetery. Also the Sioux Center and Orange City community cemeteries originated as the First Reformed Church Cemeteries.

Some township cemeteries have been completely abandoned such as Lincoln Township 's cemetery which depends on a nearby farmer's watchful eye, but has no fence and is never mowed. The records for this cemetery do not survive either; they were lost in a fire which destroyed the township hall. The Union Hill cemetery, a German Baptist Cemetery which is generally referred to as the Old Dunkard Cemetery , has been rescued from abandonment by the Ireton Historical Society and the Sioux County Board of Supervisors after it was discovered that a Civil War Veteran was buried there.

Settlers Township Cemetery shown on the recorder's list of cemeteries should be located at the NW corner of the NW ¼ of Section 8. Old timers in that area have never known a cemetery in that location. Cemetery #109 is Sioux and Settlers Township Cemetery located on the border line between the townships, but serving both townships.

Floyd Township 's Cemetery which had been located approximately one mile south of Hospers in Section 14 is said to have been discontinued and at least some of the bodies had been moved to the Catholic Cemetery in Hospers.

Another abandoned cemetery in Section 1 of East Orange Township was perhaps originally the township cemetery. Neither the Floyd nor East Orange cemetery site is visible any longer.

Several attempts were made to locate grave sites said to be on farms, but even though much hearsay evidence was unearthed we were unable to make any positive identifications of such burial grounds.

Many thanks owed to the volunteers who helped with this project which took countless hours in rain, wind, heat, and cold to transcribe the data from the tombstones. We also thank the volunteers from the communities who joined our crew and provided invaluable assistance. Just as many hours were spent processing and indexing the cards and typing the manuscript of each individual cemetery.

As with any project of this scope errors will be made. We do not assume responsibility for errors of fact or judgment on the part of the transcribers, but established errors will be corrected at the earliest opportunity.

Surnames which consist of more than one word have been alphabetized letter by letter, identical to the system found in the telephone directories. A surname prefix is not a separate indexing unit – it is considered part of the surname. Entries having identical names are indexed by date of birth, the earliest birth date first.

Each cemetery has its own peculiarities. Some have each veteran's grave individually unmarked even though no other service data was indicated; others are not so thoroughly marked, so the indication that an individual was a veteran is not consistent throughout this record. A person may have been a veteran, but if the cemetery did not mark each veteran's grave individually it will not be indicated on this record.

The temporary funeral home markers used in the Rock Valley and Hawarden cemeteries appeared to be reusable and the data on many of them appears to have been tampered with, at times causing both dates and names to be completely undecipherable.

Different foreign language inscriptions were found in the various cemeteries. After our initial experience with recording these inscriptions we decided to translate the terms: father, mother, born and died to the equivalent English terms so that all readers in future generations could understand.

Each volunteer was instructed to include all dates, place names, relationships, service information, membership in organizations and anything unusual such as the condition of the stone or a noteworthy inscription which indicated the deceased person's personality or philosophy of life. Every name inscribed on a tombstone was to be copied on separate cards with a cross reference to the other names on the stone by using the symbol, SS: , which means names on the same stone. Some volunteers used the term, See , for cross referencing names. When either the surname or the given name was not inscribed on the stone, a blank line was drawn to indicate the absence of that particular information. A missing date of death or birth was indicated likewise. So a blank line indicates the particular information was not on the stone.

Some tombstones have been placed prior to the death of that particular individual.
This information was recorded. This record is a record of tombstone transcriptions and as such we did not attempt to verify if a death had occurred. In some cases when the date of birth was very old it did appear that the rest of the transcription had been neglected. In these cases the researcher must use other sources to obtain the date of death.

Local volunteers who were assisting the canvassing of their hometown cemetery often had information from their own knowledge. Any data added that was not actually on the tombstone should be enclosed in brackets [ ] , not parenthesis.

The canvassing was done over a period of four (4) years from 1979 through 1982. See the list of the 33 cemeteries which we canvassed to obtain the exact locations of each site, the completion date and the identifying number which we assigned to designate each cemetery in the central card file.

The central card file catalogue which contains the original cards copied at the cemeteries is located in the Ramaker Library at Northwestern College in Orange City , Iowa . These cards have been indexed alphabetically in one group for the entire county. This will enable a researcher to search the entire county very easily even if the cemetery is unknown.

In the event that a researcher cannot locate the object of his/her search in this record it should not be assumed that there was no tombstone; a search of the cemetery and its records is indicated. Additionally there are other records to search such a burial services in church records, the death and probate records in the courthouse and burial permits which maybe be filed locally or in the courthouse. If the name is found, the accuracy of this record should be verified. An actual visit to the cemetery burial site may reveal other familial relationship with nearby burials.

If a possibility exists that there may have been a tombstone prior to 1938-41 which has since disappeared consult the WPA Sioux County Grave records. Currently the only copy is located at the Iowa Historical Library at the Historical Building in Des Moines , Iowa .

In some respects this countywide record may be a better source for the researcher than the official record keeper's files since the data that is inscribed on the tombstone is not the same infor4mation that is needed to keep accurate cemetery records. Their records are primarily needed to show ownership of the plots and available space in them. The dates most of them record are dates of purchase and burial dates which generally are different from the date of death. The record keepers do not always keep a separate alphabetical file of names of the individuals buried in the cemetery. An added advantage of the central card file is the ability to locate the cemetery of burial when that information is unknown. Naturally, for those instances when tombstones were not erected or were poorly engraved, the record keeper – if he has a continuously well-kept set of records – will have more information than this record. It should be noted here that the Ire ton cemetery records are unusually and remarkably thorough, including birth dates and names of parents.

Our genealogical societies are dedicated to preserving old local records and believe that this is a useful and necessary project which provides easy access to widely scattered data as found in cemeteries and their records throughout Sioux County .

It is the hope of all who worked on this project that it will be a valuable genealogical aid for those who use it. And may this project make people aware of the need for continuous attention to our burying grounds.

Burnette Sawyer (Mrs. C.J.)

Chairperson for the cemetery committee





Cemetery Number:

101 Greenwood Cemetery of Matlock & Grant Twp.

102 Sheridan Township Cemetery of Boyden

103 St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery (German)

104 Hope Cemetery of Hull

105 St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery (German)

106 Valley View Cemetery of Rock Valley

107 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery of Rock Valley

108 Bragstad Family Cemetery (Norwegian)

109 Sioux and Settlers Twp. Cemetery

110 Lebanon Christian Reformed Church Cemetery (Dutch)

111 Peace German Lutheran Cemetery (Friedens Gemeen de)

112 Carmel Reformed Church Cemetery (Dutch)

113 Capel Township Cemetery, originally the Free Grace Reformed Church Cemetery of Middleburg (Dutch)

114 Hospers Cemetery Association

115 Hospers Memorial Presbyterian Cemetery (Dutch)

116 St. Anthony's Catholic Cemetery of Hospers (Luxembourg )

117 Westlawn Cemetery of Orange City

118 St. Joseph 's Catholic Cemetery of Hull

119 First Reformed Church Cemetery of Newkirk (Dutch)

120 Memory Gardens Cemetery of Sioux Center , originally the First Reformed Church Cemetery (Dutch)

121 Grace Hill Cemetery of Hawarden

122 Union Hill German Baptist Church Cemetery, generally referred to as the Old Dunkard Cemetery

123 Lincoln Township Cemetery

124 Pleasant Hill Cemetery of Ireton

125 Highland Park Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery originally Rock River

126 Sherman Township Cemetery of Maurice

127 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery of Maurice

128 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery of Alton

129 Nassau Township Cemetery of Alton

[there is not any #130]

131 St. Joseph 's Catholic Cemetery of Granville

132 St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery of Hawarden

133 St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery (German)

134 Eason Family Burial Plot





Bragstad Family Cemetery (Norwegian)…south of Inwood #108 Sec. 6 Sioux Twp.

Carmel Reformed Church Cemetery (Dutch)….NW of Sioux Center, #112 Sec. 13 Plato Twp.

Eason Family Burial Plot….SW of Orange City near the Plymouth County border, #134 Sec. 36 Sherman Twp.

First Reformed Church Cemetery of Newkirk (Dutch)…..east of Hospers, #119 Sec. 12 Holland Twp.

Free Grace Reformed Church Cemetery of Middleburg (became Capel Twp Cemetery), #113 Sec. 29 Capel Twp.

Grace Hill Cemetery of Hawarden, #121 Sec.35 Buncombe Twp.

Greenwood Cemetery of Matlock & Grant Township, #101 Sec. 9 Grant Twp.

Highland Park Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery formerly Rock River …N. of Ireton, #125 Sec. 13 Eagle Twp.

Hope Cemetery of Hull, #104 Sec. 27 Lincoln Twp.

Hospers Cemetery Association, #114 Sec. 4 Floyd Twp.

Hospers Presbyterian Memorial Cemetery (Dutch) #115 Sec. 2 Floyd Twp.

Lebanon Christian Reformed Church Cemetery (Dutch)…NW of Hawarden #110 Sec. 26 Garfield Twp.

Lincoln Township Cemetery ….NW of Hull, #123 Sec. 28 Lincoln Twp.

Memory Gardens Cemetery of Sioux Center , originally First Reformed Church Cemetery, #120 Sec. 9 West Branch Twp.

Nassau Township Cemetery of Alton, #129 Sec. 3 Nassau Twp.

Peace German Lutheran Cemetery ….NW of Sioux Center , 3 mi. E of Lebanon, #111 Sec. 28 Plato Twp.

Pleasant Hill Cemetery of Ireton, #124 Sec. 7 Reading Twp

St. Anthony's Catholic Cemetery of Hospers (Luxembourg ) #116 Sec. 10 Floyd Twp.

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery of Boyden (German) #103 Sec. 14 Sheridan Twp.

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery of Ireton (German) #133 Sec. 15 Reading Twp.

St. Joseph 's Catholic Cemetery of Granville, #131 Sec. 12 East Orange Twp.

St. Joseph 's Catholic Cemetery of Hull, #118 Sec. 26 Lincoln Twp

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery of Alton, #128 Sec. 2 Nassau Twp.

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery of Hawarden, #132 Sec. 35 Buncombe Twp.

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery of Maurice, #127 Sec. 17 Sherman Twp.

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery of Rock Valley, #107 Sec. 28 Rock Twp.

St. Paul 's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery of Hull (German) #105 Sec. 13 Lincoln Twp.

Sheridan Township Cemetery of Boyden, #102 Sec. 22 Sheridan Twp.

Sherman Township Cemetery of Maurice, #126 Sec. 15 Sherman Twp.

Sioux and Settlers Township Cemetery …..S. of Inwood, #109 Sec. 8 Sioux Twp.

Union Hill German Baptist Church Cemetery (Dunkard)…S. of Ireton near Plym County, #122 Sec. 36 Washington Twp

Valley View Cemetery of Rock Valley, #106 Sec. 28, 29 Rock Twp

Westlawn Cemetery of Orange City (originally the First Reformed Church Cemetery) #117 Sec. 32 Holland Twp.

Veteran's Memorial

In Memory 1861-1865

Hope Cemetery , Hull , IA

** Lewis Barth

C. R. Brown

**Henry Gregory Cassidy

* Martin J. Chadwick, Cor. Co. A, 20 th Reg Ill Infantry Vol 1861-1865

* Charles L. Davidson, Co. A, 25 th IA, Infantry Vol

* Sidney Dean, Cor. 105 th USCT 1861-1865

* Augustus Edes, Co. C, 2 Maine Infantry; Co. B, 20 Maine Infantry

* William Harrison Fobes, Co. D., 21 Regt Iowa Vol Infantry

*Daniel O. Gardner, Co. E., 24 Reg Iowa

* Henry Harrington, 1861-1865

* Henry Jones, Co. F., 3 rd Iowa Vet Vol Infantry 1861-1865 [Sheldon News -- Sat. May 13, 1882, "The veterans of Sioux County have fixed Tues, May 16th, as the day on which the remains of Major Jones will be reinterred in the Pattersonville Cemetery. Major Jones died several years ago and lies buried on Sec. 16 of Lincoln Twp. He was a stranger and received only such interment as the limited means of the early settlers would allow. Our soldiers have, therefore, decided to reinter his dust with the ceremonies befitting the burial of one of his rank."]

**John Knewel

*Arthur R. / L. Lang, 12 Indpt Btry OHIO Lt Arty

*Orris P. Martin, Pri Co. F, 11 NY Vol Cal

**James Murphy

*Wilson S. Okey, Co E, I Wis Heavy Artillery

**Henry Putnam

*Nelson Rombough, Co. K, NY Art

*Charles Carroll Sawyer, Co. F, 11 NY Vol Cal

*John M. Settle

Ira H. Smith

*John Maurice Stickney, Co. I, 8 Iowa Vol Cal

*Benjamin H. Tamplin

*James Vickers

*William H. Vreeland

Wm. Winch

** Anderson Wood


* Tombstone located in Hull Hope

** Tombstone located in St. Joseph 's Catholic



Henry Wegman *

Mitchell De Koster

John M. Hubers

Henry Karsemeyer

Merle G. Klay

Wallace F. Klein

Marvin R. Koele

Ray mond A. Koele

Steve Steenhoven

William Vander Kooi

Clair Vander Schaaf

Gerrit J. Vis

John Saarloos

Kenneth Bonestroo **

George Meerdink, Jr. **

William Roosevelt *


* appear to be WW I Veteran

**appears to be Vietnam Veteran

(The Civil War list was compared to the tombstone transcription records and to Service Record World War I & II Wegman-Koele Post #380 , 1948, written and compiled by Claretta Hymans – Service Record, Mrs. Paul Bolks – History, Arthur B. Kooiker – Manager. From this comparison it appears that Luther H. Canfield born Ohio, Apr 1833 should be on this list even though there is no tombstone for him, just a GAR marker nearby other Canfield tombstones. Update: Further research reveals that this Luther Canfield is buried at Leavenworth National Cemetery, Leavenworth County, Kansas.

Also, Mc Dougal should be included since Mrs. Mc Dougal has a Woman's Relief Corps marker at her burial site.)


Bailey, Lyman B./S.C., Co. A, 102 Ill Infantry

Burright, W.B., Co. I, 140 Ill Infantry

Bushby, Wm. J., Signal Corps U.S.A.

Cole, Rev. Jesse, Chaplain, Enlisted 2 Sep 1861 , Discharged 16 Sep 1865

Davison/Davidson, Hugh, 17 Wis Infantry

Everhart, James, Sgt. Co. E, 51 st Ohio Infantry

French, Ephraim, Co. G, 145 NY Infantry

Fisher, Alfred, Co. K, 26 th IA Infantry

Follett, Charles J., Co. K, 74 Ill Infantry

Fosburg, Porter

Hardacre, Joseph H., Co. H, 8 th Ind Vol Infantry

Knowlton, W. Irving , 2 Colo Cav

Lantz, Henry H.

Morgan, William A., Co. I, 6 IA Cav

Morrison, Alexander, Co. I, 153 Ill Infantry (FCL)

Parker, Frederick, K.O., Co. M, 2 Ohio H A

Sherman , A., Co. I, 2 Wis Cav

Suter, Capt. Martin, Co. G., 4 Md Infantry

Tarbox, Charles P.

Taylor , John J., Co. G, 124 th Reg NY Vols 1862-1865

Thomas, James

Wells, Simon

Wing, D.E., Co. G, 74 Ill Vol Infantry

Woodford, Samuel Deforest, 1 st Sgt, 154 NY Infantry

All of the above have tombstones in the Pleasant View Cemetery .


Edward Bertram, Co. B., 127 Mach Gun Batt or Co. F, 109 Amm Train WWI

Edward R. Brown, Co. F, 129 th Inf WWI

* Emery M. Cox, Co. A, 360 th Inf

Fred Dannenbring, Co. K, 119 th Inf WWI

Lieut. Robert S. Johnson, C.E.C. US Navy WWI

Jake Levering, Co. K, 18 th Inf Div WW I, PVT 1 CL

George H. Ricklefs, 92 Co Cas Det 83 Div, Camp Pike, Ark WWI

*Casper Thomte, Co. 9, Rept Draft Camp Pike Infantry


* No tombstone located in Pleasant View Cemetery .



d. 31 March 1881

Not buried in a cemetery, but in Lynn Township , 96-43-Sec. 15, SE ¼

[Said to be buried there because they couldn't get to town due to snow and high river. The widow later married ______ Schultz; their daughter married _____ Brunk. The tombstone and gravesite were neglected and “unintentionally threw tombstone away when grave was cleaned up” as reported by Junior Gesink, son of Bert Gesink who lived in the vicinity 31 years.]




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