Sioux County Births

Statistics from the Old Orange City 'Volksvriend' newspapers.


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Births from  - The ‘deVolkvriend’ newspapers 1896 through 1898 . 
Indexed by Gert Jansen of the Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society
Taken from the local Orange City column and the correspondence columns of
various ‘Dutch’ communities.

Surname-Parents Baby-Sex Date of Entry Other
Aalders, J. baby 03/05/1896 local
Aalders, J. baby 09/23/1897 Alton
Aardema, C. baby 03/12/1896 Sioux Center
Abma, M. girl 11/26/1896 local
Achterhof, L. baby 04/16/1896 local
Achterhof, L. girl 06/09/1898 local
Albright, Mrs. girls-3 02/25/1897 LeMars
Alink, Mr/Mrs baby 03/19/1896 Hospers
Baartman girl 01/20/1898 local
Baas, Jacob baby 01/02/1896 sister of Mrs. Rensenbrink
Bakker, H. son 06/30/1898 LeMars
Bakker, Harm girl 12/24/1896 LeMars
Bakker, K. baby 07/21/1898 local
Bakker, T. son 05/ 13/1897 local
Balkema, A. baby 03/05/1896


Balkema, N. girl 03/19/1896 of Sioux Center
Bartels, P. girl 12/03/1896 Carmel, IA
Beckman, F.C. twins 10/07/1897 Hull
Beets, Ds. baby 08/11/1898 Sioux Center
Beltman, J. son 07/29/1897 local
Berkenpas, S. baby 12/17/1896 LeMars
Betten, D. girl 10/08/1896 local
Betten, Herman baby 05/12/1898 local
Beyers, John son 09/22/1898 Alto, WI
Bijlsma, Mr/Mrs son 05/14/1896 local
Boer, D. baby 03/11/1897 local
Boeve, H. girl 02/27/1896 local
Bolks, A. baby 06/03/1897 Hull
Bomgaars, Joe baby 08/05/1897 Middleburg
Bonnecroy, Mr/Mrs girl 09/10/1896 local
Boogaard, H. girl 02/10/1898 local
Boone, H. girl 07/22/1897 local
Borgman, Jacob baby 04/23/1896 local
Bos, P. baby 06/30/1898 local
Bos, R. baby 10/08/1896 local
Bosch, J. son 12/15/1898 Prinsburg, MN
Bouma, O. son 07/21/1898 Boyden
Bouma, P. girl 12/02/1897 local
Brands, S. girl 05/28/1896 local
Brandts, R. son 02/24/1898

son #5

Breen, Ds. son 04/08/1897 local
Breen, Rev/Mrs son 03/12/1896 local
Brink, Gerrit son 08/04/1898 local
Brink, J. baby 06/18/1896 Leota, MN
Brink, John A. baby 10/13/1898 local
Brinkman, D. son 07/29/1897 Boyden
Broekstra, Ds. girl 11/10/1898 Hull
Brouwer, J. baby 11/24/1898 Alton
Bruins, A. girl 10/22/1896 Alto, WI
Bruins, H.J. girl 11/26/1896 Alto, WI
Bruins, H.W. Rev. baby 05/21/1896 Alto, WI
Bruins,Mr/Mrs son 03/05/1896 Sioux Center
Bull, E. girl 08/27/1896 Alton
Castjens, Mr/Mrs boy 05/21/1896 local
Cleveringa baby 06/23/1898 local
Cleveringa, F. baby 01/14/1897 Carmel, IA
Cole, Postmaster girl 06/16/1898 local
Daane, P. girl 10/06/1898 Hull
DeBey, Dr. & Mrs. girl 06/25/1896 local
DeBoer, D. baby 09/23/1897 Alton
DeBoer, P. Mrs. girl 06/04/1896 LeMars
DeBoom, C.T. baby 12/30/1897 May City, IA
DeBooy, C. girl 04/16/1896 local
DeGooyer, W. girl 11/18/1897 local
DeGroot, H. baby 04/14/1898 local
DeHaan, Bert girl 04/14/1898 local
DeHaan, Gt. son 08/19/1897 local
DeJong, B. son 06/09/1898 local
DeJong, D. son 09/09/1897 local
DeJong, Koenraad H. son 11/04/1897 local
DeJong, Melle girl 09/08/1898 local
DeJong, P.G. boy 11/11/1897 Alto, WI
DeJong, Thos. son 08/05/1897 local
DenHartog, H. baby 02/03/1898 local
DenHartog, J. baby 06/03/1897 Alton
DenHartog, J. girl 08/11/1898 local
DenHartog, Jac. boy 04/23/1896 local
DenHartog, Jan son 06/03/1897 local
DeRoos, J.W. baby 07/16/1896 local
DeRoos, Mr/Mrs baby 08/20/1896 local
DeRoos, O. boy 01/02/1896 local
DeRoos, O. girl 07/07/1898 Hull
Dethmers, J.S. baby 06/11/1896 Hull
DeVries, Bakker son 08/27/1896 Alton
DeVries, Cornelius girl 02/25/1897 Boyden
DeVries, E. baby 07/23/1896 Hospers
DeVries, H. baby 06/16/1898 local
DeVries, J. son 01/23/1896 of Middleburg
DeWild, J. son 10/06/1898 Hull
DeYoung, R. son 03/18/1897 Middleburg
Dijk, A. baby 05/21/1896 local
Dijk, N.L. baby 05/13/1897 local
Dijk, W. girl 05/21/1896 local
Dijk, W. girl 07/07/1898 Hospers
Dijkstra, Jan girl 07/08/1897 Middleburg
Dijkstra, Tjerk baby 11/17/1898 local
Dodge, C.L. baby 11/19/1896 local
Doeksen, W. girl 06/17/1897 Hull
Dokter, B. baby 04/28/1898 local
Dokter, Joe girl 10/27/1898 local
Donker, P. baby 01/21/1897 Dakota
Donkersloot, R. baby 04/08/1897 local
Donkersloot, R. girl 05/19/1898 Hull
Doorn, C. son 05/27/1897 Harrison, SD
Doornink, Ed. girl 07/01/1897 local
Doornink, G. son 08/04/1898 Greenleafton, MN
Doornink, H. girl 07/16/1896 Greenleafton, MN
Doornink, Herman girl 04/28/1898 local
Doornink, J. baby 10/27/1898 Sioux Center
Dorsman, A. baby 04/16/1896 Alton
Douma, D. baby 06/11/1896 Hull
Drent, G. son 04/28/1898 Holland, NE
Drent, K. girl 06/03/1897 Boyden
Duimstra, Joe baby 02/03/1898 local
Duitman, R. girl 07/15/1897 Alto, WI
Duven, M. girl 08/20/1896 Alto, WI
Dykshorn, S. baby 04/30/1896 Harrison, SD
Dykshorn, S. baby 02/10/1898 Harrison, SD
Dykstra, Alb. baby 04/29/1897 Harrison, SD
Dykstra, H. baby 02/25/1897 died after birth
Ernisse, son 06/16/1898 local
Everett, son 10/14/1897 local
Faber, A. son 09/03/1896 local
Feebus, F. son 10/08/1896 local
Feenstra, D. son 09/08/1898 local
Fien, H. girl 02/06/1896 of Luctor, KS
Fischer, G. baby 07/21/1898 local
Fischer, R. baby 07/21/1898 local
Fisher, J. girl 03/10/1898 local
Fitsgerald, girl 02/17/1898 local
Forema, J. son 12/30/1897 LeMars
Fortuin, Dr/Mrs son 08/13/1896 Grand Rapids, MI
Gelderma, J. baby 10/07/1897 Hull
Geurink, H. son 08/19/1897 local
Geurink, Jan baby 10/14/1897 local
Geurink, Jan baby 03/05/1896 of Baldwin, WI
Goebel, Peter son 08/27/1896 Alton
Goemans, W. baby 03/26/1896 of Sioux Center
Gorter, L. boy 06/18/1896 local
Greevink, Rev. girl 04/16/1896 Luctor, KS
Groen, Arie twins 04/07/1898 local
Grootenhuis, H. son 08/12/1897 local
Gunning, Frans twins 04/23/1896 local
Haag, J.S. baby 01/30/1896 of Hospers
Haarsma, D.G. boy 06/18/1896 local
Hackman, Fred son 02/13/1896 local
Haleridus, S. girl 05/07/1896 Boyden
Harbers, B. girl 02/11/1897 local
Harbers, Gt. son 02/06/1896 of Greenleafton, MN
Hartenink, D. son 12/17/1896 Alto, WI
Heebink, John girl 09/03/1896 Baldwin, WI
Heemstra, J. girl 10/20/1898 local
Heemstra, John F. boy 12/10/1896 local
Heemstra, Alb. son 12/17/1896 local
Heeringa, L. baby 12/01/1898 Hull
Hengelveld, H. son 09/23/1897 local
Herman, Dr. girl 12/22/1898 Boyden
Herr, Prof. girl 12/22/1898 local
Hiemstra, Dick girl 12/24/1896 LeMars
Hiemstra, girl 06/16/1898 Leota, MN
Hobson, Adv. baby 10/29/1896 local
Hoekman, Fred baby 01/21/1897 Dakota
Hoekman, H. baby 05/26/1898 local
Hoekstra, Tj. baby 10/22/1896 born Sat. died Monday
Hoeven, A. son 04/15/1897 Sioux Center
Hofkamp, E. son 04/08/1897 Leota, MN
Hofland, H. baby 04/16/1896 local
Hofland, H. girl 07/08/1897 local
Hoogland, R. baby 09/01/1898 local
Hop, H. baby 12/23/1897 local
Hospers, Ds. & Mrs. son 09/03/1896 Cleveland, OH
Hospers, Jan girl 02/17/1898 local
Hoxmeier, Theo. baby 06/03/1897 Alton
Huibregtse, H. son 04/23/1896 Hull
Huizenga, Dr. son 09/01/1898 local
Hulst, K. Mrs. son 03/11/1897 Alton
Hulst, Mr/Mrs baby 12/23/1897 local
Hyink, Jas. son 03/11/1897 Maurice
Jacobsma, Mr/Mrs girl 01/21/1897 Alton
Jacobsma, Mr/Mrs boy 07/23/1896 local
Jacobsma, Mrs. son 02/10/1898 husb. died 5 mos ago lightning
Jacobsma, Ruurt adopt girl 09/09/1897 local
Jager, H. girl 01/16/1896 of Sioux Center
Jansen, D. boy 05/21/1896 local
Jansma, J. girl 03/05/1896 of Alton
Jansma, Mr/Mrs baby 12/09/1897 Boyden
Jasper, Mike girl 06/10/1897 local
Jelderhuis, Nic. son 09/02/1897 local
Johnson, girl 03/17/1898 local
Jongewaard, A. girl 09/15/1898 local
Jongewaard, J. girl 09/09/1897 local
Jongewaard, R. son 03/12/1896 local
Jongewaard, R. son 03/31/1898 local
Jongewaard, R.N. son 07/16/1896 Harrison, SD
Jongsma, baby 03/17/1898 local
Kaldenberg, H. girl 03/05/1896 born Sat. of Pella
Kalsbeek, Joe twin boys 12/10/1896 local
Kamstra, baby 03/17/1898 local
Kars, Mr/Mrs baby 05/20/1897 local
Kastein, D. son 01/16/1896 of Alto, WI
Kastein, Jno. girl 01/27/1898 Alto, WI
Kats, J. baby 10/28/1897 Luctor, KS
Kats, John son 06/25/1896 local
Kempers, Jan girl 09/29/1898 local
Kiel, S. girl 08/04/1898 local
Kleijtenburg, son 06/10/1897 local
Klein, Gt. baby 03/26/1896 of Sioux Center
Kleinhesselink, Jno. baby 06/30/1898 local
Kleinhesselink, Joe son 09/08/1898 local
Kleinjan, A. girl 03/19/1896 of Leota, MN
Kooster, F. son 11/10/1898


Kooosterboer, B. girl 12/24/1896 Alto, WI
Knijpstra, P. son 10/08/1896 local
Knypstra, son 11/10/1898 local
Koedam, Mr/Mrs girl 08/20/1896 Carmel
Koedam, W. baby 10/27/1898 Sioux Center
Koel, Mr/Mrs boy 12/24/1896 Rock Valley
Koerselman, G. son 03/24/1898 Alton
Koerselman, Mr/Mrs girl 04/09/1896 Alton
Kolsma, K. son 02/27/1896 local
Kooiker, H. baby 07/09/1896 local
Kooiker, H. son 08/05/1897 Hull
Kooiker, J. girl 03/05/1896 of Hull
Kooiker, J. son 03/03/1898 Hull
Kooiman, P. son 01/21/1897 Leota, MN
Kooistra, baby 05/26/1898 Hull
Kooistra, Mr. son 03/18/1897 Hull
Kool, D. son 12/17/1896 Rock Valley
Koops, Frank son 05/06/1897 Alton
Kooreman, J. girl 11/19/1896 local
Kooreman, Tom son 08/05/1897 Alton
Korver, J. son 12/01/1898 local
Korver, Jan son 11/26/1896 local
Koster, Ds. son 09/01/1898 local
Koster, Jno. girl 05/14/1896 local
Kramer, baby 03/17/1898 local
Kramer, S. girl 05/14/1896 local
Kreun, L. son 01/21/1897 Leota, MN
Kreykes, S.J. girl 01/16/1896 local
Kroese girl 12/30/1897 Middleburg
Krul, W. baby 05/06/1897 local
Kuipers, H. girl 02/03/1898 Carmel
Kuyper, A.J. son 02/27/1896 local
Kwikkle, A. baby 05/06/1897 local
Landall, J.A. son 09/09/1897 local
Langerak, C. girl 06/25/1896 local
Lankelman, H. Mrs. girl 08/27/1896 LeMars
LeCocq, Izak son 04/02/1896 mother, Julia Neyenesch
Leemkuil, Mr/Mrs baby 12/23/1897 local
Lefferdink, J.G. baby 07/21/1898 local
Lems, A. girl 12/01/1898 local
Lems, L. girl 12/01/1891 Middlburg
Lengbeek, Arie girl 01/16/1896 local
Leusink, Geo. son 08/05/1897 Hull
Levering, Jacobus baby 07/22/1897 local
Leverink, Mr/Mrs son 11/26/1896 local
Lewis, M.E. Mr/Mrs girl 01/16/1896 local
Lohman, Mr/Mrs girl 06/18/1896 local
Lohman, son 11/10/1898 local
Lohr, A.W. son 04/29/1897 local
Lokhorst, E. son 08/18/1898 5 girls, now a son, Holland,NE
Loomans, Alb. son 11/26/1896 Alto, WI
Loomans, G. son 04/29/1897 Alto, WI
Loomans, J.H. son 01/14/1897 Alto, WI
Loomis, C. baby 03/19/1896 of Alto, WI
Lubbers, Shoemaker girl 06/18/1896 LeMars
Lucas, J. girl 09/23/1897 Alton
Luitink, Abraham son 04/28/1898 local
Lumkes, Ds. son 04/09/1896 local
Mak, John baby 09/17/1896 local
Marvin, Geo. girl 05/27/1897 local
Meenks, W. girl 10/15/1896 Greenleafton, MN
Melrose, H.R. girl 03/03/1898 local
Mensink, H. girl 08.04/1898 Greenleafton, MN
Merrill, Ed son 11/24/1898 Hull
Mieras, J.W. baby 06/25/1896 local
Moes, Mr/Mrs son 10/08/1896 local
Moorlag, D. son 09/15/1898 Hull
Mouw, Maas girl 02/10/1898 local
Mouw, W. baby 06/02/1898 Middleburg
Muilenburg, Huibert P. baby 10/28/1897 Harrison, SD
Muilenburg, J. girl 03/19/1896 of Middleburg
Muilenburg, J.W. girl 12/22/1898 local
Muilenburg, J.W. son 06/04/1896 local
Muilenburg, S. son 06/10/1897 local
Mulder, A. baby 08/20/1896 Carnes
Mulder, G. baby 10/08/1896 local
Mulder, H. girl 04/15/1897 local
Mulder, Hk. girl 12/08/1898 local
Mulder, R. Mr/Mrs baby 07/29/1897 local
Mulder, Wm. girl 06/25/1896 local
Muyskens, C. son 12/29/1898 local
Muyskens, Dirk Jr. girl 02/17/1898 local
Muyskens, Gt. baby 05/27/1897 local
Muyskens, H. son 09/02/1897 local
Muyskens, P. or D. son 12/17/1896 local
Nagel, C. girl 07/16/1896 Greenleafton, MN
Nagel, Grt. son 02/20/1896 of Greenleafton, MN
Navis, Grt. baby 05/19/1898 local
Navis, J.J. girl 08/19/1897 local
Navis, Joh. baby 02/13/1896 of Alto, WI, first child
Navis, W. baby 10/28/1897 Luctor, KS
Neevil, J.G. girl 09/03/1896 Alto, WI
Newburg, Lou girl 02/20/1896 local
Niemeyer, R. son 10/06/1898 Hull
Nieuwendorp, Henry son 11/04/1897 local
Nieuwenhof, Herman girl 01/13/1898 local
Nieuwenhof, Herman girl 09/24/1896 local
Nieuwenhuis, A. baby 11/05/1896 Harrison, SD
Nieuwenhuis, A. son 09/23/1897 local
Nijland, B. baby 10/28/1897 Luctor, KS
Noteboom, G. baby 11/05/1896 Harrison, SD
Noteboom, I. son 09/03/1896 Alton
Noteboom, Ike baby 11/24/1898 Alton
Noteboom, J.A. girl 07/29/1897 local
Noteboom, M. baby 04/29/1897 Harrison, SD
Oelrich, C. baby 02/03/1898 local
Oggel, son 07/07/1898 Newkirk
Olbekkink, J. girl 04/30/1896 Hospers
Oldenkamp, G. son 12/09/1897 Alton
Oldenkamp, J. girl 03/04/1897 local
Olmsted, Adv. girl 06/16/1898 local
Oolman, Jan baby 04/23/1896 local
Otten, Jno. baby 10/07/1897 Hull
Pas, Gerrit baby 10/13/1898 local
Pas, Gt. baby 10/08/1896 local
Pennings, A.J. girl 03/18/1897 local
Plemp, Mich. baby 04/30/1896 Harrison, SD
Plooster, Cs. son 10/28/1897 Harrison, SD
Plooster, Wm. twins 05/27/1897 Harrison, SD
Pluim, A. son 08/20/1896 Alto, WI
Poelakker, son 09/23/1897 Hull
Pool, O. girl 11/12/1896 local
Pool, P. son 09/10/1896 local
Popma, G. girl 03/17/1898 local
Post, J.W. son 01/21/1897 local
Post, W.J. baby 09/01/1898 local
Prange, C. boy 11/11/1897 local
Preesman, Decter baby 04/08/1897 local
Prins, G. girl 07/16/1896 Greenleafton, MN
Quingly, baby 09/23/1897 local
Raak, Gert son 04/30/1896 local
Raak, Gerrit son 09/30/1897 local
Raak, Jurry son 02/27/1896 local
Redeker, Jac. son 11/19/1896 local
Reinders, G. son 10/14/1897 local
Rens, L. baby 05/06/1897 local
Rensen, C. & D. baby 03/19/1896 of Alto, WI
Rensenbrink, baby 09/30/1897 local
Rensenbrink, Mrs. baby 01/02/1896 sister of Mrs. Jacob Baas
Rhynsburger, Hubert son #10 09/01/1898 Dalton, SD
Riedeman, H. son 07/01/1897 local
Riedeman, Henry baby 02/03/1898 local
Riedeman, Herman girl 09/22/1898 local
Riel, Jake girl 06/18/1896 Alto, WI
Riepma, F. girl 09/01/1898 Harrison, SD
Roelofs, J. baby 04/30/1896 Alton
Roetman, A. girl 08/20/1896 local
Roetman, T. son 04/01/1897 Everly, IA
Roggen, G. girl 05/12/1898 Hull
Roggen, Gerrit son 05/06/1897 local
Roos, Andrew girl 04/02/1896 local
Roos, Arie baby 07/01/1897 local
Ross, K. baby 10/08/1896 local
Rouwenhorst, H. baby 06/30/1898 local
Rouwenhorst, K. son 12/22/1898 Boyden
Rozeboom, Joh. girl 12/24/1896 Sioux Center
Rozeboom, John baby 06/02/1898 local
Rozeboom, Wm. son 12/24/1896 local
Salsma, baby 06/23/1898 local
Schalekamp, J. baby 10/08/1896 local
Schaul, son 12/09/1897 Alton
Schoep, P. baby 02/03/1898 Sioux Center
Scholten, G. baby 09/23/1897 Alton
Scholten, J. baby 07/09/1896 local
Scholten, J. girl 12/23/1897 Boyden
Scholten, Jake son 11/24/1898 Hull
Scholten, L. son 09/22/1898 local
Schoneville, B. girl 10/27/1898 local
Schot, Simon baby 04/09/1896 local
Schouten, Aalt son 11/10/1898 Alto, WI
Schouten, J. baby 03/19/1896 of Alto, WI
Schouten, Jake girl 07/16/1896 Alto, WI
Schuller, Mr/Mrs girl 05/28/1896


Schultz, J.W. son 10/29/1896 local
Schut, Gt. baby 01/30/1896 of Hospers
Shaul, Mr/Mrs son 03/19/1896 druggist local
Siervogel, K. son 04/21/1898 local
Sinnema, A. baby 02/11/1897 local
Sipma, R. girl 12/22/1898 Rock Valley
Slagle, F.M. son 04/30/1896 Alton
Slickers, A. baby 06/30/1898 local
Slikkerveer, L. girl 10/27/1898 local
Slothouwer, Mr/Mrs son 09/02/1897 local
Smeek, W. son 09/15/1898 Baldwin, WI
Smid, Mr/Mrs boy 04/23/1896 local
Smit, C. girl 05/14/1896 local
Smith, H. son 10/06/1898 Hull
Snoesfenbos, L. son 03/17/1898 local
Sorgdrager, J. girl 08/12/1897 local
Spaan, Herman son 09/17/1896 local
Sterkenburg, Jan baby 01/27/1898 local
Stetsel, Jacob son 07/15/1897 Alto, WI
Swart, G. baby 02/11/1897 local
Swets, T. son 03/12/1896 local
Talen, W. son 12/17/1896 local
Talsma, John Mrs. son 12/10/1896 LeMars
Talsma, son 10/14/1897 Alton
TeGrootenhuis, W. boy 07/02/1896 Hospers baby 12 lbs.
TePaske, son 12/30/1897 local
TerBeest, W. baby 10/15/1896 Greenleafton, MN
TerMaat, baby 06/16/1898 local
TerMaat, Mr/Mrs girl 12/31/1896 local
TerMaat, Wm. dau 02/06/1896 3rd dau of Greenleafton, MN
Terpstra, Jno. son 02/24/1898 Alto, WI
Terpstra, Klaas son 04/21/1898 local
Terpstra, Mr/Mrs girl 07/30/1896 Boyden
Terpstra, P. baby 04/02/1896 local
Terpstra, Pieter son 11/24/1898 local
TeSelle, Ds baby 10/27/1898 Carmel
TeWinkel, J.W. twins 08/13/1896 Sheboygan, WI
Tiemens, John son 11/19/1896 local
Tiemersma, F. son 10/29/1896 local
Tinkelenburg, Jac. twin girls 12/24/1896 local
Tinkelenburg, Jake son 12/02/1897 local
Tinkelenburg, S. son 08/12/1897 local
Top, H. girl 06/10/1897 local
Tott, Emil son 01/20/1898 local
Tott, J. son 03/31/1898 local
Tott, Karel son 10/22/1896 local
Tuinstra, Mr/Mrs baby 07/09/1896 local
Tuttle, Mr/Mrs girl 08/20/1896 barber in Boyden
Valois, Cornelis son 02/25/1897 Boyden
Valois, L. girl 11/03/1898 Boyden
Valois, L. girl 06/25/1896 local
VanArendonk, J. baby 04/30/1896 Harrison, SD
VanBeek, C. son 12/24/1896 local
VanBeek, H. girl 11/04/1897 local
VanBeek, J. son 07/01/1897 local
VandeBerg, L. girl 12/01/1898 local
VandeBrake, J. baby 05/12/1898 local
VanDeelen, Mr/Mrs son 06/04/1896 local
VandeGarde, G. son 02/10/1898 Boyden
VandeKamp, J. son 12/01/1898 local
VandeKamp, M. baby 12/30/1897 May City, IA
VandenBerg, Andries baby 02/18/1897 local
VandenBerg, H. baby 10/08/1896 local
VandenBos, Is. girl 09/29/1898 local
VandenBosch, G. girl 06/23/1898 local
VandenBrake, H. son 07/07/1898 Hull
VanderBerg, E. son 10/13/1898 LeMars
VanderBerg, Epke girl 05/28/1896 LeMars
VanderBerg, P. baby 06/09/1898 Remsen
VanderBerg, P. Mrs. girl 12/10/1896 Remsen
VanderBerge, A. son 10/29/1896 Harrison, SD
VanderBos, girl 07/16/1896 Harrison, SD
VanderBurg, Cs girl 11/18/1897 Boyden
VanderHeiden, N.A. girl 10/21/1897 Harrison, SD
VanderKam, P. Mrs. Rev. son 01/02/1896 of Leighton, IA
VanderKamp, J. son 06/10/1897 local
VanderLinden, Wm. girl 01/21/1897 Leota, MN
VanderMaaten, Fr. girl 10/20/1898 local
VanderMaaten, John son 07/08/1897 local
VanderMaten, F. son 08/13/1896 local
VanderMeer, C. girl 02/20/1896 of Alton
VanderMeer, C. son 10/06/1898 Alton
VanderMeer, Ev. son 01/21/1897 Carmel
VanderMeer, Iz. son 08/12/1897 local
VanderMeer, Jac. son 06/11/1896 local
VanderMey, Dr/Mrs girl 07/02/1896 Lucas, MI
VanderPlaats, P. son 12/01/1898 LeMars
VanderPlaats, R. son 10/08/1896 LeMars
VanderPol, Mr/Mrs son 04/29/1897 Newkirk
VanderPol, O. baby 07/29/1897 local
VanderSchaaf, D. baby 07/09/1896 local
VanderSchaff, Joe baby 04/16/1896 local
VanderSchaff, W. son 12/24/1896 Newkirk
VanderSloot, Jake girl 09/10/1896 local
VanderStoep, A. baby 06/25/1896 local
VanderStoep, Andrew son 04/02/1896 local
VanderStoep, Frans girl 09/03/1896 local
VanderStoep, T. baby 03/11/1897 local
VanderStreek, L. son #12 01/06/1898 Pella
VanderWel, W. son 08/13/1896 local
VanderWilt, Gt. baby 05/12/1898 Middleburg
VanderWilt, Wm. baby 10/06/1898 local
VandeSteeg, Gt. son 12/02/1897 local
VandeSteeg, John girl 10/22/1896 local
VandeVelde, Mr/Mrs girl 12/16/1897 local
VandeZande, J. son 07/16/1896 Greenleafton, MN
VandeZande, M. son 04/15/1897 Alto, WI
VanDiest, E. son 02/27/1896 local
VanDriel, A. baby 10/08/1896 local
VanDuine, Rev/Mrs son 03/03/1898 Holland, NE
VanEnfen, Gt. girl 02/06/1896 of Luctor, KS
VanEngen, F. girl 06/03/1897


VanEngen, H.J. son 12/22/1898 local
VanEngen, J.H. girl 08/27/1896 local
VanEngen, J.H. son 12/23/1897 local
VanEs, Gt. baby 10/06/1898 local
VanGelder baby 03/17/1898 local
VanGelder, J. son 03/12/1896 local
VanGorkum, Mr/Mrs baby 02/20/1896 of Maurice
VanGorp, son 01/20/1898 local
VanHaaften, Henry boys 07/30/1896 Pella twins
VanKlompenburg, A. baby 03/11/1897 local
VanKonijenburg, K. girl 06/17/1897 Harrison, SD
VanMaanen, E. girl 05/07/1896 local
VanMeeteren, J. son 06/04/1896 Boyden
VanOlst, G. baby 06/30/1898 local
VanOlst, Jno. son 07/22/1897 local
VanOlst, L. girl 03/31/1898 local
VanOlst, L. son 01/23/1896 local
VanOort, Cs. girl 10/27/1898 local
VanOort, Jake baby 11/25/1897 Newkirk
VanOoort, Wiem baby 04/21/1898 local
VanPelt, D. son 03/26/1896 local
VanPeursem, M. baby 06/30/1898 local
VanPijkeren, G. girl 11/03/1898 Hull
VanPutten, G.W. son 11/03/1898 local
VanRoekel, Bart baby 02/11/1897 local
VanRoekel, boy 06/03/1897 Boyden
VanSaan, Mr/Mrs baby 07/23/1896 Hospers
VanSteenwijk, Gijs girl 06/10/1897 local
VantHall, Mr/Mrs son 04/09/1896 Alton
VantHul, D. son 03/03/1898 Hull
VantHul, W. baby 10/07/1897 Hull
VantHull, D. girl 07/23/1896 Alton
VanWijk, D. son 07/07/1898 Hull
VanWijk, P.H. girl 01/13/1898 Hull
VanWijk, Wm. son 03/17/1898 local
VanWyk, P.H. girl 08/27/1896 Hull
VanZanten, Jac. girl 02/06/1896 of Harrison, SD
VanZanten, Jac. girl 03/24/1898 local
VanZee, J.G. baby 01/21/1897 Dakota
VanZee, J.R. girl 08/19/1897 local
VanZijl, C. baby 05/13/1897 local
VanZomen, P. baby 10/14/1897 local
VanZuiden, F. girl 04/09/1896 of Hull
VanZwol, Alb. girl 01/21/1897 LeMars
VanZwol, Albert girl 12/15/1898 LeMars
VanZwol, R. boy 11/18/1897 LeMars
VanZwol, R. girl 10/08/1896 local
Veenkamp, baby 06/23/1898 Middleburg
Veenschoten, Dr/Mrs girl 06/11/1896 Pella
Veldboom, Mr/Mrs boy 12/24/1896 Rock Valley
Veleke, M. girl 04/02/1896 local
Vellinga, R. baby 10/13/1898 local
Vellinga, R. baby 10/08/1896 local
Verdoes, Mr/Mrs boy 04/16/1896 local
Verhoef, Govert baby 03/12/1896 oldest child same birth date
Verhoef, H. girl 04/21/1898 local
Verhoef, Joh. son 08/11/1898 named Dewey, Boyden
Verhoef, Wm. baby 04/14/1898 local
Vermeer, E. girl 11/10/1898 Hull
Verrips, M. girl 12/03/1896 Boyden, IA
Versteeg, C. son 01/21/1897 Hospers
Versteeg, G. baby 06/30/1898 local
Versteeg, Herman girl 01/21/1897 local
Versteeg, Nic girl 04/15/1897 local
Verwolff, Joe girl 02/13/1896 of Harrison, SD
Vis, P. girl 01/20/1898 Hull
Visser, D. baby 05/26/1898 local
Visser, D. girl 10/08/1896 local
Vogelaar, P. girl 11/03/1898 local
Vollink, Mr/Mrs baby 07/29/1897 local
Vos, Adam girl 12/17/1896 Almyra, AR
Vos, Gerrit son 04/29/1897 local
Vos, J. son 03/03/1898 local
Vos, Nicolas girl 06/03/1897 Almyra, AR
Vredeveld, J. girl 04/09/1896 Hull
Vrieve, Wm. son 02/06/1896 of Greenleafton, MN
Warnshuis, Ed son 03/11/1897 local
Wassenaar, Nic son 12/24/1896 local
Wechter, Adelhus Mrs. girl 01/02/1896 of Pella
Weilinga, J. girl 03/12/1896 local
Werkman, Dr. girl 04/09/1896 Hull
Westerhuis, K. baby 04/23/1896 local
Westervelt, W. son 07/30/1896 Alto, WI
Westra, Mike girl 02/24/1898 local
Wibben, G.K. & Mrs. girl 02/13/1896 of Orange City
Wicher, Henry girl 11/25/1897 Greenleafton, MN
Wielenga, Jake son 11/25/1897 local
Wierks, B. son 07/15/1897 Hospers
Wiersma, J. baby 06/16/1898 local
Wiersman, W. baby 10/08/1896 local
Wijnia, W. boy 06/18/1896 local
Willemsen, Mr/Mrs son 01/30/1896 local
Willemsen, W. girl 05/05/1898 local
Wissing, Z. H. son 02/18/1897 Holland, NE
Wissink, K. girl 11/26/1896 Alton
Wynia, Jas. girl 08/13/1896 local
Zoeteman, J. son 02/04/1897 Boyden
Zonneveld, M. son 08/05/1897 Hull
Zorgdrager, C. boy 04/16/1896 Alton
Zwemer, Rev/Mrs girl 06/03/1897 Spring Lake, MI
Zwiers, girl 12/30/1897 Middleburg
Zwiers, Mr/Mrs girl 03/05/1896 Middleburg