Calliope Village Museum


Historic Hawarden and Calliope Village

On Thursday September 20, 2007, Wilma J. Vande Berg of the Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society,  visited Hawarden and Calliope Village.  A very informative tour of the Historic House (1block east of Main Street) and historic Calliope Village was hosted by JaNohn Wasser and Lois Dawson. 

Both ladies are ardent volunteers and supporters of Calliope Village as well as the local historic society.   Both have lived in the Hawarden area for many years and were teachers in the Hawarden school system. 

The Historic House has been restored by the Big Sioux River Valley Historical Society.  The present president is Kathy Keltz.  Most of the efforts currently are spent by the committee for the Calliope Village project. 

The Historic House is open to the public at the Big Sioux River Days on Labor Day weekend every year, and possibly other events.  The House has been beautifully restored and is furnished with antique and period furniture from the late 1880’s through mid 1900’s.  It was very clean and well kept.  The upstairs houses galleries of old Calliope and Hawarden pictures and mementos. 

Hawarden  Historic  House

The Kitchen and the Kitchen Phone

The Parlor, Dining Room  and Bedroom

Upstairs in the Historical House are lot of old photo galleries.  Pictured below are Lois Dawson and JaNohn Wasser in the main gallery room.  There is a medical office in one of the other rooms.